How to score in cbse class 9th math exam

How to score in cbse class 9th math exam

I know that student-run desperately behind the scores. The only thing matters for them in class 9th is, how much the scores in their subjects?

Whether it's science, math, social science, Hindi, and English. One thing is sure that they want to score in all these subjects.

For chasing their desire they just want short tricks for scoring and forget about some important things? what are these important things?

I am going to discuss all those points in this post, and try to cover all your doubt's that you have regarding scoring good marks in class 9th maths cbse, ICSE board, or State board.

Before moving to that you need to know this scoring good marks is easy but need to score well at the same time learn all the topics of class 9th maths.

If you only focus on scoring good marks in cbse 9th class maths exam papers then surely you will miss out a lot of important things that you need to gain in your class 9th.

As I have mentioned in some of my posts that scoring well in class 9th and class 11th doesn't count much. Because no one is going to ask you about your class 9th and class 11th marks.

How to score in cbse class 9th math exam

Make sure you are reading the post carefully and spotting my errors too because that indicates your level of concentration.

Let's start. 

First, you need to know to consider these things?

  1. What is important in class 9th CBSE, ICSE, or state boards? 
  2. Then you can focus on scoring? 
1. What is important in class 9th CBSE, ICSE, or any other state board? 

As I know class 9th students don't have that level of IQ, because they are introduced to a lot of new topics and things that they do not understand, and that's the reason for their struggle in class 9th.

You must know this class 9th is the base for your higher classes, class 10th, class 11th, and class 12th.

The topics introduced in class 9th cbse, icse, and state boards are going to be more elaborate in higher classes nothing more.

Those students who fail to understand this suffered from higher classes badly.

The first thing that you need to underline is, Stop running behind the marks in class 9th cbse and icse board students. Instead of scoring well, you must run behind learning. 

Once you get this you'll be more focused on your studies, and able to score well too because I have seen students forget the basics while running behind the marks in class 9th. 

And their teachers don't care, because teachers have their own problems to deal with.

Why schoolokay is adding all this to this post? 

As you are well aware of the level of competition in studies, students start their preparations for competitive exams like IIT JEE, NDA, NEET, AIIMS, and other college entrance exams from class 6th only.

I know they are not aware of these exams but their parents force them to do so. And that's the reason most of these students get into the best colleges.

The one who is preparing from home and thinking of cracking any exam don't have the chance and against them.

Only 1 in the thousands able to make it possible by his dedication.

You must underline this human mind don't have limits in terms of learning, it's you, who have fixed your boundaries.
If you have got these points no one can stop you from scoring well in cbse class 9th maths test paper.


If you only want to score well in cbse 9th class maths exam papers, it's not that difficult, I know some of you may be getting troubled with math class and maths teacher, but it's easy to score in class 9th math as well as in other subjects. 

How to score in cbse class 9th math exam

What you need to do to score the class 9 CBSE maths final exam paper?
  1. Master your NCERT book or whatever book you have as your coursebook.
  2. After that move to reference books of class 9th. 
  3. Analyze the CBSE class 9 maths exam pattern or whichever board you belong. 
  4. Solve previous year papers and solve mocks.
If you do these above four tips then no one can stop you from scoring well in class 9 CBSE maths final exam paper and grasping math fully in terms of solving questions. 

Starting from the first, 

1. Master your NCERT book or whatever book you have as your coursebook.

You need to master your NCERT book and your coursebook, which is only possible by solving it 4-5 times. 

It doesn't matter how you solve it? 

Buy coping all the answers from reference books or by your own affords, but you have to solve it 4 times minimum. 

Once you have done that, then you can move to the second step. 

2. Solve reference books of class 9th? 

You don't have to buy 2 or 3 books, only one book is enough, and do not try to solve each and every question of these reference books of class 9th, because some questions are above your level. And you also need to learn to use your reference books in the best possible way. 

If you are going to appear for some competitive exams in the future then you can solve each question. 

Reference books are important in terms of building concept strength, I will discuss that in another post.

So, once you have done with a reference book, you need to have a good plan for your exam and a pre-perspective of your CBSE class 9 maths exam pattern.

3. Analyse the CBSE class 9 maths exam pattern or whichever board you belong. 

This is the most essential step of your preparation, you need to look at some previous years papers of class 9th, like, CBSE class 9 maths exam paper 2019, CBSE class 9 maths exam paper 2018. 

These exam analyses will provide you with a pure view of your CBSE class 9th maths test paper. 

According to that, you can prepare your strategy, how you are going to solve your papers, and what kind of questions repeats every year. 

Schoolokay has noticed students don't take class 9th as a serious class, and because of that, their concepts remain weak and they suffer this thing in higher classes.  

4. You also need to solve mocks given in your reference books. 

This will increase your speed of solving questions, which matters a lot in class 9th maths exam as well as other classes too. 

Solving mocks is very important for students of any class and mostly class 9th and class 11th. 

If you followed the above tips completely then no one can stop you from scoring well in CBSE class 9th maths exam. 


As I have mentioned above class 9th has a complete shift in terms of syllabus and topics from class 8th CBSE.

Because of that students face a lot of problems while dealing with CBSE class 9th.
Some of them are like?

How to become a topper in class 9th? Study timetable for 9th class? Best study tips for class 9th students? 

The important thing is you only need to follow your book rest other things are temporary.

If you maintain regularity in your studies you don't have to worry about scores.

Try to understand the topics, focus on the basics of class 9th maths, and solve more and more questions. It's true for all classes not only for class 9th. 

Underline this, there are no shortcuts for scoring good marks.

How to learn CBSE class 9 maths effectively?

Maths becomes a nightmare for those students, who try to ignore maths for a long time, and believes that they will manage at the last moment. 

What can be done to resolve this problem? and how one can grasp class 9 maths in a fast and effective way? 

Simply, you need to give some time to maths. Try to study for some extra hours.

All these tips that I have discussed in this post completely effective, you only need to apply these in your life.

Secondary tips for class 9 maths learning.
  1. Give more time to maths if you feel math is a difficult subject.
  2. Solve more questions for grasping concepts of class 9th math.
  3. Work on your basics of math.
  4. Take Tuition if necessary and ask daily problems from your teacher 
  5. Be attentive in the class during maths lectures.
  6. Discuss your class 9th maths problems with your friends.
  7. Don't go for rote memorization.
Hoping for the best for you, I am sure this post will guide you toward the best and you'll be able to score well this year. 

I know we are facing a lot of problems currently, but soon everything will be over. 

Stay blessed and stay safe, all the social links are on the about page, share the post with your friends you find it helpful. 

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