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let's take a serious step towards class 12 board exams planning this year,

it's very important to have a good plan before moving towards your exams as well as good guidance for your class 12 board exams.

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let's start,

you may have many questions in your mind, questions like

how can score well in your boards ? is boards are really tough? or some other questions as well,

I will take all these questions and leave some tips for your board exams, and tell you about the mistakes I have done during my class 12,

Do CBSE boards exams really play an important role in your life or in career?

This question hit almost every student mind, it's a two-way road,

those who think boards are important they end up scoring well in class 12,

those who think boards are not important and 3 hours paper will not decide their future, kind of next level kids,

In my views, if don't have something to do at present and do not have any idea in your small head don't just say things that you have read from somewhere or from someone,

So, the point is, yes, class 12 board exams are important for your to career, it plays a very important role in getting yourself into a good college, a scholarship, and in competitive exams.

So, change your mindset a little and start focusing on your studies, boards matters a lot for your college and all,

Now comes the second question,

How can I score well in board exams in 2020? 

You must know about a few things before heading towards your board exams,

one that all your marks and grades simply depend upon your preparation and preparation technique,

if you are aware enough then you must have seen in your class some students always spent their time playing and yet they perform well in exams,

how this happens?

this kind of things confused us a little, questions like, why he is able to all the things so easy even he/ she wastes a lot of time in playing or in other things?

it's quite easy and simple, your scores simply depend upon, what you think about studies.

if you think it's tough and boring, then you know the result,

most of the students ask me, sir want to study but I feel very drowsy and dull while doing that, what should I do? 

my answer to them is very obvious, that I don't think you want to study or interested in what is inside the books,

they are like, yes sir,

so you got the point, according to me, you just give your 100% to your books, if you are not good at any other thing like sports, dance, or other activities.

sometimes random questions hit me, 

Sir, I am good at playing soccer, but my parents don't support me what should I do?

I was like, you know what can you guarantee your 100% success in soccer?

he/she was like I don't know,

that's the reason your parents always pinch you about studying, because if you left studies for soccer, what if you are not able to be successful at it?

it's a long term investment?

at least you must have a degree or graduate level education so that you can do other things as well, so they only want your secure future nothing more than that.

so, put your other thoughts aside while studying for board exams,

I hope you all got that, do whatever you like also take your studies seriously.

Class 12 board exams tips 

As I mentioned above your scoring simply depends on your preparation, then you are like,
how should I prepare for boards?

it's a secondary question, first, you must have the proper plan for your board exams, make sure you are buying the right books, and starting your preparation at the right time,

suppose you are in class 10 or in class 12 now, the question that comes to your mind is,

 what is the right time to start preparing for boards?

it is the month of April, it's the best time to start, don't think syllabus in not started, just start your preparation for now,

take help from the internet your tutor and other sources as well,

I mean to say that look at the previous year exam, how many students failed last year check out all these things,

you know what decides your scores in boards?

how aware you are, and way of writing answers in the board exams, most of the students don't even know that writing matters a lot in class 12 boards exams.

you do not get marks for extra overwriting just answers, what is asked in the question not more than that,

check out how to write class 12 board exams,

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Some important tips for board exams,

According to schoolokay, you need to ensure a few things for this year class 12 board exams,

  1. Buy right reference books for your class 12 exams 
  2. Make sure that you know all things about boards before appearing,
  3. Keep yourself updated
  4. Solve regular mocks till your board exams,
  5. Keep in mind that boards are easy 
  6. Do not have any wrong information about class 12 board exams
  7. Prepare a time table now for your board exams and follow it strictly

What kind of time table I follow for class 12 board exams?

till your CBSE 12 class board exam, you must expel all the things from your 12 class board time table, 

just you need to do a study and little bit of meditation daily till 12 class board exam,
  1. Meditate daily till CBSE class 12 board exam 2018-19
  2. Solve mock test daily 
  3. play a light game CBSE class 12 board exam 2018-19
  4. Avoid your mobile phone till CBSE class 12 board exam 2018-19
Doing meditation will keep your mind focused and relaxed, do not forget to meditate till the moment,

in the next post, I will talk about the time table and things that make your mind more stable,

board exams

Below are the last moment tips, if you waste the entire year of your's then follow these,

Read the complete post here we on go with last moment tips,

Now only a few days are left and you need to do one thing, just go and buy all the sample papers for  CBSE class 12 board exams,

start solving these CBSE sample papers till you have only 10 days left for your CBSE class 12 board exams 2019,

do not waste time now because now you don't have enough time left,
  1. First, go buy CBSE sample papers 
  2. Solve a CBSE sample paper daily till your class 12 board exams 2019
  3. Listen to the motivational music once a day till class 12 board exams 2019
  4. Do not let your confidence get low 
  5. Make your self speed up till your class 12 board exams 2019
  6. Maintaining speed matters a lot for the CBSE board exams 
In the free time just take the time look at the points on tips in you to reference books of class 12,


because all the formulas and tips are written in these points, you are aware that your mind remembers things in images so you that concept for 12 class board exams,

I have seen the students scores 80+ in class 12 board exams 2018 marks just one month or very few days,

it totally depends on your concentration power and mind power, it's not at all difficult at last moment,

How can I prepare for CBSE class 12 board exams 2019 from mid-January?

the answer is quite simple  just utilize a bit second till your CBSE class 12 board exams 2019 do not waste a single minute till then,

otherwise, no one the planet can help you with that because of all probabilities fails to score in last moment if you are not enough motivated till your exams, 


What are last moment tips for CBSE class 12 board exam question papers?
  1. Do not panic by just looking at the CBSE class 12 board exam question papers
  2. Read the complete case class 12 board exam question papers carefully
  3. Make a good plan for attending the question paper 
  4. And stick to that plan,
  5. Do a hardcore work till your CBSE class 12 board exams 2019

Best books for class 12 board exams?

use chapter wise solutions and the Xam idea at the last moment,

for your board exams 2019-20, all books that available in the market are best,

just focus on the single book for a single subject, do not change books in the exam times just its not good for you and your mind,

Tips before you go for CBSE class 12 board exam 2019-20

Before going to the exam do not forget to go through the CBSE class 12 board exam question papers of 2018,

it always happens some questions get repeated in the exams every year, so going through last year question papers for CBSE board exam 2018 will be very helpful for you,

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make comment your question below and I will answer all in my blog section Q and A and how to,

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