English is a problem for most of the students? being from Hindi background its get difficult to score in English. Now English become the need of your society, Hindi is our national language instead of giving importance to that, we are giving importance to English.

All interviews are held in English and whatever exam you give totally based on English. There are a lot of reasons,  show you why scoring in English is important?

If your scores are low in CBSE English exam, probably you are not going to get a good college and even there are lots of jobs out there which have minimum criteria for English marks. some have 60%
and others have different. it varies.

In this post, I am trying to discuss all problem that comes during learning English and how you can score in CBSE English exam, English study tips. So here we go.

how to score in cbse english exam|English study tips

First comes the English study tips

Your scoring totally depends on, how you study?  what are your study plans? it doesn't matter in which you are studying, class 9, class 10, class 11, class 12 all classes are similar to each other.
For English, the most important thing is reading if you are not familiar with reading English books, articles, novels etc. Then I simply think you probably not going to score in your English exam.

Second thing comes, your writing skills, how good they are? what kind of words you use in your
English CBSE exam. The accuracy of your writing skills totally leads you towards the better grades or you can say better marks.

problems that come while preparing for CBSE English exam?

when you are all set and start preparing for you CBSE English exam. there are lots of issues, stops you
from preparing for CBSE English exam. these problems are as follows,

how to score in cbse english exam|English study tips

Students Consider English as Boring subject

This happens with every student when they start preparing for CBSE English exam. they get bored or even sometimes falls to sleep. They aren't able to focus for even few hours.

This happens because they don't have the reading habits and probably the are preparing English wrong way.

Preparation at last moment for CBSE English exam 

I have seen many students wait for last moment to start for preparation, they just wait for last day and thinks they can just score in a single night.
I agree that English is not difficult subject, however, I have seen people get low marks in CBSE English exam as compared to the others.

Take CBSE English exam lightly

The English exam is easy! it's easy to score in English! you don't need to give time to English! 
or many other things you must catch about English.
   Don't listen to any kind of rubbish, just focus, study and improve your English.

How to prepare for your English CBSE exam?

how to score in cbse english exam|English study tips

Now comes the preparation for CBSE English exam

we all are aware that English exam has three section they are have different marks distribution.

English totally depends on your readings, whatever it is
newspapers, articles, books or any readable

Three sections are

  1. Reading (20)
  2. Writing and Grammar (30)
  3. literature (30)

All the sections of CBSE English exam are totally scoring some students might have the problem with 
writing and Grammer section. There is no need to take load you have a lot of time till your  English 
CBSE exam, start your preparation now.

Plan your timetable according to you and give equal importance to each section, while preparing for your 
CBSE English exam.

TIPS for preparation of CBSE ENGLISH exam.

  1. The first thing you need to buy a good reference book for your CBSE English exam.
  2. I will advise you buy BBC English according to your class.
  3. Read one-one topic for each section daily before sleeping.
  4. Write one article on any current topic daily.
  5. Practice all your writing skills before appearing for CBSE English exam.
  6. You need to have awareness about CBSE marking scheme.
  7. Try to learn as many words as you can from now.
  8. Do not think that long answers will provide you marks just focus on short and correct answers.
  9. Don't waste time.
  10. Try to start as early as you can for your CBSE English exam.
         your marks totally depend on your practice
                 the more you practice higher you gonna score
I hope above post how to score in CBSE English exam|English study tips are able to help you out.

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