All Our Authors

All Our Authors
Hi I'm Abhishek Das

Abhishek Das

A Developer / Student / Tech Geek / Friend @ SchoolOkay. Deals with the tech behind this site and loves to discuss Tech related topics.

Hi I'm Avyaan Verma

Avyaan Verma

Hey, I am a writer, programmer and a student trying to bring consistency to myself and contributing to the world.

Hi I'm Mansi Wad

Mansi Wad

Hi! I'm Mansi. Currently doing my triple majors from RIEM. I'm a history enthusiast and an avid reader.

Hi I'm Nuthana Jain V

Nuthana Jain V

I'm Nuthana, a biotechnology student with a passion for writing and a mission to change the world . I possess a unique blend of scientific knowledge and creative writing skills.

Hi I'm Prateek Jha

Prateek Jha

Hi, i am a long time friend of the founder and have recently joined this venture to share my experience and knowledge with the students to help them have a clarity on what they can do in the future

Hi I'm Pushpender Yadav

Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav, the man behind Schoolokay. I started this blog to help students learn things the right way because the modern world is full of illusions and tricky things.

Hi I'm Smriti Budhwar

Smriti Budhwar

I have completed my secondary education and after clearing the NEET examination, I am pursuing forward for being a doctor. I focus on providing well researched content that are helpful to students.