Books That You Must Read In Your Schooling Years

Sep 16, 2020 8 mins read

As you know a lot of things has happened this year and still, there is no end to them. This post is not about telling you what short of hellish situations we are facing.

These situations solely explain that there are certain situations that you can not control because they are natural. But there are certain things that you can control.

  1. Habits.
  2. Mind and intellect.
  3. And most importantly, your behaviour in certain situations.

Your habits play a very important role in your life if you are well aware than your habits also responsible for your destiny.

One must know this if he has good habits than, for sure, he'll end up in a greater place, than those, who just waste their time in stupid things like, smoking and others.

So,you must work on improving your habits because your habits determine your destiny.

I know, presently things are different, some of you may be losing interest in life too, because of so various things that have happened in 2020.

It's wouldn't be wrong, if I say this is the worst year of my life, till now. And many of you can relate to this statement.

So, schoolokay has decided to discuss some books that can help you with acquiring a good mindset, and also help you in intensifying your inner energies.


Before writing this entire post, I want you to make sure to leave a comment if you are a student? and reading this post?

Because that's important for schoolokay. Your response matters.

Now, let's start.

This post is about book recommendation. Usually, schoolokay don't recommend books, but by looking at the present situations, schoolokay have discovered that people are suggesting books everywhere. And it's quite difficult to decide for a reader, which one to read or not to read?

So, after considering such problems schoolokay has decided to suggest some books.

These are the books that I have been read during my schooling and college life. And I still read a lot of books that I will consider in my next post.

Why I read so many books?

The reason for reading books is, not gaining knowledge, but to know the perspective of the author.

Sometimes students ask me is book reading is important or not?

The answer is quite simple, book reading is important if you want to develop your mind and thinking of upgrading your perspective.

As you know that all the people in the world are different, and everyone sees the world differently and that's what you need to learn. Because if you were able to develop a good perspective than you can see things differently, and able to find a solution for your every problem.

If you are reading books just for knowing than you must stop reading, right now, because knowing is useless until you haven't experienced that thing in your life.

The problem today is that all the people know everything but still, they are suffering everything.

Why they are suffering? and what they are suffering?

They are suffering because they only know about things, and they don't know the practical use of things.

They are also unaware of results that they can get after implementing those things in life.

What they are suffering?

Knowledge, when you collects too much data in your brain and unable to process that than you simply suffer that information.

I guess you are getting the point, it's not important how much you read, the only thing matter is, how much you processed and get results out of it.

You can say, less is more in terms of reading.

Now, let's talk about the books that you must start to read in 2020.


being love book that you must read during your schooling

This book is quite good and carries solutions for every thought you have got in your mind. Your arguments that happen with your parents, and how to deal with them.

How to convince your parents to allow you to chase your dream. The problem that couples face and relationship issues that are becoming more and more drag day by day.

All the things are covered by BK Shivani beautifully because see is a very experienced person and have gone through a lot of things and now reached the position where is now.

This book also provides you with basic mediation guidelines that you can apply in your life, and achieve good results in terms of inner peace and happiness. You don't have to visit any guru and all.

I have gone through this book. Every single page of this opens locks of your mind.

You can use this link to but this book. BEING LOVE.


inner engineering books that you must read in 2020

This book is new york times bestseller, and I think you know sadhguru he quite famous.

He is known for guiding people about life possibilities and other dimensions of life.  And he is the founder of Isha yoga centre.

Why you must read this book in your class 10th?

I can tell you a lot of reasons to read this book, but you must know this, the only problem we all have today is, we are unaware of our true potential and opportunities that we have inside us.

It is being said if one knows his true potential than he can do a lot of amazing things in this world.
This book will totally change your perspective about how your life should be? and life around you.

The air you breathe and the water you drink and the plants you touch, how they respond towards your life. The impact of sun and moon on your life, all these things are explained in this book.

This book allows you to open other dimensions of your mind. Only if you practically engage yourself to the guidelines provided in the book.

Have you ever given a thought that your activities affect the moon, furthermore moon different shapes and sizes bring changes in your body? plus we are constantly responding to everything in this universe unconsciously.

Once we get to grasp our consciousness than so many possibilities will open gates for us.

I am not talking this in a disadvantageous sense, but if you look at some examples of past, like the Arya Bhatt and Ramanujan predicted accurate things without going to schools with proofs.

Arya Bhatt even predicted approximately correct distance between sun and earth, without having any fancy tech.

You can bring a lot of changes in your life if you are aware of yourself.
What will change after reading this Inner engineering?

Your perspective will purely change and you can direct your life differently.

The way you look at things now will change and the way you respond to them will also change, and that's what one must change in his life.

You can buy inner engineering from this link, INNEE ENGINEERING.


rich dad and poor dada book that you must read

A must-read book for all the students, why?

The reason is simple, this book provides a perspective that students must have.

Rich dad and poor dad, explains what is the difference between the rich and poor people. And how a well-educated person ends up struggling for daily bills, on the other hand, a class10th fail able to make millions.


Only because of the difference in their mindsets and understanding things.
Why I am recommending this book for class 10th students?
The reason is very much futuristic. just give a thought to it, why you educating yourself? and why you are struggling with your scores, and you know that one day no one will ask you, how much you have got in class 10th.

One day people will only ask? how much money you make?

Just give some time to yourself and ask this to yourself, why are you educating yourself?
The answer will be, you need education for a better life, better in terms of money and respect.
We all dream about this, but don't have the proper track to follow, and fully unaware about how to get yourself there? this book will bring significant change in your mindset about earning and building a business out of nothing.

There are a lot of things that you can learn about goal settings and how to achieve those goals with time.

It's the best book for students and it's not for one time read, you must read it many times because in one go you will not able to cover all the things.

I will say this, for all the books that I have mentioned in this post.

You can use this link to buy this book, Rich dad poor dad.
If you have any queries related to this book just comment below and read the complete post.


deviate books that you must read in 2020

The word deviate means ( departing from usual or accepted standards) in easy words you can say, to bring change.

This book is quite good at changing the way you think as this book is written by a scientist, this book has a purely based on your vision analyses and mind analyses.

Deviate as a book explains, how you look at things, and why?

Purely cracks the codes of mind and also explains the various features of the mind that develop with time.

Deviate is the mix-fruit juice of knowledge that can purely improve your way of thinking and analysing things.

This book totally analyze the working of the mind? Everything is controlled from your mind if you can shift your mindset than you can change outcomes of the situations that you are facing.


As you know that student life is full of mysterious and if you fall for every mystery than you will surely end up a mess.

Those who solve problems makes the future, those who get trapped just remains there always.
So, you must note this, your time is important, don't just play with it, utilize it, instead of daydreaming try to build, what you want in your life.

Schoolokay holds that you are getting this because only reading doesn't bring any change in your life, you have to apply your reading in your life.

The same goes with this post if you'll not use this information than it's just a waste of time.

You can buy this book by using this link,  DEVIATE.

A picture from deviate explaining how you see through things.

books that you must read in your school life

We all read a lot of stuff from the internet, and still don't get any helpful information. All these books that I have mentioned are written by the people who have spent their entire life in research on mind and it's nature.

If you'll read these books I am sure you'll able to find out more dimensions of your mind, and in current times we need them very desperately.
Schoolokay will soon recommend some more books, I only recommend books that I have read and going to read in future.

If you are a student do not forget to check out our posts best reference books for class 9, and reference books for class 12 science.

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