How To Handle Class 9 Chemistry And Score More

Class 9th Jun 5, 2021 5 mins read

What is Class 9th chemistry all about

Things change with time, the same happens when you enter your class 9 after your class 8th, subjects get tough for you and the course increases a little bit.

Most of the students feel very hard to handle all these new courses and increased topics.

They are like class 9 is very hard how I am going to pass this class, I am not getting physics numerical and chemistry is hard to deal with.

When subject chemistry is introduced in CBSE class 9, quite easy to handle, only a few things are introduced at that in CBSE class 9 chemistry?

when you talk about class 9 chemistry most of the students get crash. They are like it's too tough and I don't get it anything, I don't understand the way the teacher teaches chemistry to us.

Mole concept is a very indigestible man, and formulas and chemical equations are a pain in the head.

By looking at all the problems of students the schoolokay has decided to help them out with some things.

What's the problem with class 9 chemistry?

There is nothing wrong if you feel class 9th is tough, the reason an uncertain to change in syllabus and you are not willing to handle it.

The only thing you have to do is learn new things with full dedication if you try to learn them with full dedication then you will surely able to grab things in no time.

Just pay attention to your teachers and take extra help from other sources available like youtube.


There are other online sources as well.

These all some sources which provide you online coaching and support for your schooling or the right guidance for your career.


As you know things are going to be tough with each class you are moving forward. as class 10 is quite easier than class 9th.

But, class 11 and class 12 really require hard work and dedication to scoring 90+ in 2021.

Some things you must try to learn in your class 9th because these topics would be needed in the future.

You need to learn the periodic table till 1-40, try to learn more than this.

  1. Atomic masses of all the atoms from 1-40.
  2. Chemical symbols of atoms from 1-40 from your NCERT textbook of CBSE class 9 chemistry.
  3. Try to learn the valencies of these atoms it's a very important thing for questions
  4. Chemical formulas of chemical compounds.
  5. Mole concepts.
  6. The naming of elements and formulae of chemical compounds.

I will not say, solve more questions of CBSE class 9 chemistry? because it's obvious if you want to know, whether you are getting something or not, you must start solving questions?

The only way to score in any subject is to solve more and more questions if you are considering that you can score without solving questions then it's totally wrong.

Class 9th is very important and in class 9th it is decided whether you are going to get science or not.

From the start, some students just develop some kind of phobias about subjects related to science, like it's tough to solve numerical of physics class 9th and maths of class 9th.

That's the reason these students are unable to score in these subjects.

Remember this, don't create any kind of mindset about subjects because whatever you will create you will going to manifest that in your life.

So think before creating such things for yourself.


All below are the chapters of NCERT class 9 textbook you need to cover them all more than 3-4 times before going for CBSE exams 2019.

CBSE is not going to ask any questions from out of the course, don't have mis-assumptions about anything related to course and exams of cbse.


  1. Physical Nature of Matter
  2. Characteristics of Particles of Matter
  3. States of Matter
  4. Can Matter change its State?
  5. Evaporation


  1. What is a mixture?
  2. What is the solution?
  3. What is a suspension solution?
  4. Separating the Components of a Mixture
  5. Physical and Chemical Changes
  6. What are the types of pure Substances?


  1. Laws of Chemical combination
  2. What is an Atom?
  3. What is a Molecule?
  4. Writing Chemical formulae
  5. Molecular mass and mole concept


  1. Charged Particles in Matter
  2. The structure of an Atom
  3. How are Electrons distributed in different orbits (Shells)?
  4. Valency
  5. Atomic number and Mass number
  6. Isotopes

How to learn cbse class 9 chemistry formulas?

Most of the students get troubled with formulas in class 9 cbse chemistry, there is no difficulty in learning them if you are giving a good amount of attention to them.

You need to repeat them, again and again, that's the only way to learn things because nothing will work if you are not repeating them again and again.
Anything you are feeling is difficult and you are unable to learn, just to repeat multiple times and you will get results just in a few days.

Don't assume that things are difficult the only thing is these are new to you, remember your childhood even learn alphabets was so tough back then.

But, now it's a piece of cake, how it turned out to be possible only because you have paid a good amount of time and attention.

Same you have to now with your class 9th chemistry.
If you know something about the human mind then you must know this, the more you repeat things, they become easy to remember for you.
So for learning formulas of class 9 chemistry, you just need to write them repeatedly because you don't have any other options.
The only difference between a topper, average, and a failure student is the amount of practice, nothing else.

Final tips for cbse class 9 chemistry

Attend your school class daily and revise your daily work.

  1. Do not miss lectures on CBSE class 9 chemistry even if you are not getting anything.
  2. Stay regular and punctual to your NCERT textbook class 9.
  3. Complete your NCERT book 2-3 times.
  4. Never go without preparing for CBSE class 9 chemistry exams.
  5. All your subjects are important to your future classes.
  6. Mole concept you will get again in class 11 chemistry.
  7. Practice more and more questions to score well.
  8. Don't be afraid of asking the question because the more you ask the better you become.

Avoid toxic people who lend you wrong advice because that can ruin your future, always try new things but ignore the wrong ones.

Because all the information is not right for you in class 9th.

Class 9 of any board is the base of other higher classes, and it also plays an important role in all the competitive exams that you will face in the future.

Just try to learn all the topics of class 9th without feeling any kind of pain.

Just comment below if you have any questions to ask.


Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav man behind schoolokay. I have created this blog to help out a lot of students about their studies and other career stuff.

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