when it comes to the career, your minds start vibrating and get confused between many options, you are unable to decide,, what to choose after class 10?

Probably its a very difficult to choose subjects after class 10th. schoolokay is here to help out, tell you about, list of courses after 10th class, career guidance after 10th?

what kind of problems you essentially face after your 10th?

it's very necessary that you end up choosing the right thing for yourself after your CBSE class 10?

you may come across questions like what after 10? career guidance after 10th?career options after class 10? we are considering all of them in this.

What after 10th|career guidance after 10th

like what subjects to choose after 10th in CBSE? career options after 10th in commerce?, career guidance after 10th ?, what should I do after 10th? subjects in the science stream after 10th? and many more similar questions

Don't go blind while choosing your stream|career guidance after 10th

most of the students don't even know about, what they will need to do after their class 10? so it's quite tricky to choose the correct subjects for yourself.

Choosing subjects for yourself after 10th class assigns deal with your parents, they want (beta app ye karoge). we are like I don't wanna do that and you got yourself into a conflict of choice and these all things make you more confused and depressed.
which stream to go with after 10th class CBSE|Career guidance after 10th

one must have a proper plan and the guidance before taking any step, there is a lot of course out there it's your choice which one you select for yourself.

List of subjects after 10th class|Career guidance after 10th
  • Commerce,
  •  Arts,
  •  Biology
  •  Physics,
  •  Chemistry,
  •  Computer science,
  •  IT,
  •  Electronics etc.

all above subjects hold equal importance and scopes as well.

Its very important have right career guidance after 10th, whatever you are choosing is definitely going to affect your future. When you choose any subjects after your class 10 just only by knowing it's scope, then you might end up by taking a wrong decision in life.

don't carry a wrong mentality? career guidance after 10th

I have seen students with a mentality that science is the better stream and those who score higher marks can go with science after class 10. this is a very wrong approach of selecting your subjects for your class 11.

problems that you face by choosing the wrong subjects after career guidance after 10th?

Sometimes students choose science after a few months they are like, I m not going with chemistry and maths it's difficult to handle.
physics is killing my mind. these kinds of problems become common after your class 10 if you choose the wrong subjects for your class 11.

some of you may take decisions based on your marks or on the opinion of other, I simply advise you take your own decisions because it's your life and in future, you gonna face results of your decisions that you are taking now Career guidance after 10th

somehow you are not able to score 80-90+, it's not a problem at all, you can take other subjects. commerce after class 10th, even arts is excellent subjects. If you want science then you can take it too.

Parent's opinion after class 10?career guidance after 10th
There are many possibilities, some of you go with your parent's advice. It happens because in India our parents decide actually everything for us. they are our Career guidance after 10th. they tell us what not to do or do Career guidance after 10th?

so after your class 10 take your own decisions for your class 11 otherwise you always gonna blame them and consider them responsible for all your failures.

Engineer father = engineer son
Actor father = actor son
Doctor father =doctor son

Don't go by following your friend after 10th|career guidance after 10th

don't take your decisions based on your friends choice, most of us just take the subject that our friends are taking and don't even think before acting. take your own dream subject that you want to become in future.

we are working at schoolokay to provide you support for your school and class 10 and class 9 and other classes as well. help schoolokay by suggesting your problems and issues, we will help you out for your school-related problems and in choosing subjects.

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