Make sure you are reading the entire post because it's important for you, some of you know things changes after class 12.

You need to choose a college for yourself and its a tough decision to make. There are many reasons, which affect your decision?

Some of the reasons are, 
  1. Your marks, they can be high or low as well.
  2. Your budget because nowadays education is quite expensive.
  3. Lack of guidance.
  4. And some other reasons I will discuss them below.

This is going to be an important post, there are only two times during your education when you are quite confused? while taking any decisions for your education, once when you are picking your subjects after your class 10 and after class 12 while deciding your college.

what after 12

Making decisions after your class 12 is quite complicated as well because it's totally based on your past academics.

one thing I want to make it clear here,

Many students ask me is education is really important? 

As we have seen people with less education or even uneducated earning better than educated once? then what's the point of education?

If you study about popular entrepreneurs, most of them have the background of dropping from school or college. This is one of the reasons you all think that education is not important?

You must look at these entrepreneurs lives closely they are more focused than you are and they have a clear mindset about what they want to do, at any cost whatever it takes, because of some reasons, they drop out, but clearly, they have done terrific work in their lives.

I just want to say that education doesn't mean reading books all the time, sometimes books don't help. education means learning and you learn things throughout your life.

so don't think, education is not important because if you want to do something, then you have to educate yourself in that field.

School education is also important because there are a lot of kids don't have their own ideas and they just want to do jobs, so school and college education train them for that purpose.

if you think that you can do something better, then you must follow your instinct because it knows, what's best for you.

If you are in school or in the early years of college, you must start thinking logically and do some practical work.


what after 12 science

As you all know that there only a few numbers of colleges, as compared to the number of students, if you have some misconception, that you will score and get the admission in a good college, don't hold one.

you must know that even if you are the topper of your school, it doesn't mean that you will end up in a good college? 

because, there are only a few numbers of college approximately and we have lacs of students, so the ratio is quite complicated, you need to have proper knowledge about the education system, otherwise, you will deceive yourself into a womb.

Suppose you don't get a good college, it doesn't mean that you will not succeed, just try to expand your knowledge, wherever you are, because knowledge is the source of income.

  1. The college provides practical knowledge or not.
  2. Go and look at the faculty of the college first.
  3. The infrastructure doesn't matter too much, but it must have an updated structure as present time.
  4. Faculty matter a lot.
  5. College must have a good reputation because you are investing your money in it.
  6. Don't waste the money in a government college, if they are not providing, all these just invest your money in some good place.
  7. The last point, if you don't find a good college, just take your college education private and focus on what you like to do.
just guarantee all these things are there in your college.

What should I do after class 12 science, or others?

after class 12

This is the most common questions, we all have in mind, which course after 12 science or after 12 is good as well as scoring? 

Sometimes because of some shortage of information, we select wrong and regret it later. for science students, it's a big decision, or

According to schoolokay, it's not a big concern at all, because of your past, you know that which subjects are scoring for you and which are not?

selecting between and is kind of tough, some people say have more scope and some say is better because it's cheap and affordable.

According to schoolokay choose,

  1. what you want to do?
  2. what you want to become?
  3. or you just training yourself?
these three things matter a lot, the Indian education system has a problem, they don't inform students the truth about career options they have because they believe in GOD and think that, GOD will manage all.

so things don't really work like that, you have to take your decision on the basis of data you have.

Don't think about the scope?

Many of you, maybe considering about the scope of the course like, has more scope or BTech, in my views both have an equal scope, because it totally depends upon the student, what he really wants to become.

Some details about after 12 science?

If you have science and reading this post just comment below, schoolokay is going to provide details.

some of you must be familiar with,, MBBS, these are the most popular courses, only a few will think beyond these.

Don't think these are only courses present in India and only these courses can provide you success.

after class 12 science

some of the courses, I am mentioning in this post
college after 12All these courses are further divided into sub-courses as well, today universities are offering a large number of courses which have a scope in the future. If you are aware enough then you can see that Google is taking jobs of doctors nowadays people just google the symptoms and get a recommendation from Google.

present courses

food diploma,
diploma in adult behavior  
acting diplomas and other courses,

A lot more courses are there if you will search you will get the answer. which were not there a few years ago.

but as I said time switching, you just require a degree as well as skills because your degree does not tell about the skills you have.

this post got quite extended, I will proceed to discuss other tips in the next post. what after 12 commerce, what after ats as well. 

suppose if you are unable to decide which one to choose after 12, just direct message me on facebook page schoolokay solutions.

Below are the other things after 12,

class 12

what after 12, most of you are already have a dream of getting into a good college or I can say dream college.

If you are a class 12 student and seeking for help just follow the blog and ask your question in the comment box.

if you are a commerce student want to know, what should you choose after 12, BCOM, BBA, and other commerce-related subjects. just let me know. read the post-BBA after 12.

you know all the things are the same for you as well just take a good decision for yourself.

Now the last comes Arts? some of you will go with BA, LLB, and other Arts subjects.

The problem is with all of us is that we just want success after class 12, I want to say that we all need a good college, colleges like HINDU from DU, and other top colleges in India.

Don't run behind these colleges blindly just improve yourself and think about what creativity you have in you,

All these colleges mentioned above need goods marks to open their gates for you. above 90+ in your academic years.

don't think life after getting a good college is successful, your college doesn't make you successful.

after 12

This is going to be a series of posts because all the answers cannot be given in the single post,


Time is shifting getting jobs is quite difficult, only thinking about the jobs, will not get you one, you have to develop proper skills to have one.

So, you must decide, because if you have skills of doing something then people are going to listen to you, otherwise, you know the unemployed rate.

A lot of courses are available after your 12 that provide you skilled training, you just need to get aware of that,

courses like.

  1. Digital marketing popular one
  2. the course of tech, 
  3. web designing,
  4. other professional courses

Do we really need a college to be successful or something else? 

the answer is no! because I know a lot of people earning a lot of money and they haven't seen the gates of any college.

just work on what you like day and night, do not think too much, one day you will reach wherever you want.

If you like the post just comment below and share the post with your friends. if you have any doubt just let me know don't throw yourself into a pit hole.

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