Basically, I was getting too many requests about, how to score 90+ in class 10th board exams this year, you know that scoring depends only on you, because you know all your mistakes and weak points.

You all are well aware that now maths is made in two, one in basic math and standard maths, why this happened I will discuss later. 

class 10th board exams

let's start,

  1. Lack of confidence and self-doubt.
  2. Thinking too much about exams and get panic about boards.
  3. Getting demotivated by other's performance?
  4. Not able to remember things.
  5. Having fear of forgetting things during board exams class 10th?
These are all basic problems faced by almost all students of class 10th, first, you need to sit quietly and think for a while, because of these things only you will face problems nothing more will happen.

I will upload a video soon, how to handle these problems and all, first, keep in mind that no trick on the internet can solve your real-life school problems.


First, do not panic and make a good plan and stick to that for a week, because only that is going to help you and see your regular progress, and let me know in the comments or just DM on facebook page schoolokay solution.

further, if you are scoring fewer marks just see, what is the problems? because once you know the problem you can solve that too.

once you know the problems, just try to fix as soon as possible, if you are reading this just reach out to the facebook page and ask your problems directly.

  1. Make a decent time table and stick to that till exams.
  2. Make sure you are solving as many questions daily.
  3. Cover all easy topics first so that you will not lose marks in these topics in class 10th board exams.
  4. Mocks play a very important role in class 10th board exams.
  5. Solve more mocks this will improve your scores.
If you follow the above tips than no one can stop you from scoring 90+ this year because it matters a lot.

Other things that also changed due to board exams are?
  1. Board exam scores are the final marks, your half-yearly and term exam marks will not be counted only practicals will be counted if there is any?
  2. The teacher does not have control over your results.
  3. Your answer sheets will be checked outside the school. 
  4. Paper is also from the board center only.

How can you score well in class 10 board exams this year?

class 10th board exams

This is quite important for you because scoring good marks in class 10 exams really matters, what after class 10, you choose your career subjects, you can check out the post, how to select subject after class 10.

You know everyone wants to score in class 10 board exams but only a few make this happen why?

What are the reasons behind that? because they are not focused!

Forget about other things you want to do, just focus on your studies because only a few months are left for your board exams, start early so that things can be changed for you.

I have seen many teachers do not even care about students' marks, they just come to the class to pass the time and others are even worse.

 How you will get rid of this?

According to schoolokay if you are not getting, what any teacher is explaining then you must stop him, and ask him your questions?

Most of us make the mistake, we don't get the teacher and yet we say, yes.

When the teacher asks Is it clear to you? we are like yes sir in a loud voice!

class 10th board exams

I don't understand, why you say?  yes! never do that, if you really want to score 90+ in your class 10, this is straight and forward, if you don't get the concept than?

just say I don't get it, sir.

This will help you in scoring, don't think that you are taking extra tutions, you will do it at home no. 
I hope you got the point.

Things that ruin your marks of class 10 board exams?

Have you ever met any student who failed in board exams? Just try to meet anyone who has failed the exams, and just questions them why you got failed?

If he is really aware than he will tell you the truth, otherwise, he will tell you many reasons.

some reasons are!
  1. I got failed because my teachers are not good they don't teach us right.
  2. I have not given enough attention.
  3. Many of them will tell you they don't think the exams are important and this the mistake they have done.
  4. You all have the time for 2020 just use it wisely.
The person who will answer the last 3 one is really telling the truth, so you must understand this when you realize the importance of class 10 board examsYou will score it's simple.

What you need to be done before appearing in board exams in 2020?

board exams class 10th

There are many things that you can do while preparing for your board exams,
  1. Start as early as possible.
  2. Try to motivate yourself for studies. 
  3. Keep yourself focused on your exams. 
  4. Do not waste time on stupid things.
  5. Make friends who motivate you. 
  6. Choose books wisely because they play a very important role in your board exams.
  7. Take regular advice from teachers. 
  8. Use tech in your favor instead of using it against you, hope you got it.
Keep in mind your awareness plays a very important role in class 10 board exams.

Nowadays schooling is changing and tech is introduced to the kinds and youtube and other things are provide you a lot of info about schooling and career in school.

According to schoolokay, you must avoid the tech a little and focus on your studies or use tech wisely don't allow the tech to ruin your time and control your mind.

Final tips for class 10th board exams!

You may have heard of finishing your NCERT books of class 10 first, then move to other books, this is the best way to starts because NCERT works on a moderate level, further you can solve other books as well.

Don't panic about boards, or think too much how you will going to score this year just work on your subjects, you can check out best reference books for class 10th.

Take one book and solve that book till your board exams, this will help you score good marks in class 10th board exams this year.

Finish all your NCERT books first for class 10 board exams?

CBSE board exams are totally based on NCERT books, never underestimate your books. some students do not give importance to NCERT books, they are busy in solving other books, and they lose marks.
  1. Never believe that questions in the exams are from out of the sllaybus, these things happen because you do not give importance to the small topics inside your book.
  2. So you need to finish your NCERT first at least 2-3 times before appearing for class 10th board exams.

Keep these things in your mind. Practice more sample papers!

Solving sample papers really improve your scores and also improves your speed and way of attempting the question paper in class 10th board exams.

You need to solve the sample paper and mock tests.

Solve the previous 5 years Questions!

This last thing is also important because, if you solve all the question papers of the last five years then you will definitely going to score.

The reason behind it is within five years almost all questions have been repeated, so this is a golden step for your class 10 board exams.

Try to solve previous year papers, so that you will know the exam pattern and able to make the best plan to attending your class 10th board exams.


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