what this post is about, for solving all your problems you are going to face after your 12 exams, let's start

when you complete your class 12, you start searching for exams after 12 or what after 12?

As you all are aware, all exams just start after your 12th, basically, its the funny thing to say that I have done class 12, what should I do now?

schoolokay has taken that work on the shoulders to guide you for the best?

there are a lot of examinations you can take after your 12? whether you are from science, commerce, arts?

it doesn't matter at all, you can just take these exams according to the eligibility criteria of these exams?

and the subjects you have after your class 12, means if you have science after 12, you can give all the exams after 12 science, and exams after 12 science PCM.

science is further divided into biology, then you can give exams after 12th PCB, some of you may have confusion that

sir, I have PCB in class 12 can I attend exams of PCM? or are the exams for PCM and PCB are similar? 

its the most stupid question, you are asking from schoolokay, just remember that various exams that happen after 12 are just different from one another.

 and, you must choose one direction for yourself to go into that, otherwise, you just rotate at one palace only.

similar things are with the commerce and art students? if you are from the commerce then after class 12 you can take,

exams after class 12 visit website below have the complete info about exams after class 12.



deciding, which exam is good for you after 12 is quite a tough decision to take, just keep in mind a few things.

first, you want a job after your 12th, yes or no?

if yes! then you must go with,

Government exams after 12 science, Government exams after 12 commerce?

Basically, most of you want to enter jobs just after 12 and want to take a government job as such, because the private sector is not going to offer you a job at that point.

NDA and
X and Y group air men air force are the best exams to take after 12

these both exams are one of the best exams after 12 in India if you are able to crack the exam then Indian government is going to take care of your all the expenses.

why NDA, X and Y group only?

NDA, X, Y group airmen both jobs are premium and offer you good ranks, and if you are a sports person that its the brilliant decision to go with these jobs after 12th.

you can just give exam of NDA after 12th it happens twice in a year, same with the X, Y group it also happens twice a year.

exams after 12 for engineering details?

some of you may be thinking of engineering exams after 12, as I discussed somethings in my previous post of schoolokay

what after 12 science? away lot of entrance exams happens after 12, you just need to have the courage to crack them in one place

complete details of engineering courses, 

both have complete details about engineering entrance exams after 12 if you have any queries related to your choice.

don't hesitate to ask from schoolokay,

exams after 12 for medical details?

the links provided above contains the complete info about the exams after 12 non-medical and medical as well,

as schoolokay only tried to provide you the links that are simply relevant to your search,

just follow these links and visit schoolokay for any query of choice.

government exam after 12 medical?

think about a doctor, who don't even know about the medicines, I think in this government is not going to heir any untrained person at all

because you can cost the lives of people, its a dangerous decision to take for the Indian government.

for courses after 12 medical visit,  medicine career360

entrance exams after 12 commerce?

a lot of exams you can give after class 12th commerce,  the problem is that you are choosing correct or not for your self?

you just need to choose which way you are heading after your 12 commerce, you will have a lot of choices after 12 commerce

schoolokay just wish that you must go first by interest, and after which one is less competitive?

list of courses after your 12, visit  Shiksha

it has complete info about the courses, and you can ask your query to schoolokay any time.

what about exams after 12th for govt job?

mostly you all know that no one wants a kid for a job, you need to be an expert for a job today, only if you are able to sell yourself then there are jobs for you.

for  12 class only a few jobs are available today, you all know the reason. for govt jobs after  12 just visit. these,



these have the detailed, info about jobs after 12 and exam after 12 for govt jobs. anything bothers you just comment below,

schoolokay is ready to help you at any cost. you may have doubts about various exams after 12, like
biotechnology entrance exam after 12th, isro entrance exam after 12th, and many others,

well let's discuss these,

Biotechnology entrance exam after 12th 

only a few of you are familiar with the career options, in different fields like biotechnology, in countries like the US, Canada, UK, France etc are reaching to the hills still,

we Indians need to know each thing as well, these fields have vast scope in the future, we have only seen these things in movies till now,

like you have seen in Avengers age of Ultron tech shown in that movie is a high edge, maybe today it's not present.

But in the future, we are going to create it because, if we can imagine then we can create it too, after 12 science

schoolokay is guessing you are getting the point, the point is how much you have researched about, what you want to do after your 12 ?

Because, without research, you are not going to know the right thing to do, after a few years of your 12, you will be stuck somewhere in life and become the victim of Google.

search for stupid terms like, I have completed my 12 what should I do now? thing again you are asking somebody, what you need do in your life after your 12,

so before heading towards any decision just see all its aspects after that take any step,

Exams after 12 commerce without maths?

As two of them, I have discussed above, NDA and X, Y group these two for both science and commerce,

visit these they have complete details about exams after 12 commerce without maths, 




a bit of the topic covered in this post, other topics like government exams after 12th in Tamilnadu,
government exams after 12th in Gujarat, exams after 12 for abroad and other topics as well

next post is totally going to be exams after 12 abroad for PCM, PCB, and other subjects as well,

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