You may be thinking of selecting a course after class 12 commerce there are a lot of courses available after class 12 commerce!

In this post, I will discuss the reasons and which course you must select, because your decisions lead you towards the future. if you make your choices right than you will reach your goal easily.

sometimes our choices get affected by many things and we make decisions based on many things, by reading some posts or by just watching a video on youtube.

These things may seem right but sometimes affect your decision and later you seem to be in a confused state, what should I do now? from protecting you from all the turmoils and the wrong decisions, schoolokay will provide you some facts that you see and take your decisions based on that.

some of the courses after class 12 commerece?
  1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com).
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or (Hons).
  3. Bachelor in Economics.
  4. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).
  5. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS).
  6. Chartered Accountancy (CA).
  7. Company Secretary (CS).
  8. Cost and Management Accountant (CMA).
  9. Certified Financial Planner (CFP).
  10. Bachelor of Law (LLB).
  11. Bcom vocational courses after 12 commerce. 
Searching for the what after 12 commerce, there a lot of posts available for reading stating about the courses of commerce,

This post will help you in deciding, what you need to do after your 12 commerce? you may have heard questions like,

what should I do after 12 commerce? which course should I choose after 12 commerce?

These kind of questions are very common among  students who passed class 12, this is only due to lack of knowledge

what should I choose after 12 commerce?

courses after class 12

You may have confusion about this if you really up to decide something for yourself then this post of schoolokay will definitely work for you?

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) course after 12th commerce.

For details of the BBA course click here, Today it's very difficult to decide which way to go after 12 commerce, science, and arts? A lot of courses available today in commerce, science and arts after 12 you can choose any from them, today we are discussing the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) after 12 commerce.

Should I do BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) after 12 commerce or not?

A lot of students have this question in mind, the straight and forward answer is that you need to check the facts as below.

If you are going with BBA after your 12 commerce then you must know after doing BBA its get compulsory to do an MBA degree,

If you have thought of getting a good job after BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) graduation, according to schoolokay it's quite impossible to get one, companies do not hire unprofessional graduates.

You might have questions like,

What should I do after BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) if I don't want to do an MBA?

schoolokay want to share the experience with you, I know many BBA graduates, they have done graduation from Dr. BR Ambedkar University Agra.

Now the problem is that some of them don't want to do an MBA as it is quite costly to do, so they tried to take admission and other courses like, B.ed, etc.

But this university is not taking admission of these students, so the problem is, many universities do not allow BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) students to take admission in other courses except MBA.

sometimes BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) students just got stuck in this kind of problem, take your step by doing complete research.

Can I do BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) after 12th commerce without maths?

Yes! you can do BBA after 12th commerce without maths, the eligibility criteria of BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) is quite simple.

Eligibility for BBA course, BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration) full form!

Class 12 passed with any subject with 55% minimum so you can go for it after your 12 commerce, Can I do BBA after 12 PCM?  can I do BBA after 12 arts? 

it doesn't matter which stream you are from science, commerce, arts, you can do BBA after your 12th if you are clearing the eligibility criteria of BBA after 12 commerce.

some of you may the questions in mind about doing BBA as your graduation subject, you can just comment below.

  1. Choose BBA only if you really want to go with an MBA after that.
  2. Do not have the misconception that you can get a well-paid job after BBA.
  3. Make sure you are doing BBA graduation from a good college.
  4. Keep learning things during your BBA graduation.
  5. Make good contacts with people during your BBA graduation.
  6. Do not just depend on your BBA Degree only learn some skills as well.
  7. Be a professional before heading towards BBA.
  8. Start your preparation for MBA in the year only as you are quite aware of the competition.
your doubt's about doing BBA may have cleared till yet, hoping so, if you still have doubt just comment below.

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