How should I tell you that its the huge issue for all the CBSE students? some of you want to take science, some commerce, and others Arts, what's the matter that you are not able to decide which way to go after class 10.

so this post is going to contain some questions and answers, on behalf of that, you can take your decision after your class 10,

Q1. which subject have more scope after class 10? 

Thinking on the context of scope, all the subjects have the equal scope, as you will find a billionaire engineer, a billionaire doctor, a billionaire accountant, and an archeologist also?

so scope wise, all are totally equal, it's up to you where you take that thing in future? because you can find the students from science stream are doing various things.

Q2. which subject important for government jobs?

If you are thinking about a government job after your education, then its completely up to do proper research, as far as my concern each government job today can be achieved, only by cracking the entrance exam.

all entrance exams have the basic MATH and the subjects like GK, ENGLISH, these three are always there.

some government job asks for graduation, each has separate criteria, but government jobs are also equally available, for all stream and subject. 

for example- take the IAS officer job, one of the most powerful Indian jobs, it takes all subjects students, and it's up to them whether they can crack the exam or not. so your subject doesn't matter for your career.

Q3. On what bases I choose my subjects after class 10?

This can be a question that's a really tough question to answer, it's a big decision to take, after class 10, you can do it by following three ways?

  1. Interest in the subject, 
  2. Strong ability to score in any subject, science, commerce, or arts.
  3. Easiness of the subject 

First, Intrest in the subject, if you have an interest in a particular subject, then it's really easy for you to choose the right subject for yourself after class 10th, just go with the subject that fascinates, you the most.

Second, strong ability to score, you all are aware that you can score good marks easily, in one subject when you are in class 10th, even after studying a little bit. so just go with that subject after your class 1o, this will totally work for you,

It will also allow you to concentrate on other things as well because if you have less workload from school, it's a clear sign to do other interesting things in rest of the time.

Third, Easiness of the subject, it simply tells, how easy is the subject is if you have the feeling for any particular subject that it is easy, so the perfect choice is to go with that subject after your 10th.
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by following the above points you can choose your subjects after your class 10th.

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