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According to schoolokay, it's very confusing to decide exams after class 10th  between entrance exams, competitive exams and scholarships exams. 

I know a lot of you trying to give anyone type of exams from these or some may be trying to appear for all. 

Currently, things are not in favour of students because the entire world is facing the danger of covid-19 called coronavirus.

But yet dates are announced and students for remaining board exams and exams like IIT JEE and many other amplitude test exams, some are conducted after class 10th and rest are conducted after class 12th.

You may be searching for some basic keywords like, what after 10th? which exams I should give after 10th? and entrance exams after 10th.

These kinds of questions just strike your mind because today a lot of exams conducted each year, and we don't even aware of those exams after 10.

Leave all your worries to schoolokay, you just focus on other important things, this post is solely for the exams after 10, and how you can take them at the right time. 

Starting something new is quite tough though, once you have started, it will end up good, same happens with your class 10 and class 12th.

So, if you are thinking to appear for any exams after your class 10th than you must tight up against your back and give your 100%. A lot of exams allows taking scholarships for your higher class. 


List of exams after class 10th.
  1. Entrance exams after 10. 
  2. Competitive exams after 10th.
  3. Defence exams after 10+2.
  4. Scholarship exams after 10.

Schoolokay is mentioning all the possible entrance exams after 10th class in this post.


When you start searching for entrance exams after 10, a lot of exams appear in the list, but you can are not capable of giving all of those exams. 

So, you don't have to be confused about selecting which exams you need to appear for, just choose those once which you really want to crack. 

Do not have the stupid approach to appear for all.

What sort of confusion?

According to schoolokay, students just get confused about what they actually want to do after class 10th, whether go for an entrance exam or just complete the class 11 and class 12 from the same school.

Probably, it's very important to decide, what's really works after class 10? 

You must go for your class 11th and 12th because these are the most necessary class in your school life. 

If you have inspiration for getting a job after class 10th or any other thing in your mind than you can take your decision according to that.

List of exams that you can take after class 10th.
  1. Engineering entrance exams after 10th.
  2. Fashion and Design entrance exams after 10 class.
  3. Law entrance exams after 10th.
  4. Management entrance exams after 10.
  5. Medical entrance exams after 10th class.
  6. Other professional courses entrance exams after 10th.
  7. Indian Army entrance exams after 10.
  8. Indian Navy entrance exams after 10th class.
  9. Indian Air Force entrance exams after 10th. 
  10. Indian Coast Guard entrance exams after 10 class.
  11. Other defence entrance exams after 10th class. 
  12. Indian Railways entrance exams after 10.
  13. PSUs entrance exams after 10 class.
  14. Other Government recruitment exams after 10th.

Above all the exams that you can give after your class 10th, the problem is, these exams only provide you with low profile jobs. 

And currently, we are trying to survive a pandemic so you can not say how many of these would be conducted. 

For doing engineering after your 12, you need to do a diploma after your class 10th and than you can move for the engineering course or b-tech. 

For complete detail of competitive exams after 10?

Visit: jagranjosh.

Readable content you can find on vikaspedia. 

You may have a lot of questions in your mind after doing your class 10th about exams? 

Like, Should I complete my class 11, class 12 or just take admission in diploma course or something?

Basically, it's confusing to decide because as today everything is calculated in terms of money, even your problems are calculated in terms of money. 

As I know that most of you can't afford studies after your class 10th, which means you have to join a job, so you must appear for all jobs exams after class 10th. 

And if you have money and time then carry your education forward, and enjoy your school life,

Can I appear for entrance exams after doing my Polytechnic?

Yes! you can appear for a lot of exams after 10th and also after polytechnic, you are only allowed to appear for exams in the domain of your polytechnic course.

For more info just visit: careerguide

Top competitive exams after 10 and 10+2!

competitive exams after class 10th and 12th

It's a big concern for students, what should I choose after 10 class, a lot of competitive exams are conducted entire year for students of class 10. At 10th level, you just get some Olympiads and simple competitive exams, some of the exams you must of aware of are mentioned below.
  1. Kishore Vigyan pritiyogita exam after 10.
  2. Geogenius exam after 10.
  3. Indian national olympiad after 10.
  4. Science Olympiad after 10.
  5. Maths Olympiad after 10.

List this link for more details visit jagranjosh.

Must do these three things if you are appearing for these exams.
  1. If you somehow get stuck and don't know about how to attempt these exams for that matter stay connected to schoolokay. 
  2. And if you are not getting any idea then just visit your school desk, they will lend you complete data about these kinds of exams.
  3. Due to various reasons your school does not provide you data, do not forget to ask schoolokay, in the comment box below.

Some basic questions that may trouble you.

How can I prepare for these competitive exams after 10? 

I think it's not a matter of concern, but if you are confused than you must these exams are purely based of your books and whatever you study in class 10th and in your previous classes is the base for these exams. 

If you are still confused you can just visit check this, how to prepare for any competitive exam.

You don't need special books for these exams, books are available in shops if you have desperate need than you can purchase one for yourself, otherwise, these exams are based on your schoolbooks only.


Many of you may search for scholarships after class 10, various organizations out there are providing scholarships to the students of class 10.

Only a few students are aware of scholarships after 10th, and from a very take the advantages of these scholarships

You may search for? top scholarship exams after 10th,  how to prepare for medical entrance exams after 10th.

According to schoolokay, all students must appear for all sort of scholar exams after class 10 and class 12th because it's the best way to check out your skills and knowledge. 

And if you have good study skills than you are awarded for that, and these awards are quite huge sometimes, from 1lac to 5 lac of amount. 

These various institutions also conduct scholarship exams, for preparation of various exams, IIT JEE and NMAT, CAT, ZAT, AIIMS. 

These institutions are as follows. 
  • Gurukul IIT JEE.
  • super 30 IIT.
  • Resonance test.
  • Allen IIT academy.
  • Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy and Narayana JEE Coaching classes.
  • Resonance IIT JEE and medical.
  • Bansal IIT JEE and medical. 
  • Vidyamandir IIT.
  • Brilliant Tutorials.
  • Motion IIT JEE. 
  • vibrant IIT Academy.
  • Motion IIT JEE.
  • top x.
  • Akash IIT JEE and medical.
  • Toppr online platforms.

How to get scholarships after 10 class?

You need to appear for these conducted by various institutions. And you know that only if you get Good Rank than only you are eligible for a scholar.

So, give your 100% so as to grab a good scholarship. 

For receiving any scholarship after 10 you just need to need to take various scholarship exams after 10, Buddy4study

The Indian government also providing scholarships to students of class 10 and for class 12 CBSE students, these scholarships are for the toppers of different schools.

Whether they are from government schools like Navodaya, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, or any other government or private school, by taking these exams after 10, you can take  80-100 per cent of scholarships for your future studies for higher classes.

PM scholarships for class 10 students and scholars exams for class 10 students visit Vidhyaa.

How should I get scholarships after class 10 for abroad?

scholarships for abroad

A lot of students want to get settled in foreign countries after their class 10th, so they search for the scholarships. 

Schoolokay has covered that part too, I know currently, you are not allowed to move for other countries, but in the future things will get normal after we find the cure of covid-19. 

So you can visit this for exams and scholarship Texans visit topuniversites.

As by looking at the current situations many of you may be getting disappointed. I think you must not overthink things because everything, will get normal soon. 

So, do your best in your studies do not waste your time.

Stay safe and stay aware.

If you have any query in your mind do not forget to comment below? schoolokay reply to it as soon as possible.

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Must visit other posts, schoolokay is working to make things easier for you, if you have suggestion, you can comment them below or join us by mail. 

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