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with Yes and No,

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Before starting this post I want to say that your scoring in class 11 science totally depends on your practical approach,

its's simply depends upon, what kind of learning approach you have if you learn things then it's good, you can deal with science easily or if you have mugging approach then you must go with other subjects,

science totally need a practical approach because in science things reach at the end from where they have started,

just take an example of the water cycle,

if you don't know the starting and the end point of it, you can have a thought that the original form of water is liquid then you will end with it,

what is the real form of water? 

just answer it in the comment box,

basically, I have seen students in class 11realized that they have taken the wrong subject, science in class 11,

some of them struggle to change their subjects entire year after that, so try to select subject correctly in one time,

if you have any issues regarding subject selection for class 11 just see the post subjects after class 10,

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basically, what happens most of us think that class 11 is not an important class at all,

this is one of the reasons which makes us sluggish for scoring in class 11, this need to be changed.

According to schoolokay class 11 science plays a very important role in your competition exams,

like if you are preparing for,

  1. IIT JEE,
  2. AIIMS,

and other competitive exams as well,

these exams are the dream for some of the students because of many stupid reasons, and these are the reason India is facing a lack of career opportunities,


The motive of this blog is to provide you some awareness about your school and other things,

guys, if you are a student and facing any difficulty related to your studies and other education-related things, make sure you are discussing with us,

you may have heard about student suicides every year because of many reasons, this is because they are not guided properly and lose their life without any reason,

if studies are taking peoples life than, what's the point of having this kind of studies,

If anything is not getting your head then just comment below, schoolokay always let you the best advice in the world,

Now we get to the point,


when you start your class 11science it's just a whole new world in front of your eyes,

sometimes subjects like physics, chemistry, math disturb the mind and feels like I must change my subjects,

but, I will advise you just move with these subjects only these will open your mind and develop a sense of practical approach within you,

science plays a very important role in many things one is once you deal with it rest all subjects are easy for you,

class 11 science transforms your mind in a very different way,

sometimes its get difficult to deal with these topics, after considering class 11?

it's quite common that a large number of students get failed in class 11 science and commerce as well,

Getting fail is not the issue, failures make us strong in many ways, the main motive of science is to provide you a practical approaching mindset,

how you deal with things in real life?

so don't consider class 11 as a tough one, it's a little view of life that will come to you after class 10,


Maintain Regularity to score good marks in class 11 CBSE

when you start your journey of class 11 two things happens?

  1. one is a new course
  2. other is your youth age,
these both things have their impact on you in many ways, if you fail to control these both then they take you to a different zone kind of thing,

The symptoms of these are below,

In class 11 students start bunking their classes,
They just don't care, what topics are going on, whether it's coaching or school.
Students stop respecting teachers as well,

make sure you are not doing that just take each and every class because it is important for you, otherwise things will get worse for you at the end.

why you need to pay attention in the class even I can learn from youtube other platforms?

As you have seen with development there is the increase in the use of tech in your life, now you don't care about the school because you think you have all on your mobile phone,

that's kind of correct, but the books in your school are still the same as they are 10 years ago,

what meant to say that we have reached today this point because of these books only, our tech is also created because of these only,

so the point is you must focus on the teacher, what he/she said the class,

Practice more and have a practical approach,

Some of you may learn the things and vomit on the exam sheet, it's not about that?
you need to learn things so that you can solve the problem even when they are arranged in different order,

The golden tip to score whether in physics, chemistry, and maths. All subjects need practice, these all subjects need more practise as compare to other subjects,

solve more mocks and have a practical approach don't think about scoring too much, think about learning only,

this not like you have prepared it last week and you gonna remember it.

You need to work on each and every topic individually and just go through all these topics as many times as you can. because you don't have any other thing to do,

Don't mug up!

Final tips don't just mug up things without understanding them if you are aware of a very famous movie 3 idiots showing a clear message about the consequences of mugging things up.

this is kind of motivation for you guys,

never ever say things that you don't understand because you don't know you are shitting from your mouth,

so final advice is all the best for your class 11 and have fun don't think too much about marks, just focus on what you have learned,

try to increase your knowledge at every point of your life and try to implement science in your real life,

Do not use too much internet make your real life more happening and active so that you don't get time for stupid things,

limit the use of the internet in your life otherwise, you will be just an information freak without any practical learning,

Maths, physics these are totally calculation and logic base,

so they can't be just mugged up. mugging up things will never help you out.

I will totally advise you just go with easy books that have refined material in a modest way

don't try to solve those books that you can not manage. attempting difficult books will confuse you and it will not gonna improve your scores.

if you need a suggestion regarding books then just comment below, your question.

if you are a student and reading this make sure to comment,

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