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You may be thinking about how to write your class 12 board exams. You must know that your score simply depends on the way you write your board exams. Your knowledge does matter, but the things that matter most are how you write your answers, after all.

Most students in classes 10 and 12 take this wrong, and they think that the more pages you fill in, the more marks you will get. Is that not true at all? Because of this kind of approach, you will only lose marks.

The checker of your board answer sheet does not count the number of lines you have written, they only check the quality of the answer and what you have written in that answer. It is now time to start your preparation for the CBSE board exam class 12. There are only a few days left until your CBSE board exam class 12.

There are many reasons why students are not able to score in board exams. One of them is how to write your CBSE board exam class 12?

Students are not fully aware of how to write their board exams. Check out these posts too: tips to score 90+ in class 12 board exams, tips to score 90+ in class 10 board exams. Schoolokay has shared some tips that might come in handy.

Let's talk about how to write your board exams.

It doesn't matter at all to which board you belong, whether it is CBSE, ICSE or any state board, they all require the same things after all.

My teachers used to say this. If you study from now, then you have a lot of time to study. If you are wasting it, then you don't have a day for your CBSE board exam class 12.

We all get stressed during the CBSE board exam class 12 because of our fear of board exams.

Some of our worries about the exam pattern of the CBSE board exam class 12, some concerns about the difficulty level of the CBSE board exam class 12 and there are many more reasons.

So here we are with some tips for you to write your CBSE board exam class 12.

1. Make a plan to attend to your questions.

It's effortless. Your scoring totally depends on how you attend your CBSE board exam class 12 question paper. Students just start solving CBSE board class 12 question papers without any plan due to which they fail to attempt the entire question paper sometimes.

So, before solving your question paper, you must have a decent plan.

Why do you need a plan to solve a CBSE board exam class 12 question paper?

You know that 15 minutes are offered to you before writing your question paper, so you must use those 15 minutes very wisely for planning your strategy for solving questions in the board exams.

  1. Just write some hints about the answers you have in mind. Only you can understand them.
  2. You must mark the questions for those you are entirely sure of and are going to attempt.
  3. While writing your answer, be CBSE board exam class 12 aware of your writing and accuracy.
  4. Avoid overwriting and incorrect spelling.

2. Write all the answers in the CBSE board exam class 12 in sequence.

Why in sequence?

  • If all the answers are in proper sequence, then it is easier for the examiner to check your answer sheet for the CBSE board exam class 12 quickly.
  • It has a positive impact on the teacher who is checking your answer sheet for the CBSE board exam class 12.

Most importantly, the teacher always looks at the way of attempting the question paper.

3. Leave a proper gap after each answer in the CBSE board exam class 12.

  1. Most students do it wrong while writing their CBSE board exam class 12.
  2. They do not maintain the proper gap between answers.
  3. There should be a proper gap between each answer.
  4. A teacher must understand which solution belongs to which question.

4. Write short and point-to-point answers in the CBSE board exam class 12.

  1. Some students have incorrect information about scoring.
  2. They think that the more you write, the more you will score in the CBSE board exam class 12.
  3. Don't go with that wrong approach to your board exam 2020.
  4. Never try to fill the pages because this will only consume your time and, later, you will end up scoring less.
  5. There is no directly proportional relation between pages with scoring after all.

5.Draw a line after each finished answer in CBSE board exam class 12

This is the best thing to tell an examiner that the answer is written with patience, and it is finished over here. Board exams are simply checks on how you present your solutions correctly.

6.Underline a significant portion of your answer in CBSE board exams.

  1. Underlining the critical portion in the answer shows that you have written essential things there and you want the teacher to read those things.
  2. Don't forget to underline your important theory part in your CBSE board exam class 12.

Do not jump answers in your board exams class 12

  1. Write answers in the proper sequence CBSE board exam class 12
  2. Do not answer part 1 on one page, other parts on the last page. CBSE board exam class 12
  3. Always try to finish one answer first and then go for the other one.

Read the answer sheet of your board exam before submitting it Most students ignore the importance of revising the answer sheets.

They just want to finish and submit them to the invigilator, which is kind of stupid because if you do not check them again, you are only going to lose marks.

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