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Many of you heard may have heard that buy this book or that book,

you must understand this all books are prepared by different publications and they vary to the requirements of students,

If a student is preparing for IIT and then he/ she must buy books according to that otherwise must buy normal books,

No book can be said as best reference books for class 11 until the reader is not benefited from the content inside the book,

as you all are aware that CSBE class 11 plays a very important role in your schooling,

Things that you face in your class 11 are quite detailed as compared to other classes of your schooling.

you will find a ton of post on the internet, about best reference books for class 11, reference books for class 9, class 10 and class 12. etc

nowadays news websites also started postings things on the internet about books and all,

keep in mind a few things before buying a reference book for class 11

  1. Buy reference books that have easy language 
  2. Content inside the book must be easily understood 
  3. A book must be up to date or use the latest version of it,
  4. Content inside the reference book must be well arranged and useful,
  5. don't buy books that provide you a lot of content that is useless,
try to keep all these five points in your mind while buying your reference book,

you don't know about the book until and unless you have not solved it or gone through it when you are in class 11,

Going through various posts, or listening too many opinions will misguide you,

so choose your reference books for class 11 wisely or according to your preparation, what you have in your mind after your class 12 science,

in which exam you believe, you will be going to appear so that go into your consideration,

it's obvious to have a confused mind about the reference books for class 11. 

you must understand one thing, there are a lot of books are available in the market today, with various publications,

  1. Pradeep publication,
  2.  xam idea publication, 
  3. full marks, 
  4. together with and others.

each of these books is specialist in their own context, some are good in theory and some are experts in numerical, others are important for theorems, some are very good for competitive examination.

most of you preparing for the competitive exams and going to appear for that, after your class 12,

1.Best reference books for class 11 physics for the theory

You can trust the books that are given below for your regular studies, throughout the year.
  1. Pradeep publication, physics, it's good for both theory and numerical as well. 
  2. The s.chand publication, for physics use only for the theory part 
1.1 Best reference books for class 11 physics numerical.

  1. Pradeep publication-physics is the best for numerical
  2. xam idea-for physics numerical. 

2.Best reference books for class 11 chemistry theory and numericals.

  1. Pardeep, publication- is also trustable in the context of a theory 
  2. ABC chemistry - modern publication  
basically, class 11 chemistry is the theory based subject so you can trust these reference books for class 11 chemistry.

3.Best reference books for class 11 mathematics

lots of reference books are available for maths, you just need to know which one is good for you.

  1. RD Sharma- recommended 
  2. RS Agrawal- for maths you can go with that too,

These two references you can trust with regular studies, these are quite common and popular with all the students. for exams, you need to change the reference books. 

4.Best reference books for class 11English

  1. BBC- English recommended
when the exam time comes, you need to change your books, you need reference books for class 11 for examination,

Best reference books for class 11 exam.

For physics- xam idea, Oswal chapter vise solution, Arihant chapter wise solution physics.

For Chemistry- Arihant chapter wise solution, Oswaal  chapter vise solution,

For Maths- oswaal chapter wise solution, full marks. Arihant chapter wise solution maths class 11.

For English- go with the BBC it's just the best reference book for your class 11.

All these are just quite good for your class 11 exams, and contains the best sample papers for exams. and have questions and solutions from previous year exams.

all the books are recommended you take to go, through them, these all are helpful for your exams as well other competitive exams you are going face after your class 12.

all the above books contain the NCERT solutions as well and probably the best reference books for class 11 NCERT.

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