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Hey guys before starting this post, I just want to ask you a few questions?

English is your problem? 
what kind of difficulty you face with English?

Do not forget to comment below your problem and also tell me about this post, is it really helping you or not?

If you are a student then just comment below yes I am.

I know that English is a problem for most of the students? being from Hindi background it's difficult to score in English in class 12.

I am not talking about all of the students but most of us have this issue.

we talk Hindi in our homes, so we don't have proper command over English, but today English became an important determinant for students.

In schools, colleges and even in society you will discover people use besides English there own mother tongue.

So the question comes.

class 12 board exam

What you need to do for getting command over English?  

How to get full marks in the English board exam?

I am not sure about getting full marks? because no one gets 100 marks in English but it is possible to get 80+ or 90+ marks in the English board exam.

today English is playing a very important role in a students life,

I don't know why? I have seen other countries use their local language to communicate, but something is wrong with us.

Hindi is our national language instead of giving importance to that, we are giving importance to English.

leave all that, I am saying this because we need to think about that once,

So, why getting full marks in English in board exams is important?

There are a variety of reasons for that, you know what? marks are the first priority for colleges, nowadays they are taking entrance exams,

but, still marks matters a lot. forget about the theories that people will tell you that marks don't matter, think about Steve Jobs founder of Apple, Bill Gates founder of Microsoft and all.

I will advise you to stop listening to these people at a young age if you really have that courage then just do what you like or love to do otherwise just focus on your studies.

some of you may have in mind why I should focus on my studies, I will take that in my next post.

So, we are talking about, How to score in English in board exams?

I am trying to discuss all the problems that occur during learning English and sometimes you may think English is not that important?

I have seen students are like English kon pdta hai bae ? Ye toh bhut Aasan hai? (English is easy) they end up scoring fewer marks.

Why I am saying this?

Because most of us don't have the realization and we just leave English for the last moment and in the end, English will ruin your marks.

you must take it as an important subject, not just a language or something else.

it's very important to know that never undervalue subject that you think it is simple and easy. you must focus on each subject equally. 

english board exam

First comes study tips for English 2019 

Do you ever have the thought of what really Hits your marks in board exams?

Why some of you end up scoring low marks in comparison to other students even though they are not as capable as you are?

Give some time to yourself and think about it, This will help you in many ways.

Most of the students think that intelligent students score higher marks,  do not think in that manner only well-planned studies score higher marks,
Your scoring totally depends on your preparation technique?  and plans that you have in your mind.

It doesn't matter in which class you are class 9, class 10, class 11, class 12 all classes are similar to each other in terms of scoring.


For English, the most important thing is reading, You must have good reading habits, this includes articles, novels, etc.

why you need a reading habit?

I am not talking concerning for your board exams, schoolokay is saying this because board exams are just short film, after this original film starts and you will find there is a trap which is called English.

For taking yourself out of this trap you need to learn good English, you will notice that we all are copying all the things from others.

For every competitive exam, you need good English.


Your writing skills, how good they are? what kind of words you use in while writing your English CBSE exam.

This means your vocabulary matters a lot because it can take you from 60 marks to 100 marks in your English board exam.

So, work on your writing skills try to write articles daily on different topics and check what level of words you are using.

The accuracy of your writing skills totally changes your grades.

Problems that you face while preparing for the CBSE English exam?

when you are all set and started preparing for your CBSE English exam. 

some of the problems may come to you,

english exam

1. Students Consider English as a Boring subject

This happens with all students when they start preparing for the CBSE class 12  English exam board exam.
they get bored or even sometimes fall to sleep. 

sometimes it's very disappointing you are not able to read a single chapter in a day, you must have good
reading habits. 

This happens because you don't have the reading habits and probably you are preparing in the wrong way.

2.Preparation at last moment for CBSE English exam 

I have seen many students wait for the last moment to start for preparation, they just wait for the last moment and thinks they can score in a single night.

sometimes it doesn't work and some students get failed in exams.

I agree that English is not that difficult, however, I have seen students get low marks in the CBSE English class 12 board exam as compared to the other subjects.

3. Don't have the wrong approach that CBSE English is easy?

No doubt that English exam is easy, but you need to work for getting good marks on your skills

 It's easy to score in English, it doesn't mean that you can ignore the subject if you don't have a wise sense of using words then it will be difficult for you to score.
   Don't listen to any kind of rubbish, just focus, study and improve your English.

How to prepare for your English CBSE exam?

class 12 english

Now comes the final preparation tips for CBSE English exam
we all are aware that English exam has three sections they have different marks distribution, you need to score good in all these sections.

English totally depends on your readings, whatever it is
newspapers, articles, books or any readable

Three sections are
  1. Reading (20)
  2. Writing and Grammar (30)
  3. literature (30)
you can score in all the sections equally, you only require few things.


There is no need to take the load that your English is not good or something just works on it.

  • Plan your timetable according to you and give equal importance to each section, while preparing for your CBSE English exam.


  1. The first thing you need to buy a good reference book for your CBSE English exam.
  2. I will advise you to buy BBC English according to your class.
  3. Read a one-one topic for each section daily before sleeping.
  4. Write one article on any current topic daily.
  5. Practice all your writing skills before appearing for the CBSE English exam.
  6. You need to have awareness about CBSE marking scheme.
  7. Try to learn as many words as you can from now.
  8. Do not think that long answers will provide you marks just focus on short and correct answers.
  9. Don't waste time.
  10. Try to start as early as you can for your CBSE English exam.
         your marks totally depend on your practice
                 the more you practice higher you gonna score
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