All Our Authors

All Our Authors
Hi I'm Abhishek Das

Abhishek Das

A Developer / Student / Tech Geek / Friend @ SchoolOkay. Deals with the tech behind this site and loves to discuss Tech related topics.

Hi I'm Avyaan Verma

Avyaan Verma

Hey, I am a writer, programmer and a student trying to bring consistency to myself and contributing to the world.

Hi I'm Mansi Wad

Mansi Wad

Hi! I'm Mansi. Currently doing my triple majors from RIEM. I'm a history enthusiast and an avid reader.

Hi I'm Mrinal


Hey, I am a prolific writer with over 3 years of experience. Done majors in psychology and is trying to contribute a little to the human society with my content and my experience.

Hi I'm Nuthana Jain V

Nuthana Jain V

I'm Nuthana, a biotechnology student with a passion for writing and a mission to change the world . I possess a unique blend of scientific knowledge and creative writing skills.

Hi I'm Prateek Jha

Prateek Jha

Hi, i am a long time friend of the founder and have recently joined this venture to share my experience and knowledge with the students to help them have a clarity on what they can do in the future

Hi I'm Pushpender Yadav

Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav, the man behind Schoolokay. I started this blog to help students learn things the right way because the modern world is full of illusions and tricky things.

Hi I'm Shlok deepa lale

Shlok deepa lale

Hi, I'm Shlok – a versatile creative graphic designer, animator, and video editor. I bring your ideas to life through stunning visuals.Let's craft something amazing together!

Hi I'm Shubham Jain

Shubham Jain

Hey! I'm Shubham, a management student passionate about creative graphic design and content writing.

Hi I'm Smriti Budhwar

Smriti Budhwar

I have completed my secondary education and after clearing the NEET examination, I am pursuing forward for being a doctor. I focus on providing well researched content that are helpful to students.