some of you might have a thought that class 11 abuse is not important, basically all of us have that in mind marks of class 11 are not going to be considered anywhere, you just need to clear that class only.

Here we are with this post sharing tips on how to score good marks in class 11 CBSE

when you start your class 11 CBSE, it's just a completely new environment for study, class 11 is quite different from your past classes, it introduces a lot of new topics and a lot of derivations.

sometimes its get difficult to deal with these topics, after examining class 11 some students thinks about changing their stream and some end up changing that.

it's quite common that a large number of students get failed in class 11 CBSE, This is because of assuming that class 11CBSE is tough.

Maintain Regularity to score good marks in class 11 CBSE

I have seen that in class 11 students starts bunking their classes and they just don't care what topics are going on in the class, whether it's coaching or school.

I think you need to pay attention in your class, it helps in understanding topics. and doesn't try to run from root, if you found them difficult at
any level,

just attend for some days you will be able to understand every topic.

Practice more to score good marks in class 11 CBSE!

The golden tip to score whether in physics, chemistry, and maths. All subjects need practice, can only be enhanced by practice, 

this not like you have prepared it last week and you gonna remember it. You need to work on each and every topic individually and just go through all these topics as many times as you can.

Don't mug up!

You must be aware of that if you are dealing with science then you don't need to be a parrot, science is a logic base subject especially physics.

Maths, physics these are totally calculation and logic base, so they can't be just mugged up. mugging up things will never help you out.

I will totally advise you just go with easy books that have refined material in a modest way

don't try to solve those books that you can not manage. attempting difficult books will confuse you and it will not gonna improve your scores.

I will suggest you books topic wise in my next post.we are working at schoolokay to provide good guidance about your school and tips about your schools and your class, class 10, class 11, class 12 etc.
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