All the reference books that are available in the market today are good and have good content in them.

the question comes which reference book of class 9 is good for you and how you can simply use that book for your class.

Every reference book has its merits and demerits, basically some reference books are good for numericals, some are good for theory, we have also seen in class for some students numericals are easy to solve, for other numericals are the difficult issue but they are good at theory.

This is happening because of the reference book they have chosen for class 9, if you are dealing with a numerical based book then you simply going to score in numericals.

So here we are to help you out to choose you the right reference book for class 9, based on theory, numericals, exam time, for JEE mains and other competitive exams as well 

Best reference books for class 9

Books? best reference books? and why we need these reference books? you know that when we read NCERT books we don't even get the concepts of different topics? for learning them properly we use reference books that really help us out when it comes to topic explanation.

The data is also well arranged in certain books and we also get a number of questions to solve. so this post has all the best reference books for class 9 CBSE books
Remember one thing your practice matters a lot more than buying an expensive book
the longer you will practice the higher you gonna score

Reference book for physics class 9

    1. For numerical Pradeep's science part 1          by Dr.k.Gomber and Surendra Lal 
    2. For theory Chand Publication,                        Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur, S

      Reference books for the chemistry of class 9

        1. Lakhmir Singh And Manjit Kaur Chemistry Class 9 Solutions

      Reference book for biology class 9

        • Super Simplified Science Biology Class 9     By S.Dinesh Publication

      Reference books for social studies of class 9

        • The evergreen publication,                     Evergreen CBSE Self Study in Social Science

      Reference books for English class 9

        • 1.     BBC literature Companion English 
        • 2.     All in one for English by Arihant

          Reference books for math class 9

          • R.S Agarwal is a good choice.
           Reference books for exams class 9

          Probably its a  very important for one to chose right reference books for exams, if you are choosing the wrong books for your exams then you definitely going to lose marks for that, 

          so here are some reference books for your exams, on these you can rely on, if you complete these books then you simply going to score.

          • 1 xam idea of math
          • 2 Full marks class 9 science
          • 2 R.S Agarwal is a good choice
          • 1 Go for Pardeep publication books
          • 2 Xam idea of physics class 9 
          • 3 full  marks of class 9 science
          • 1 Go with Xam idea
          • 2 full marks of science class9
          • 3 pardeep publication book for chemistry class 9 
          • Go with Basic biology for class 9  
          • Full marks for class 9 science
          • Xam idea  for class 9 science
          • Go with BBC English its the best book around for class 9
          • 1 Go for evergreen publication social science class 9
          • 2 full marks publication class 9 social science
          • 3 Xam idea for social science class 9
          • you can go with NCERT its best for class 9 Hindi.

          sample papers for exams class 9 

          sample papers are a most important thing for your exams, one must have a look of sample papers available in the market.

          There are so many publications that are today providing sample papers for CBSE exams. so from given below, you can choose some.

          Math                                              Oswaal chapter wise solution for class 9
          English                                          Oswaal sample paper for class 9
          Science                                          Oswaal chapter wise solution and Arihant chapter wise solution
          Social science                               Oswaal chapter wise solution for class 9

          These sample papers are extremely cheap and effective content containing for class 9, you must go with them and practice them if you want to score.

          all the above content is genuine and provided by schoolokay, we are working at schoolokay to provide you right guidance for your exams and solutions for your exams.

          These all books are best for your school time reading, these will also guide you for exams,
          you must complete your NCERT as well before going to these books.

          whatever book you use simply to ensure that you are studying the content of that book otherwise it will not work for you.

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