How To Manage Time In Higher Classes Class 11th & Class 12th

Class 11th May 6, 2021 4 mins read

As you all know that things get tough in higher classes, now you have to do a lot of things in a single day, and you need to manage all these things with full perfection because all things are equally important.

These things are;

  1. Coaching.
  2. School
  3. Online classes
  4. Practice and homework
  5. Self-study.
  6. And prepare for competitive exams.
  7. Sometimes Co-curricular activities, if you have any other aim other than studies.

First, you need to understand this, your higher classes are very very important for your career if you want government jobs or want to crack a competitive exam.

Now if you are in class 11th or in class 12th then you have to change your timetable and the way of thinking because it matters a lot plus affects your time management.

I lot of students fail to change follow a proper timetable for higher classes because their time management skills are too bad, and they never think of changing them.

I know that it's difficult to change sometimes. But if you are aiming for something big then you should change your behavior towards your studies and how you spend your time.

Schoolokay trying to explain all possible things, that you can do in your class 11th and class 12th for getting better results.

How you can manage your time in class 11th and class 12th?

We do a lot of things in class 11th and class 12th and all things are equally important for us, so we don't want to miss out on anything. So for that, we need a proper timetable for doing all those things without a miss out on anything.

Before moving to that I want to you know this; A lot of things are dependent on your habits also. A lot of students don't consider studies as important as they should be. Only because they get misguided by a lot of people, about studies and how things work in this world.

Let's talk about; How you suppose to study?

You don't need to study all the subjects on the same day. In coaching also take classes subjects-wise (which means classes are divided based on subjects).
They do so because they know that the human mind has certain limits and it functions within those limits. And when you try to break those limits things just get messy.

Suppose you have fixed math on Monday just go with it and solve math the entire day,  just give one hour to other subjects to go through or finish the pending work.

Do not postpone your studies and homework

I have seen this, most of the students just postpone their homework for the next day, and later they just end up increasing their burden for themselves, nothing more.

You must know this if you postpone your work for a single day, the next day you will have to do double work in the same amount of time.

Which is quite difficult that's the reason most of them fail to manage their load of class 11th. only because of some bad habits, you need to improve your habits.

I don't know, how many things you have to complete in a single day, but you need to fix them according to your limits, do not push yourself too much because it will only be going to make you tired and you will try to give up your dream.


For example.

Make a timetable daily or only one day, do not make long timetables because they don't work.

There are so many reasons for that? like.

  1. Sometimes you have to get involved in the house stuff.
  2. Sometimes you have to go to your uncle's house.
  3. Sometimes you need to play with your elder sister or brother.
  4. Sometimes you need to hang out with your friends and family.
  5. And any other random reason.

So, if you are planning long timetables then you are just wasting your time nothing else.
You need to make a new timetable daily according to the daily needs of your work.
Just include the most important things in that and ignore the less important things.
Compulsory things you can not remove.

  1. coaching or online classes.
  2. School and homework.

You need to decide for yourself, what is important that day or what is not.

For example,

Some days you have time for playing and some days you don't, so you can not have to play as your regular task.

  1. On some days you have questions to solve, but some days you need to revise topics.
  2. Or maybe you are going up to date so you can read some other books.

It's totally up to you because every day is different in all contexts, in terms of

  1. Mood.
  2. weather.
  3. season and time.

The mood of the student?

You don't always wake up happy, some days you are tired because of your last day's task, so you need to reduce your burdens a little bit, the next day.

This will enhance your overall performance in doing and handling things. This will also improve your scores in class 11th PCM, as well as, this will help you score 90+ in class 12th.

You know that everyday weather is different and the season changes with time, so you need to consider all the things in your timetable.

That's the reason schoolokay saying you to prepare a new timetable every morning while brushing your teeth.


Some students waste their time on social platforms and other stupid things without realizing they are wasting too much time.

This is a super loophole if you just waste hours on something that is not important, you'll not able to manage things properly.

You will always brag about you don't have enough time to do things because you have a lot of things to do.

You need to know this, all the students have the same amount of time, but some can use it fully some just waste and brag about the lack of time.

You need to decide, which one you.

In the current situation, you just have the opportunity to solve books and finish your syllabus and later you can just revise the whole syllabus.

Stay safe and stay home, you can ask your queries in the comments.

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Pushpender Yadav

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