As schoolokay has already made a post on this topic, best reference books for class 9, that post just have the book names,

This post is going to be totally different in  various ways, you all know, the market is full of study  material and books,

but still, it's tough to decide which book actually right for you, some are good for numericals and others are good for exams purposes, theory as well,

this post is going to have all the info about reference books for class 9 science, which one is correct for you, what you need to do after choosing it,

which reference books for class 9 science, good for future studies, and how to get full results from your buy reference books for class 9 science

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Buying the best reference books for class 9 is not important, the thing which matter is how much
you utilize it for scoring more in your class 9,

according to the schoolokay analysis of students, schoolokay just find that only 50 % of total students completely utilize their reference books of class 9 science?

schoolokay just noticed that student does not even open the reference books of class 9 they buy,

They are like sir this reference book has hard questions? 

I am not able to solve them! should I change these books or stop reading it,

This reference book has a lot of material which is not important, should I read it or not?

The problem is not with science reference books for class 9 NCERT, the problem is you don't have the correct CBSE science reference books for class 9,

If you have the correct reference book  even though you are facing problems, then it simply means you need to learn, how to utilize these reference books of class 9,

First, you need to understand why science reference books for class 9 CBSE are important?


It's quite necessary to understand the importance of class 9 reference book, you need reference books
for a few reasons some are below,

you all know that NCERT books do not have proper content and way of expressing content is quite difficult,

students are not getting things from NCERT books, some topics are not even elaborated properly in these books, by these reasons students choose CBSE science reference books for class 9,
  1. For the preparation of competitive exams IIT, JEE, and others 
  2. For gaining more information more than NCERT textbooks
  3. For  topic elaboration, you need reference books of class 9
  4. For scoring higher marks than other students
  5. For understanding topics clearly 
  6. For solving more questions, 
  7. For NCERT solutions you need a reference book for class 9
  8. For numericals and more data 

How to choose reference books for class 9 science correctly (step by step)

Obviously, you don't want to choose wrong reference books for class 9 science, it will cost you marks,

first, you need to decide, for what you want a reference book? if you choose wrong just it will cost you your marks,

You all are aware that today writers are writing books according to exams, and other topics,

Reference book for numericals class 9
For theory Reference book class 9
Reference book for competitive exams, IIT, NEET, AIIMS,
Reference books for board exams 
Reference books for mock tests

these are few reasons or you can have your own reasons, by considering all the reasons you just choose a correct reference book for yourself,

you must keep in mind these reasons while buying a reference book for yourself, if you forget these, you may end up choosing wrong,

Why science reference books for class 9 CBSE doesn't work for students?

According to schoolokay students not even read reference books, they have bought, and they just don't have the proper knowledge to solve these heavy books, 

most of class 9 students don't even know the importance of these reference books, they just ignore these books and even NCERT books,

Students of class 9 only realize the importance of playing in that age, you must consider some points for your science reference books for class 9 CBSE, 

  1. If you bought a reference book then you must finish it, 
  2. Practice questions regularly 
  3. Take tips from your teachers about which things are important in reference books for class 9 science.
use reference books  schoolokayWhat's really important in reference books for class 9 science CBSE?

Somethings you need to keep in mind while going through a reference book of class 9,

Always read the highlighted parts, importance definitions are explained in these parts,
Do not forget to read the summary at the end of the chapter and every topic,

Always go through all kinds of questions in science reference books for class 9 NCERT,

  1. Short type questions in science reference books for class 9 
  2. Long type questions 
  3. HOTS questions as well,
  4. Problems for practice in science reference books for class 9 

if you are regularly checking out these questions, then you never gonna need extra practice for your exams

hope this effort of schoolokay work good for you people, schoolokay is really working for you to guide you so that you never need to be frustrated from your school and books,

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do not forget every bit is important,

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