Before starting this post I want to tell you, there no such trick which can improve scores accept your dedication to the studies, all of you know that.

Then, why this post? 

This post will have some of the tips that will help you improve ways of studying because I have seen students preparing in a very wrong way.

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class 9 preparation
Scoring higher marks is not difficult if you really have the right guidance and the right tips to follow. 

My advice for you is instead of focusing on scoring just focus on learning, I have seen students they don't want to learn the concepts because they think that these are not important for exams.

why kind of mentality?

This is because now the hype for scoring is going on, people are telling then, ways to prepare fast, how can you score well in class 9 exams 2020 and so on.

these all things are hitting the minds of the kinds and they only focus on the scoring and the forget that these all concepts will re-appear in the future classes as well.

You must know one thing that your class 9 marks does not matter a lot? 


because nobody cares, the only thing matter is that how much you have learned in your class 9.

topics like Geometry, lines and angles, triangles, circles are introduced these all topics matters a lot for your future maths, as well as for the competitive exams.

if you miss then now you will regret it later. these topics appear in exams like JEE, CAT for MBA, BANK exams, in every single exam which have math as a part.

If you are aiming for any such exam in the future then you must focus on your Class 9 preparation.

Now let's talk about the other important factors of class 9,

If you are in class 9 then you must be aware of topics like,

  1. Quadratic equation. 
  2. Remainder theorem.
  3. Linear equations.
  4. Geometry.
  5. surface area and volumes.   

these topics play a very important role in your future studies, I am not saying talking about the questions here, I am talking about the topics and methods.

All the methods you will learn in your class 9 will make it easy for you in the future.

students ask me questions like,

Sir is class 9 important? 

I say them it's the most important class of your school time, you must decide during your class 9 what you really want to do with your studies?

if you leave for later then things will change in moments and you will find yourself in a big confusion.

Things have changed now for one seat there are 10000+ forms are filledHow you will make it?

these numbers seem horrifying and a lot of students suicides every year because of education, why?

Only because of something lacking in our education system, we want our kids to cripple instead of making them strong.

leave all things behind, let's focus on the post.

class 9 exams

students keep one thing in mind things that matter in your school life?

  1. Studying. 
  2. Eating well. 
  3. Playing.
  4. Reading books.
  5. Good sleep.

Rest other things are useless if you are doing things other then these in your class 9 you are doing something wrong leave them as soon as possible.

Dont's of class 9?

  1. Spending too much time on the internet.
  2. Falling into love matters.
  3. Not reading books.
  4. surfing wrong content on the internet.
  5. wasting a lot of time with friends.

Now let's talk about how you can improve your scores in class 9 exams 2020?  

A lot of new topics are introduced in class 9, so some of the students feel that class 9 is tough or something, this is not the reason.

I class 9th is really hard?

No, it's not, you are feeling this only because, a lot of new topics are introduced in class 9th, they need some time to get settled in your mind.

if you keep working on them they will become easy for you.

so the first tips go like.


what I meant to say is that are you taking guidance from the right teacher, who has the knowledge of everything around. what's going on because books are now too old to understand things.

your teacher must provide some good knowledge to you other than the books because NCERT only contains limited data.


I mean to say that you must focus on the subject you like the most because later you can become the lecture or do something good with the subject.

if you are unable to focus on all subjects then you can focus on the one this will later help you in many things.


You know what I want to say, I have seen kids mugging topics without even understanding the concept it is the most dangerous disease on the planet. so try to resolve that within time.


Mocks play a very important role in your scoring if you aiming for scoring high marks in your class 9 or in other classes you must solve the mocks from time to time.


This is simple if you are not regular and not practicing then you can not make it, because the human mind can only learn things when they are repeated over time.

just take the example of music, you listen to music with 100% concentration and repeated it over time then only you can learn the lyrics otherwise it becomes difficult to remember the lyrics.

same happens with the studies or you can say with everything if you are not doing it again and again, there are chances that you will forget the lyrics over time.

I am ending this post with these five tips only, but later I will update more.

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best tips for class 9 exams
if you follow the above tips you will definitely score good marks,

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some important pages best reference books for class 9, books play a very important role in your scoring if you have the right kind of books in hand then you can score good marks in your class 9.

I have tried to cover almost all the books you need different phases of your year, they all will fall into your budget if you are buying form the right place.

No need to go with the new once just go and buy second hand from the market I used to do that during my school years.

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