Things are changing and exams are also changing with time? now, most of the students are aware of everything and a lot of content is available on the internet as well. Now you can search for preparation tips for CBSE class 9.

A lot of content on the topics like, How to score well CBSE class 9 exams? competitive exams for class 9 CBSE and many more topics as well?

CBSE Class 9 is the beginning of your new journey, it's the base for your higher classes. As you know, students always have in mind of securing higher ranks in CBSE class 9 exams.

CBSE class 9 is quite different and even tough because new topics are introduced. So we feel like it's too hard to score in CBSE class 9 exams, generally, maths and physics.

1. Practice more and more numerical for CBSE class 9 exams?

We all want magic in life, we don't want to study but we want to top the CBSE class 9 exams. My straight and forward advice to all the students, just practice more and more numerical, if you are having difficulties with numerical.

Practicing more numerical will ease your theory concepts as well because for solving numerical we need theory concepts to be strong.

2. Don't mug up concepts for CBSE class 9 exams?

Try to understand concepts don't just mug them up for your CBSE class 9 exams, I have seen many students they just mug up the definitions and don't even know the meaning and sense behind these definitions.

I have seen many students they just try to learn solutions for CBSE class 9 exams and its very wrong approach. You must understand the importance of CBSE class 9, it's very important for your higher classes.

As a teacher, I know that students are not familiar with CBSE class 9, facing physics numerical, they are just like, sir these numericals are difficult and how should I solve CBSE class 9 exams? How I will remember these formulas for CBSE class 9 exams? many other doubts.

3. Take offline tutor coachings for CBSE class 9 exams?

Nowadays online coachings are getting popular and all of us simply start youtube or any other platform, which provide online coaching and watch their videos instead of practicing offline for CBSE class 9 exams?

I am not saying that online coachings are not good, but without the offline practice you are not going to score in CBSE class 9 exams? this will totally affect your CBSE class 10, class12, class 11 and other higher classes as well.

An offline tutor is always better than an online one, you can ask every question from your offline tutor even silly concepts that confuse you so many times.

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