One of the most popular exams among Indian students. Which opens the gates of IITs and NITS for students who want to do B-tech from top colleges of India. 

Cracking JEE main is the Dream for most of the students, that's why a lot of students start preparing for JEE main very early by taking admission into the pre-courses offered by the coaching for JEE main preparation. 

I know a lot of students are appearing for JEE main this year and wants to crack JEE main 2020. Currently, conditions are not so good, but things change in an instant, so you do not have to worry, just focus on your preparation.  

As now dates are out for JEE main and other competitive exams conducted by government and different premium colleges of India. 

So, schoolokay is going to discuss all the ways that can help you to crack jee mains 2020-21. 

Before moving to that, you must know a few things about cracking a competitive exam. 
  1. You need awareness of the nature of the exam. 
  2. You must be aware of the pattern of JEE mains exam.
  3. You must have a good strategy for JEE mains or any other competitive exam. 
These you must have before appearing for JEE mains or any other competitive exam. 


Now, moving to the ways to crack JEE mains exams. 

As you know that JEE main very essential exam for those who dream for IITs and NITs or some top private colleges of engineering which considers JEE main scores. 

If you too aim for good colleges for B-tech course, then you have to appear for JEE main. 

There is so much rush for JEE main due to its popularity amongst students. 

These students are from all parts of India preparing for JEE main from years in premium coaching institutes. That's the reason there is so much rush for JEE main even though there are a limited number of seats. 

So, if you aiming for this exam, then you must start preparing as early as possible. Cracking JEE in 15 days is not possible. 

And I have found these questions?
  1. How to crack JEE mains in 1 month.
  2. How to crack JEE mains in 2 Months. 
  3. How to crack JEE mains in 10 days.
  4. How to crack JEE mains in 1 day.
  5. How to crack JEE mains in 3 months.
You must not fall into these cheap tricks because even cracking JEE main in one year is tough for some students. 

I have experienced this, I also tried cracking JEE mains during my class 12 in one year. I end up scoring 105 without any coaching. If you think you can crack JEE main in a few days or month, then it means you are a brilliant student or just a mere fool. 

I don't know which one are you? 

The thing is if you're aiming for JEE main 2021-22 then must start your preparation now because it requires mastering the entire syllabus of class 11th and class 12 science on tips. 

Only class 11th and class 12th books are not enough, but you need to master other books as well, like. 
  1. Concept of physics by HC Verma.
  2. And other essential books.
There is a vast list of books for JEE mains that you need to solve if you want to crack JEE mains 2020-21. 

Once you've the right books and providing the right time to those books, then I am sure you are one step near to your goal then the other students. 

Books play a vital role in cracking any exam. 

Ways to crack JEE mains 

First of all, you must understand that there are no shortcuts to crack JEE Main and JEE advance, you need to do genuine hard work if you want to crack JEE mains. 

Follow these ways to crack JEE mains in 2020. 
  1. Solve more and more questions. 
  2. Do not try to learn everything during preparation.  
  3. Develop long hour sitting Habit to crack JEE mains. 
  4. Join test-series and give regular tests. 
  5. Do not get demotivated by comparing your preparation with others. 
1. Solve more and more questions during your preparation for JEE mains. 

You know that this is very essential for JEE main or any other competitive exam because solving more questions increase your chances of scoring well. 

And you know that scoring well is very important if you want a rank in JEE mains. 

At the same time when you solve a lot of questions, your confidence also boots which is very vital from the exam point of view. 

Other benefits of solving more questions for JEE mains. 
  1. Question-solving speed increases.
  2. Calculations get faster. 
  3. The mind gets so trained that it finds errors quickly. 
So, you must be regular at solving questions while preparing for JEE mains. 

2. Do not try to learn everything during your preparation for JEE main. 

If you want to crack JEE main 2020-21 than you must have excellent study skills, you have knowledge about what you need to study and what you need to leave. 

Because there is too much available and you have to choose what is vital for JEE main. Choosing correct study material for JEE mains will also improve your scores. 

So you must choose correct take help from the you-tube channels for selecting study material for JEE mains.

3. Sitting Habit is very crucial for Cracking JEE mains. 

You may be thinking of why sitting Habit is crucial for JEE mains? 

According to schoolokay, sitting Habit is very essential for every exam because in an exam you need to sit for long hours in an uncomfortable situation. 

If you don't have a proper sitting habit face these problems. 
  1. Lack of concentration. 
  2. Get distracted easily. 
  3. Feel uncomfortable while solving the JEE main exam or any other competitive exam. 
The thing is most students have excellent study skills and sound mind, but they don't have proper sitting habit because of that they unable to crack JEE mains. 

Try to develop long hour sitting habits for competitive exams. 
4. Join test series and Give regular tests. 

Regularity is very essential if you really want to achieve your goal, you need to be regular to mocks and test series. If you're want to crack JEE mains this year. 

I have seen a big difference between the regular test givers and unregular ones. They both are like one is on the sky and other on the ground. 

You must understand this your regularity always pays you back. So be regular to your test-series. And you can join any test series provided by different online coaching I am not recommending any. 

5. Do not compare your preparation with others. 

I have seen students get demotivated by looking at how much others preparation and what sort scores they are getting in test series. 

This is not good for your brain; you must not discuss your preparation with others. Keeping going with your own preparation instead of looking at others. 

Because this will demotivate going to demotivate you and make your progress slower. 

You must understand this, everyone has a different mind and problem handling tricks so you must focus on your's instead of copying others. 

I hope you got it. 

You may be having some questions like this regarding JEE mains, like. 
    1. How to crack jee mains easily.
    2. How to crack jee mains in 30 days.
    3. How to crack jee mains in 2 days.
    4. How to crack IIT jee mains and advance.
    5. How to crack jee mains in 40 days.
    6. How can I crack jee mains in 3 months?
    7. How to crack jee mains in one year.
    8. How to crack jee mains in 10 months.
    9. How to crack jee mains in 1 week.
    10. How to crack jee mains in 8 months.
    11. How to crack jee mains in one day.
    12. How to crack jee mains in 3 days.
    These questions are not practical because JEE mains needs time if you really want to crack JEE mains then you need at least 1-year preparation. 

    So, stop asking this kind of questions, just focus on your JEE mains preparation. 

    Final tips to crack IIT jee mains in the first attempt.

    If you want to crack it in the first attempt, then you must start your preparation early because early bird reaches at the time. 

    There are no other shortcuts for cracking JEE mains only best-prepared students can crack JEE mains and JEE advance in the first attempt. 

    Cracking JEE mains is in the hand of the student and how he handles the pressure of competition. 

    If he can handle that pressure then 100% he/she can crack jee main in one go. 

    Students generally have this question in mind, how to crack jee mains and advanced without coaching? 

    I had this too during my school years? 

    I tried to find this answer, and I found it.

    The answer is simple, if you've had potential then for sure you can crack the JEE mains without coaching or without specialised help; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to crack. 

    You need to trust your guts that you can do it. I've seen students, they want others to tell them that they can crack the exam. 

    I hope you're getting the points?

    You must not rely on others to have told you, what you can do or what you can't? 

    Just trust your heart and achieve your desired results. 

    I am only sharing this because most students get confused about whether they need to join a coaching or not? 

    The thing is, if you don't want to join, then it's okay, just take help from the free sources, like you-tube and other apps.     

    There is also a counter-question, is coaching is necessary for preparing JEE main? 

    In my opinion, it's not necessary because students don't have a proper idea about the exams and it's nature and what sort of questions they'll be getting in the exams? 

    For clearing all these doubts, the student joins these coaching institutes. And some students unable to do self-studies, they want others to push them forward.

    Coachings are helpful because you get all the things at one place which saves your affords and time, 

    So, it's up to you, you want to join you can join if you don't want to join then its okay too. 

    Nowadays JEE mains coachings have become a business hub, and they're manufacturing students not preparing students that's why we have so many suicide cases of students. 

    So, you must take your decision according to your needs and stick to your decision do not change it at any cost. 

    If you have any other query you can comment below. 

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