Do you know why most intelligent students fail to score well in board exams? It doesn't matter from which board they are, it happens with all. Whether they are from CBSE, ICSE or any other state boards.  

There are many reasons why this happens with students, but one of the main reason is fear of board exams, or you can just say fear of reviews. 

Most students fear the class 10th and class 12 board exams because of that they are unable to score well in boards, even though these students are some of the brightest form their schools. 

It doesn't count how intelligent you're if you fail in performing well in the exam that you're preparing for years. 
Only a single problem can cost you marks and fills your lives with sadness. 

Hey students, don't worry schoolokay have the solution to this problem. 

So, this post is solely dedicated to how to overcome the fear of board exams and other competitive exams. 


I know that this is one of the standard-issue faced by every single student. 

So, for covering your exam fear, first, you need to understand why you have this fear, after all? 

There are numerous reasons for having fears, but there are few which are most common. If you can overcome those, you can overcome all. 


  1. Fear of forgetting topics in the exam. 
  2. Fear of not able to memorise things accurately during the preparation of exams. 
  3. Fear of lacking behind. 
  4. Fear of not able to finish syllabus on time. 
  5. Fear of scoring less. 
These are some common fears that almost every single students face during school exams, board exams and competitive exams. 

What are the reasons behind all the fears? 

The reason behind all these fears is prevalent, lack of management. Even though some students manage all things well, but still they fear exams. 

I know that it's impossible to explain all items in details in a single post because I don't have clue about your thinking pattern. 

Fear only comes when we lack something, even you have bad dreams because you lack courage and afraid of things which you have not yet seen and experienced. 

Most of the times, fear is just mere imagination, nothing else because we imagine a situation more sophisticated in our minds than it actually is. 

The same is happening with you're imaging too much. 

Instead of focusing on preparation, you are focusing on results and what sort of exams you're going to get? 

I am correct or not? Let me know in the comments. 

Before moving to the solution of this problem, we must discuss the ways to detect these fears. You have them or not?

How can you detect these you have exam fear or not? 

This is very simple and very practically possible, you just have to watch your thoughts and habits. 
  1. Always having thoughts about exams. 
  2. Are you oversleeping or sleeping very less. 
  3. Overeating. 
  4. Overthinking. 
  5. Concentration level is getting low. 
  6. Not able to read correctly. 
  7. Getting depressed by small things. 
These are some common symptoms which purely indicates exam fear. 

Once you confirm these symptoms, then I think you need to take certain precautions. 

Because you know this precaution is better than cure.

Precautions I'll discuss at the end of the post. 

Now, you need to see, how can you overcome these exam fears? 

Just underline this, any kind of fear can only be mastered by knowing the fear properly. 

You can relate this, you can only solve the problem when you grasp that problem. Because if you don't comprehend the problem than how'll you resolve that problem? 

So, the most important thing is knowing the problem in detail.

Once you know the problem you can solve it. 

Knowing the problem is the only solution to the problem. The same goes for the exam fear.
I hope you are getting this point. 

According to schoolokay stats, most of the students study in tension due to which they are unable to focus properly, and lack of focus results in lousy memory power. 


Following are the precautions to overcome exam fears.
  1. Starting preparation at the right time. 
  2. Do not compare your preparation with others. 
  3. Do not overthink just study.
  4. Neglect all the possibilities suggested by the mind.
  5. Chart out a plan. 
  6. Eat healthy and Sleepwell.
  7. Start revision early. 
  8. Do not worry too much. 
  9. And stop guessing the results.
These are some precautions that you have to take to avoid exam fears. 

Today I am feeling like doctors, lol. But I think most students fear exams too much due to lack of preparation and wring assumptions. 

1. Starting preparation at the right time. 

Most students wait for the last moment to prepare for board exams and other competitive exams because of that they just end up a failure. 

For some students, this last moment preparation tricks works, but not for all. 

So, you must start your preparation early, only then you'll have enough time for your revisions, practising mocks and test series. 

Suppose you have an exam next year than you must start preparing today.

The earlier you start the higher you'll score.
2. Do not compare your preparation with others. 

This one is prevalent, most students fear others preparation, I don't know why, but if you are doing that too then, you must stop it now. 

You don't have to take someone else seat or give some else exam, you are studying for yourself, not for others. 

So, just study without thinking about other preparation. 

3. Do not overthink, just study. 

This simply means you don't have to assume too much, what you'll be going to get in the exam or in the question paper. 

So, stop guessing the questions, just focus on your preparation. 

I think you are getting this because a lot of time of preparation goes in this only. And also stop guessing the result and stop building air castles. 

4. Neglect all the possibilities suggested by the mind.

I think your mind is suggesting you too much, just stop it because it's just a pure waste of time. 

If you really want to crack the exam, just neglect all the possibilities and study. There are no shortcuts, your preparation will only provide you results. 

5. Chart out a plan.

This is the most important, according to the examination point of view. If you have a good plan, then your chances of scoring well increases.

A plan is essential to handle the syllabus and finish it on time. Because sometimes you don't have to complete the whole program only a few things you have to finish. 

So, you must possess proper study skills to decide what is essential for the exam.

Reading too many books and solving too many questions not always works? You have to choose the right books for you. 

Must have a plan for finishing your course on time and start revision early.

Are you familiar with this quote of "Barren buffet"? 

An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.” -Warren Buffett
This quote is purely applicable to every student's life. 

Rest other precautions are common ones, I think there is no need to explain them. 


  1. Proper time management. 
  2. Note making. 
  3. Solving previous year question papers.
  4. Test series. 
  5. Sprit of never giving up. 
If you'll follow the above five sure, you bit not have exam fear and competitive exam fear in any way. 

1. Proper time management. 

Need not to be explained too much, it depends on you how you manage your time, for preparation and other essential things regarding that exam. 

The one who can manage the time right can manage everything right.
How to manage time for your exams? I'll create next post on this topic. 

Till then, you must learn to do your things properly. When you start a topic, and when to end, it must be fixed because you don't have an entire life to finish a single item. 

I think you got my point. 

2. Note making helps in avoiding exam fear.

Note making is an essential part of your preparation. It ensures the accuracy of your learning and how much you can memorise during the time of examination. 

Note making makes topics easier for you and understandable too. 

If you are not making self notes, then you are making a mistake. Some students don't need notes because of their photographic memory. 

If you don't have a photographic memory, then you must prepare notes for yourself. 

Note making increases the chances of getting better scores in exams and competitive exams. 

3. Solving previous year question papers.

Solving previous year question papers build up your confidence, and you know that spirit automatically beats fear. 

This is also essential for comprehending exam pattern and grasping the full details of the exam. According to which you can prepare your strategy. 

4. Test series.

You must join the test series of accessible coaching, which provides your the exact idea of your preparation. 

How much you have learned and how much you need to work on yourself.

Test series also gives a fair idea about the exam pattern and how you need to attempt the exams. How much time you need to lend to each question during the exam. 

5. Spirit of never giving up.

I think it's the most important thing because you know that life is full of failures. If you start fearing because of the failures than I think you will never going to make it happens. 

Your dreams will never become a reality if you fear things too much, just take a stand for yourself and forget about all your fear and crack the exams. 

Never give up until you have finished the task.

All the best for your preparations and join schoolokay on social platforms all links are on the about page. 

If you have any specific question, you can comment them below. 

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