8 ways To Improve Your Study Skills

Class 12th Jun 26, 2021 5 mins read

I think students who are not able to score in their schools or colleges are making some errors, it's hard to teach college students, but school students can learn a lot of principles that can help them grow for upcoming challenges.

I'll discuss all the learnings in this post. Difficulties that students meet because of their bad study habits, and how to improve those study habits.

Why does a student need to develop better study habits and skills? The reason is simple, learning is an essential part of student life that never ends. If you believe that student life will end after school or college then you are totally wrong.

Because for a genuine student his student life never ends, he learns throughout his life. Those who put an end to their learning can not be called students because they are just dupes.

A person who knows the basic truth of life knows learning is an essential part of life, and he can learn new stuff anytime and everywhere.

Learning never ends with course books and college study material, but actual learning starts after college. A student needs to learn from the people and by their behaviour. There are other aspects of learning as well. I'll discuss them later.

But for now, you must know this, learning never ends, if you stop learning then it indicates you are dead in terms of life and closed doors for new opportunities.

Before considering " 8 ways to improve your study skills" you need to know this, what are study skills?

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the term "study skills" but for solving all your problems,  there is the requirement of comprehending the problem. Only then you can solve it, otherwise, you'' not.

What are study skills?

Study skills are manageable ways of studying. Which helps a student plans his strategies and actions to cope in the exams or to achieve desired results.

These methods are different for all the students because all students have different minds as well as different capabilities.

That's the reason every student scores differently and has a different grasp over the topics and subjects.

If you recall it deeply you'll reach the conclusion that if someone scores highest then he surely has good study skills?

I think that's not fully correct? because scoring depends on many factors and one of them is your way of preparation.

Students who have a regular routine of studying just score well because hard works always payback.

I think you will not misinterpret, study skills are different from your studying habits, but your habits play a very important role in developing study skills.

We'll discuss that later in the next post.

What you can get from better study skills?

Better study skills permit you to learn more, achieve good grades, and leads you towards better colleges. Productive study skills also reduce the chances of failure and stress of exams.

Those students who work enhancing their study skills can create better study habits and can produce better results for themselves.

Better preparations increase the chances of success.

Ways to improve study skills?

  1. Note making and note-taking.
  2. Turning basic reading habits into your study habits.
  3. Use of Active memorization.
  4. Knowing more about what you're preparing for.
  5. Picking the right content.
  6. Boycotting false information.
  7. Asking more and more questions.
  8. Taking regular breaks.

Now let's discuss these, before that you must know this,

Most of the students turn out to be failures because they focus more on less important things.

1. Note-making and note-taking.

It's the basic and the most important, those students who own this study skill score better than the others because this skill improves three elements at a time.

  1. Catching power.
  2. Remembering things.
  3. Speed of writing.

And according to schoolokay these three are must for every student. As you know that currently, everything is available in video format and notes can be printed from printers, but you must underline this if you are not using a pen to a required extent then you never going to make it.      

I am not saying for making notes out of the available notes but it's about making notes, while your teacher is explaining any topic to you.

2. Turning basic reading habits into study habits.

I think you are very much familiar with this most students prefer to read books but they don't want to read from the course books that they need to study.

At the time of focusing on the course books, they try to focus on novels and fictional books, which affects their result.

I hope you got this. You must convert your reading habit into a study habit. Only then you'll establish a good sitting habit.

3. Use of active memorization.

Students always brag about their memorization skills. It's a most common dialogue from students that "they fail in book memorizing" this happens because of only one reason i.e interest.

The only thing you need to develop is Interest. Because if you are interested in what you are studying then you can learn anything.

For example, you memorize the whole story of a movie after watching it once. This simply proves you have good memorization skills. The only problem is you are not using them properly.

Some students confuse active memorization with rote memorization which is false. You must understand this, you can only learn topics by repeating that multiple times, which is an easy way to develop memorization.

But in rote memorization students don't try to decode the meaning of things that they are studying.

4. Knowing more about what you are preparing for.

All students are deprived of this study skill because they never invest time in researching for the exams they are preparing for, and books that they must read in the student life.

A student must investigate fully about the exam and course which he's trying to pursue in the future because that will increase the probability of success for him.

5. Picking up the right content.

This is also an essential part of study skills because if you are wasting time on unuseful content than, what's the point of studying?

Students must have this study skill and it can only be acquired by the research of content and selecting the best out of it.

Content separation is the most significant part of the preparation because it's very important to discriminate and can lead you toward better results.

So, don't waste your time reading stuff i.e not needed, read books that are important for you.

Check these books you must read in your class on the 10th.

6. Boycotting false information.

This is followed by the above one, I think this needs not be explained.

7. Asking more and more questions.

Why asking questions is important? according to schoolokay.

Less study less confusion, more study more confusion and no study no confusion.

These lines fully describe my point, the confusion only troubles you when you are studying and for overcoming that, you need to ask questions.

So, your questions asking habit simply explains your affords and your progress.

Schoolokay is not talking about stupid questions to irritate others.

8. Taking regular breaks.

You know that your minds need to be relaxed so that you can focus again on your studies even the machines require rest.

I know most of the students study out of stress and anxiety but that's must be changed because if you are studying out of stress your mind is not going to work accurately.

You need to underline this, a relaxed mind works more effectively than a stressed mind.

So take regular breaks to make your mind function well.

All kinds of skills are followed by habits.

This simply means you require to improve your habits to improve your study skills.

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Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav man behind schoolokay. I have created this blog to help out a lot of students about their studies and other career stuff.

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