Important Decision What After 12 SCIENCE PCB And PCM?

Class 12th Jul 20, 2021

You know how things change after high school? You may struggle with many decisions, like:

  • what you need to do after your Class 12?
  • Should I need to drop or just take admission to any college related to my stream? Should I prefer engineering or a BSc?

Many thoughts are racing through your mind, which may influence your decision. First things first, let's discuss what you need to do after your class 12 board exams.

It's a constant struggle to get into college after dropping out, preparing for an entrance exam, and getting into a college. Further, it has more branches for getting into a government college after class 12. Taking this decision is very crucial for students; it's a pain in the neck.

Just consider these points while taking your decision after class 12.

  1. If you are aiming for an entrance exam, like IIT JEE or AIIMS or any other, list all the exams after class 12.
  2. If you are sure that you can crack the exam, then you must drop it and give your 100% because doing other things at the same time will consume your time and stop you from cracking the exam.
  3. If you are not sure and still want to prepare, just take a college course so that your year can be saved.
  4. The same goes for all things colleges and government colleges.

According to my experience wasting a year dropping for an exam is worthless, you must continue your studies, at the same time, you must prepare for entrance exams.

What should I do after class 12 science? Engineering or BSc.

I will say just got with your interest don't listen to any stupid thing, that engineering is worthless everyone is doing it, Bsc is okay.

According to schoolokay, still, engineers get success if they are real engineers. More to this now, new fields are also there like, AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) learning and all.

Reasons that can affect your decisions after class 12 board exams.

  1. Your marks can be high or low.
  2. Your budget because, nowadays, education is quite expensive.
  3. Lack of guidance.
  4. You guardian interference.
  5. And some other reasons I have mentioned below.

There are only two times during your school time when you are doubtful. For your education, once when you are picking your subjects after class 10 and after class 12 while choosing your college and other things.

A lot of students ask; Is education vital? You may have people with less education or uneducated earning more than educated once? Then what's the point of education?

If you know some famous entrepreneurs, most of them are dropouts.

This simply shows why people believe education is not essential. I will say you must not study to score, try to study for learning because the whole education system is about learning. If you know how to study?

Then you can do anything in any field; otherwise, you will suffer from everything. If you look at the lives of these entrepreneurs carefully, you will find they're more focused than you are, and they have a clear mindset about what they want to do.

At any cost, whatever it takes, because for some reason, they dropped out, but clearly, they have done terrific work in their lives. I'll simply suggest education doesn't mean reading books all the time.

Sometimes books don't help. Education means learning, and you can learn from anywhere.

So, don't think education is not essential, because if you want to do something, then you have to educate yourself in that field.

School education is also crucial because a lot of kids don't have their own ideas, and they just want to do jobs, so school and college education train them for that purpose.

If you think you can do something better, then you must follow your instinct because it knows what's best for you. If you are in school or in the early years of college, you must start thinking logically and doing practical work.


As you know, there are only a few government colleges as compared to the number of students.

If you have some misconceptions that you will score and get admission to the right college, don't hold one. You must know, even if you are the topper of your school, it doesn't matter if you end up in the wrong college.

There are only a few government colleges as compared to private colleges, and we have thousands of students, so the ratio is quite complicated. All can't get into a government college.

You need to have proper knowledge of the education system. Otherwise, you'll fool yourself.

If you don't get the right college, it doesn't mean you'll not succeed. Just try to expand your knowledge, wherever you are, because knowledge is the source of income.


  1. The college must provide practical knowledge instead of bookish knowledge; it's 2020, and you know that technology is evolving day by day.
  2. Go and look at the faculty of the college first.
  3. The infrastructure doesn't matter too much, but it must have an updated structure at the present time.
  4. Faculty matter a lot.
  5. College must have a good reputation because you are investing your money in it.
  6. Don't waste money on a government college if they are not providing all the facilities.
  7. The last point, if you don't find the right college, just take it. Education from a private college is better nowadays, and they focus on real learning.

I have done my graduation from a top government college. I can only say that I have learned nothing in college. I have wasted 3 years in line. So, in my opinion, you must select a college that can teach you better, because if you know things right, then you can earn the right.

What should I do after class 12 science, or others?

This is a common question. We all have in mind which course after 12 science or after 12 is right for our career. Because of a lack of information, we select the wrong and regret it later. For science students, it's difficult to choose between or According to schoolokay, it's not a big concern at all. You must look at your healthy subjects and your interests at the same time because only these two can lead to a better decision. According to schoolokay, you must consider these points.

  1. What do you want to do?
  2. What do you want to become?
  3. What are your interests?
  4. What is your dream if you have any?If you don't have any dreams at all, just make sure you know what you want to do, because that can only help you to make the right decision.

The Indian education system has a problem. They don't tell the truth to students about career options, because they believe GOD will manage all things.

Things don't really work in that way. You should make your decision based on the data you have. Don't think about the scope?

Many may think that has less scope than B-Tech, but the truth is that it depends on the student where he can take himself.

All courses can provide you with excellent earnings depending on your skills. Not only engineers, but teachers also make millions, and you all know that.


If you are a science aspirant and reading this post, just comment below. Yes, I have science.

You must be familiar with, MBBS, These are the most popular courses. Only a few will think beyond these. Don't think only these courses are available in India and only these courses can provide you with success.

There is a list of courses after class 12 science. Some are listed below.

All these courses are further divided into sub-courses. Today, universities are offering a large number of sessions that have scope for the future.

If you are aware enough, then you can see that Google is taking the jobs of doctors nowadays. People just google the symptoms and get a recommendation from Google and other apps that are made for this purpose.

Some other courses after class 12.

A lot more courses are available for science stream students if you are quite aware, and so is some research. In the future, you will need a degree as well as skills, because your graduate degree doesn't explain your expertise.

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Courses you must avoid after your 12th science.

  1. BBA after 12 science.
  2. And other courses which do not provides you with many benefits.

Why do you need to avoid BBA after class 12?

The reason is quite simple. In BBA, you don't get proper teaching, and they don't give you an excellent job after BBA.

In one case, you can do BBA after class 12 if the college provides practical learning and an internship in the last year at the right college.

Then you can do BBA after class 12; otherwise, you must try to avoid doing it.


Yes, you can, if you want to, because most students don't feel good about science. They just change in college.

You know all the things are the same for you as well. Just take the right decision for yourself. Some of you may be thinking about BA, LLB, and other arts subjects after your 12 science.

Surely you can go for it because it depends on your interest and it doesn't affect anything.

Till now, you must have known that only your skills can get you a well-paying job. There will be a series of posts on this topic because all the answers can not be given in a single post.


Today, getting jobs is quite difficult. Only thinking about the posts will not get you one. You have to develop proper skills to have one.

So, you must decide, because if you have the skills to do something, then people are going to hire you; otherwise, you know the jobless rate.

A lot of courses are available after your 12 that provide you with skilled training. You just need to be aware of that.

Courses like.

  1. Digital marketing courses.
  2. Ai courses.
  3. Web designing courses.
  4. Wedding planner.
  5. Try to avoid these courses after your class 12 commerce or any other stream.

Do we really need a college to be successful or something else?

No! Because I know a lot of people earning a lot of money and they haven't seen the gates of any college.

You can be one of them if you learn things correctly. Otherwise, you must try to go to college.

One day you will reach wherever you want.

If you have any queries, then you can comment below.


Pushpender Yadav

Hey! This is Pushpender Yadav, the man behind Schoolokay. I started this blog to help students learn things the right way because the modern world is full of illusions and tricky things.

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