As days passing board exams are coming near day by day, only 2 months are left for the CBSE board exams class 10,

their not an official announcement for the board exams class 10, but as you seen in previous year board exams 2018 dates are announced in the last week of December or probably in the first week of January. for board exam class 10

what's important for board exams class 10?

There are a few things that you must be aware of and they are totally important for your board exams class 10,

You must know the board exams class 10 marking schemes? for board exam class 10
board exams are totally base don the step making schemes that you got marks for each step in your answer sheet.

Tips maths board exam class 10?
  1. CBSE do stepwise marking in board exams whether it is class 10 or class 12?
  2. If your answer is not fully correct and you have done that in the correct way then you will be awarded marks for that too, this only happens for the maths board exam class 10 only.
  3. Do not try to confuse the teacher because in board exams answer sheet is checked many times.
  4. probably 3-4 times so no teacher is going to be fooled for that.

Tips English board exam class 10?

marking scheme of board exams is different for English board exam class 10, for English you need to be focused on somethings.
  1. first, need to maintain a good handwriting
  2. focus on the word limit, do not exceed the word limit in English board exam class 10.
  3. underline each and every answer after finishing the answer in your English board exam class 10.
Tips for social science board exam class 10?
  1. Social science is simply a content-based subject its only focus on the correctness of the content.
  2. You need to mention the dates also in the answer if there were any.
  3. Do not try to write rubbish into the answer sheet because no teacher wants to be read. 
Tips for science board exam class 10?

science is quite different from the other subjects as you see in terms of board exam class 10 2019, science is divided into three parts 

  1. physics 
  2. chemistry 
  3. biology

it's quite important to score in science because most of you want to go with science in your class 11 and class 12. so it's quite compulsory to score in science board exam class 10 CBSE.

while writing your board exam class 10 you must use the time wisely and do not waste even a single second in anything that is not important during your board exam class 10.

as you know that from last year, you have board exams for class 10, before that it just a home board exams for class 10 in schools,

Basically, boards are better than home boards, because home boards are making the students cripple in studies, CBSE board only allow half syllabus in home boards which were just making student study less, and somehow affecting their minds in very random ways.

but now CBSE has taken a great step, to do boards for students for class 10 students,

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