Many of you considering scoring good in class 12 math in 2020-21, as this year coronavirus break out, I hope we all will safely handle this, then you definitely be going to appear for next year board exams.

So the point is, how you will going to score in class 12 maths board exam 2021, scoring in math is quite difficult it contains a lot of calculations, and calculus is just pain in the neck.

There are a lot of topics that cause a headache like set theory, calculus, reverse trigonometry e.t.c, and you need to deal with all these, because then only you can score in class 12 maths, otherwise no chance.

If you reading this post in 2020 in April after we have got rid of coronavirus and other problems than you must start preparing to write now.

The best time for starting your preparation is the month of April, the reason is you have a lot of time in hand, and you can finish the syllabus on time.

If you start preparing in April 2021 and there are more chances of scoring good marks in class 12th.

Scoring full marks are not difficult in CBSE board exams, but not for those you must practice questions regularly.
because practice is the key after all.
So this post is about, How to get full marks in maths class 12 2020-21, some of you might be guessing that if 80+ will be enough.

Yes, but you must know that math is the only subject in board exams that allows you to score full marks.

Now students are scoring full in every subject because of an increase in intelligence level. 

If you are thinking to score full in maths than you surely have to change a few things in you because mugging math is not going to provide you with full marks.


School okay is discussing some basic tips that can help you in scoring good marks in the board this year, and in some competitive exams as well.

Many of you surely aiming for competitive exams like NDA, IIT JEE and government college entrance exams.

For all those exams you need maths, even for every exam, you need maths and you know that.

You need to work on your math skills and score well this year because if you score less than 60 in math.

Your dreams of becoming a pilot and scientist and getting into a good college, who asked for the marks is totally going to shutdown.

For scoring in math class 12, you only need to do these 4 things.

1. The golden tip to score in CBSE class12 math exam is practice.

Practise without practice, I think it's difficult to score in the CBSE maths board exam. As I have explained to you earlier maths is full of calculations and you can not learn calculation. 

According to schoolokay suppose you manage to learn, somehow, then what will happen when values are changed in the exam. you will end up doing wrong, this will cost you marks.

I hope you are getting me, you need to practise each and every single day. 

2. Learn all formulas for CBSE maths exam class 12.

Learning formulas is very important, and surely works for your CBSE math board exam. 

You know that formulas just get increased from class 11th, because of explanation in the course, and these formulas must be on your tips. 

Because most of the questions are based on formulas and these formulas you need for all entrance exams and competitive exams. 

the concepts of class 12, like trigonometry, algebra and number system plays a very important role in exams like CAT and JEE. 

So, you need to have a good grip over the formulas, because that is the most important thing to solve questions. 

3. Cover easy chapters, at last, to score in CBSE maths exam class 12.

Some students just ask me on Quora, what I need to do first for my math exam and other exams.

I just tell them, you need to finish the easy chapter first and within less time, once you are done with them than you can go with difficult ones, and give as much as the time required for them.

Because, if you attempt to solve the difficult chapters at last while preparing for the CBSE maths exam.

This will be going to make two things good for you. 

  1. It will help you remember them.
  2. It will increase your confidence because you have given enough time to them. 
  3. And you have finished your whole syllabus after all. 
Some student just left the hard chapter thinking it's not their cup of tea, don't do these mistakes, because it will cost you marks okay. 

If you want to know the best way to write the board exam click the link.

4. Solve 1 mock-test every day for CBSE maths exam class 12.

Most students ignore this fact because of overconfidence, they just avoid solving mocks and later found out those who have solved mocks have performed better than them.

you need to solve mocks, one mock every single day, and you will find scoring is not difficult at all.

You need to buy the best reference books for your class 12 and use them correctly. make sure these books have a good amount of questions.


  1. Increase your speed of solving questions. 
  2. Increases your calculation speed. 
  3. Enhance your performance in exams.
  4. Increases your confidence in attempting your paper. 
  5. Obviously, your scores will improve.
You must know that a lot of students do similar mistakes, they just ignore the basic things and later they have to pay for it by their mistakes, you must avoid all such mistakes. 

You may be looking for other things like, how to score in English board exam this year.

Full and final advice works on your basics.

You must know this, why students a lot of students fail to score in board exams? 

The reason is they ignore the basics of math, and they are the most important factor for scoring. You need to work on your basics, only then you are going to score. 

why shoolokay is forcing you to work on basics? 
Because some students when reaching their class 12th they aren't even able to solve class 10th books. 

This shows, how much attention they have invested in their previous classes? for all such students, you must work on your basics, otherwise, you surely going to find class 12 hard. 

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