As most of you have passed your class 10th with different scores, on the bases of these scores you are going to choose your future subjects, should I say subjects after your class 10th?

Tonnes of advice is flowing on the internet today and sometimes a student more confused? because more the advice more is confusion. 

Here schoolokay is sharing some of the tips on the support of that you can choose your subject after your class 10th.

Some so many students are going to pass form 9th class and reach the class 10th in 2020, as you all know that things have changed a little bit about exams in class 10th 2020.

Now you have two choices in math as well,
  1. Basic math for class 10th.
  2. Standard math for class 10th.
If you are a student of class 10th and reached class 10th this year just let me know in the comments?

This post is going to be very importnat for all class 10th passing students this year, How to select subjects after class 10th, I have already created a post on the topic what after 10th, just check out that too.

Before starting this post, just know one thing, all subjects have an equal scope, rest depends on you, no subject is better than the other one.

let's begin the post.

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Basically, choosing the subject after your 10th quite difficult and confusing as well?

when I completed my class 10th, it was very tough for me to choose my stream for class 11, I chose it wrong and later changed it, this whole process was not good, even my parents started thinking, I will do nothing in future because I was leaving science and heading into commerce after doing my 12th from science stream.

It's a big decision to make, I think this happens with most of the class 10th students, so I decided to, write a post regarding that and discuss all possibilities.

we all face similar problems, regarding career options and after class 10th as well.


what after class 10th science, commerce

Class 11? How should one deal with the stress of selecting subjects for class 11? few questions that strike the mind very hard are? 

  1. which subject has more scope?
  2. which subject will provide me a high paying job in the future?

Because at the end only money matters, neglecting all things I will tell you about scope and jobs available for all streams in the future.


Most of the students choose wrong because they are looking for a subject good subject instead of looking for, what they are good at?

the above lines clearly state the mistake of all students, So the point is all subjects are good, you need to choose, what you are good at? 

Don't think like SCIENCE is good or COMMERCE or ARTS, all these three are equal. It's very much clear that you need to choose only one for you. 

Than the question comes, 

Which subject is good for a class 10th student? 

As I have explained earlier that all subjects after class 10th have an equal scope, you can choose anyone, but the point is how to decide?

You have completed class 10th, and you know that you are good at some subjects means you require fewer efforts to score well in these subjects, I hope you are getting the point.

what I want to say is, you can choose a subject that seems easy to you don't look at the scope, because if you choose a right subject for yourself, after class 10th, it will take you wherever you want, but if you chose it wrong, it will pinch your ass throughout your studies.

Go with the subject that seems easy to you and stop listening to the fools, who present you with wrong information.


Most common we came across, science is the toughest subject as well as has more scope than other subjects?

I don't understand, why people tell this kind of stupid thing to kids, take science otherwise you will be cursed, and your family will feel shame if you don't take the science really! is that so?

so I am starting with science,


what after class 10th science

You may come across many posts on the internet or on the first page of google its all the SEO hack tricks, I not saying they are not good, but, I feel they don't care if people are reading on not?

Their main aim is to write what will rank on google? so be aware of that don't take your decisions by reading any such post and after watching a video on youtube.

it's your life just use these sources as an information material, and use it to take a good and effective decision after your class 10th.

Q.Choosing science after your class 10 is wrong or right?

I don't know about its good or bad, right or wrong ? but I will simply say that, sit quietly for a while and avoid people who say take this or get that subject after your 10th, don't listen to anyone, just do your research and decide by yourself.

This will lead to an effective decision which will help you with good career options.

  1. If you are a technical freak, and you searching for logic in everything then you must go with science. 
  2. In case you enjoy tech and want to create some in the future.
  3. Don't avoid science by thinking that it is a hard subject.
  4. It makes your mind stronger in calculations and all.
if you have a thought of going with science then you must be ready for doing  a lot of logicwork  lol.
  1. If you are weak at calculations and logic.
  2. Do not have the curiosity to know things.
  3. Do not want to know the reason behind anything on this planet.
  4. Have fear of getting failed in class 11.
  5. If you have a mugging mind than avoiding science will be beneficial.
These are a few reasons which can help you with your subject after class 10th.


what after class 10th science, commerce

Taking commerce as your stream subject is a great choice, this subject is all about the leaning of people's behavior and how to conduct business activity? 

  1. If you are good at communicating, it's better to go for commerce after the 10th.
  2. In my views commerce is the best stream.
  3. You don't have too much workload to handle. 
  4. you can also move it with your sports activities as well. 
  5. Commerce is all about money and handling money and people in many different ways. 
  6. It provides you with lots of options to present yourself as a leader in front of people.
  7. Don't have the misconception that science is better than commerce?
So, if you have all the above qualities than just go for commerece.


I don't have any reasons commerce also requires basic maths as well as, stats.  if you are too poor at math than you can avoid commerce after class 10th.

Before that, you must understand one thing if you want to do a government job or something like that I will advise you, start with the science because you have not fixed anything yet.

if you want a technical job then obviously you have to go with the science otherwise I don't have many reasons to tell you.


First, keep in mind a few things, don't think, only week students go for commerce and arts, it's a very wrong approach.

Arts is the best option after class 10th if you think you don't want to do difficult calculations and other things if you have good reading skills than you can do magic with the arts.

what after class 10th arts

Why you must choose the subject arts after the 10th?
  1. Arts is the best option for you if you love your culture and exploration.
  2. Arts have a lot of scopes even most of the IAS and PCS are from the arts stream. 
  3. Easy to handle and scoring.
  4. It takes less time and does not need and creativity. 
  5. You need the power to remember dates.
  6. Mugging power must be as strong as possible.
  7. So if you are hesitating from taking arts because of some foolish reason so just ignore them and move forward without any hesitation.
  8. ,
Why not choose subject arts over science and commerce after the 10th?

Tt's totally up to you, what kind of dream you have in your minds, thinking about becoming a pilot and wants arts? it will not work, because you know the reason.

The fact is that you have planned everything and don't want to change the mind that you can go with Arts,  otherwise start with science, because you can later change the subject's in your college.

Why I am saying start with science after class 10?

The reason I simple if you have a chance to study science than you must start with it, after that, you can switch subjects in college and all, but only take science if you are good at maths and all. 

Otherwise, go with whatever subject you like. I am ending this post if you have further questions just DM on the Facebook page, schoolokay solution or just let me know in comments.

While choosing your subjects after class 10th, just keep one thing in mind one person can do only one work at a time.

keep in mind and do not try to do everything in one time, otherwise, you will end up doing nothing.

Subjects selecting after 10th class is the matter of your self-interest. whatever you like just go with that.

So don't let anyone tell you that you can not do that. select what you like, and move forward with that

Don't think you have to do labor after choosing your subject for class 11, just choose a subject that makes things easy for you.

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