There are certain tips and tricks if you follow them, you will definitely going to score in your 10 class. In this post, we are going to elaborate on 10 study tips, 

most of you heard that finish your NCERT books of class 10 first, then move to other books.

We are here with 10 study tips and CBSE guide class 10, we are here at schoolokay working for you to provide complete guidance for class 9, class 10 or for your other school.

Study tips for class 10 CBSE to score higher marks, 

In the new scheme of examination, CCE and the term system have been replaced with a single annual exam by CBSE. The exam will be conducted by CBSE for 80 marks, and 20 marks are for internal assessment at school.

CBSE has issued detailed guidelines on how the internal marks will be divided among different activities. This year you are going to face board exams and its totally different from the CCE.

So for scoring in your board exams, you need to work differently from your previous schedule. This time you are going to have a complete syllabus in one time.

finish all your NCERT books first!

you need to know that all the exams of CBSE are totally based on the NCERT books and you can found each and every question in the NCERT.

So you need to finish your NCERT first at least 2-3 times before appearing for exams.

practice more sample papers!

As this time CBSE is having boards this time, so you need to practice more sample papers as much as you can .this will increase your speed and also help you in scoring well.

Solve the previous 5 years Questions!

Try to solve previous year papers so that you will know the exam pattern and able to make the best plan to attend your exam and focus on that subject that you are going to take after your class 10.

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