When it's about planning your timetable for you class 10? its a most difficult task, first its difficult to create it and second its difficult to follow that class 10 timetable. So we are sharing a few tips to stay focused. table for class 10

How to manage time for study in class 10| 10th-timetable for class 10

we make lots of timetables and we are unable to follow them, sometimes we make them wrong, even don't have time given for playing, exercise, or many other activities that are important to our life.

how to manage time for class 10 study? as we know that when we are in class 10, time managing for self-study becomes difficult, we don't even get the time for playing or for any other activity. because of our very busy schedule.

we take tuitions for our studies and want to score more. so we forget managing time in that schedule our whole week and even our whole year just passes between school and the tuition classes?

so how can we change it? and how we simply manage our timetable for study for class 10?
in this post, I am sharing tips related to the time management for class 10. to manage time for class 10 posted on
how to manage time for study in class 10
First thing depends on how you start your day?

your way of starting day totally matters in managing your timetable for study for class 10. When you start your day early in the morning waking up at 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM, then you have the time to study or just use it for your exercise.

why I am saying for exercise? because if you start your day with exercise then you gain lots of positive energy for your entire day. consider this, don't workout heavy, it's just about doing yoga or some sort of jogging.

Second-tip to study timetable for class 10 students

when you come back from school just eat enough and go for a nap, take a long nap of 1 to 1 half hour. This will totally relax you and now you can focus, just go to your tutions and back in time.

After that, you can watch tv or use your this time to talk with your family and share your entire day with them, don't be quite ask for suggestions and tips from your elder brother/sister for timetable they will definitely have something out of the box for you.

 third- tip for the timetable for class 10 

you must ensure that you have some time for playing as well, it depends on you, how you are managing your study time for class 10? you must have some time for playing outdoors, this will totally accomplish for your brain and it will totally ease your brain.

some students escape time for playing in their timetables, I think that the reason most of the students are falling ill and mind related problems. I will strictly advise you to have play time in your 10th class timetable.

Forth-and the last tip for 10th class time table|before going to bed

before going to your bed you can study for 1-2 hours and after that, you can go for a sleep, I am not telling the subject wise timetable, I think you can practice a different subject each day according to your comfort.


Monday-      science
Tuesday-       English
Wednesday-   math
Friday-        social studies
Saturday      Hindi, math
Sunday-        mock test and enjoying, movies, playing etc.

Why study before going to bed? you must be aware of our subconscious mind, that work after you sleep whatever you watch, read before sleeping, your subconscious mind will work on that full night. so try to go for a night of sleep by reading some topics you spot tough.

I hope the above tips for managing time for study in class 10 and study plan for class 10 are helpful for you. 

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