when it comes to career or subject selection? Your minds start vibrating and get confused between many opinions.

these opinions are from parents, friends family members and other people from your life.

How these opinions effects you?

these really shut your mind and makes you a confused freak, it mostly happens with the Indian kids only after class 10 exams,

they are totally confused with many things, subject selection after 10, which stream has the more scope and other same issues,

let's start and discuss, how you can solve all these problems you are facing after class 10th,

what to choose after class 10?

some of you may have the concern that this post is as similar to other, obviously not!

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class 10

what kind of problems you actually face after your 10th?

basically, students face 3 simple problems?
  1. what friends are taking after 10th 
  2. Parents opinion 
  3. marks
let's take the first, 

1.what friends are taking after 10th?

some of you may have the plans to take your life behinds with your friends, mostly all of us want that we study with our friends,

but guys it doesn't really work in life, friendship very different from your career. because you can not always choose your friend in your life.

so schoolokay is totally advising you do not be a friend fool.

all friends will be left behind after a few years only a few will be always there for you.

so do not choose the subject that your friend is choosing if you do not like that subject. only take subjects of your choice.

because after some time you will not be allowed to change your subjects.

2.Parents opinion on selecting subjects after 10?

The tough one to deal with because no one amongst us wants to hurt parents, it becomes difficult to say no to parents,

our parents have the hopes for us and they want us to take their son should succeed.
but, we don't want to take that subject.

How should we deal with our parents after 10th?

hey, schoolokay doesn't have the proper solution with that, but you have to understand one thing,

if you are taking subjects of your parents choice than you always going to blame them for all your failures in life.

it's like shooting the aim by putting the gun on others shoulders, so according take a stand and convince them that you want that particular subject.

and make them proud!

Engineer father = engineer son
Actor father = actor son
Doctor father =doctor son

just break that chain guys do whatever you love to do.

3. How marks affect your subject selection after 10th?

marks become a big problem when comes to subject selection after class 10 because if you fail to score well in class 10,

it's a sad truth that you will not have enough choice to take your subjects,

here you have to compromise, from schoolokay it's a piece of clear advice you must score 90+ in class 10th.

if you have good scores then you can choose the subjects of your choice

  1. science 
  2. commerce
  3. maths 
  4. arts 
you may come across questions like what after 10? career guidance after 10th?

career options after class 10? we are considering all of them in this.

What after 10th

what after 10

some you of you might take a wrong decision on the level of info you have got from your seniors or other sources as well.

listen to me,

your decision is only going to affect you so take a decision with full conscious and by looking at all the factors,

don't even bring the thought that subjects are big or small from each other, no subject is big and less in scope,

all have equal scope only it's up to you that where you view yourself.

what should I do after 10th? subjects in the science stream after 10th? and many more similar questions

Don't go blind while choosing your stream after class 10th

class 10

most of the students don't even know about, what they will need to do after their class 10? so it's quite tricky to choose the correct subjects for yourself.

Choosing subjects for yourself after 10th class assigns deal with your parents, they want (beta app ye karoge). we are like I don't wanna do that and you got yourself into a conflict of choice and these all things make you more confused and depressed.
which stream to go with after 10th class CBSE

class 10

one must have a proper plan and the guidance before taking any step, there is a lot of course out there it's your choice which one you select for yourself.

List of subjects after 10th class

  • Commerce,
  •  Arts,
  •  Biology
  •  Physics,
  •  Chemistry,
  •  Computer science,
  •  IT,
  •  Electronics etc.

all above subjects hold equal importance and scopes as well.

It's very important to have the right career guidance after 10th, whatever you are choosing is definitely going to affect your future.

When you choose any subjects after your class 10 just only by knowing it's scope, then you might end up by taking the wrong decision in life.

Don't carry the wrong mentality?

class 10 after exams

I have seen students with a mentality that science is the better stream and those who score higher marks can go with science after class 10.

science is king, commerce is queen and arts is clone lol, don't think that stupid ok.

The problem's after taking the wrong decision after 10th.

career guidance after 10few students take science even though they do not have any interest in science, after a few months they are like,

physics is killing my mind, math is killing, I don't understand the way of teaching of chemistry? what should I do now?

I have seen students crying by holding their heads, so schoolokay hopes that you will take the right decision for yourself.

The conclusion of the post 

its very simple to say do what you like to do and have the courage to stand for your life.

don't take your decisions based on your friends choice, 

have your own choices in life, became a critic for yourself,

hey guys,

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