when I completed my class 10th then its become very tough for me to choose my stream in class 11, so I decided to, write a post regarding that, and discuss all possibilities, so that you will not face similar problems, regarding career options after class 10 or subjects after class 10.

which subject is good for your 11 and above? options after 10th or subjects in class 11

Class 11? when its time to choose subjects for your class 11. it's a tough step, As you can see that subject choosing for your career is quite a tough decision. Most of the time students choose it in this post, I am going to discuss, how you can choose it? and have good results for you. There are only 3 streams from which you have to choose, science, commerce, and arts. You have to go with one of them and that one subject leads you to your future.


If you are a technical freak, and you searching for logic in everything then you must go with science. Here you can explore yourself and can disclose all your answers related to the matters, you are curious about? Some of you may have the feeling that science is a difficult subject and it is difficult to score in it. So it's just a myth and you can score well in science.

if you have a thought of going with science then you must be ready for doing  a lot of handwork.



Taking commerce as your stream subject is a great choice, this subject is all about the leaning of people and how you can conduct business activity. if you good at communicating skill with people then it is a better option for you to go. In my views it's the best stream, you don't have too much workload to handle. you can also move it with your sports activities as well. 
Commerce is all about money and handling people. It provides you with lots of options to present yourself as a leader in front of a number of people.


Some of the student's point that arts stand for weak students, don't just think in an incorrect way, arts is the best option for you if you love for your culture and rich history. Arts has a lot of scopes today even most of the IAS and PCS are from arts stream. So if you are hesitating from taking arts because of some foolish reason so just ignore them and move forward without any hesitation.

stream choosing is the matter of your self-interest. How much you like that particular subject. things that matter after choosing subject stream is your hard work and perseverance. So don't let anyone tell you that you can not do that.
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all subjects have equal scope its up to you how much hardwork you put into it.
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