Only Hard Work Is Not Enough For Success

Books Sep 12, 2020 5 mins read

I know that there is so much bragging about hard work and stuff, plus a lot of people are motivating students and others to work more to achieve more, which is kind of insane, because you'll only become a workaholic by that, nothing else.

There is something, that you need to understand about this hard work thing, which is also striking my mind, Plus I have many other things to share with you all, so stay tuned and read the entire article.

To be honest with you, The first and the most important thing is, I never get the idea of hard work? I don't even know the meaning of hard work!

What does someone mean by the word hard work? Is he want us to move faster than time? Or the speaker wants us to perform 10 tasks at a time?

What does he want to say?

As you know that the word hard work is trendy nowadays, on youtube and on other social media platforms, or should I say on the entire internet.

Everyone in their motivational video is like, work more, and work hard? But they never explain why? And for what?

So, let's decode this, what actually hard work is?

Commonly, everyone works hard in their lives, except those who are born with fortune, and blessed with a lot of money plus have all things in the world. Like the daughter of Bill Gates or kids of any other rich person.

Because they have all the things in the world, that's why they don't have to sweat themselves to get basic things. And that's a harsh reality.

If I think of myself, then, sometimes I think that, Suppose I had all the things in the world, money and all, then why would I sweat for anything?

The honest answer is "No". Because if I had everything I will think of doing other things, Like traveling the world and doing other crazy stuff.

Only because I have enough money in my hand; therefore, I don't have to struggle to earn money. Most people are working hard only for making a good living. And those who have everything spoiled their lives with that money, It's so ironic.

All those who support the hard work theory are from common families and working very hard to reach the top. And hence, after reaching on top, they say, working hard is necessary for achieving your dreams.

It's correct to some extent, but, not fully, because a lot of people work hard in their lives, hence only a few of them become insanely rich or cross the benchmark they have set for themselves.

Let's see why?

Why hard work doesn't always work?

For understanding the above question, you've to understand the meaning of hard work; Plus how you need to apply that in your life.

So what hard work really means?

Back then, I used to think that hard work means; working day and night for something which I want to achieve, without thinking of consequences; Also, It includes the sacrifice of all stupid things from your life which you enjoy doing or costumes your time for nothing.

Which is correct, but the thing is, you can't be sure where you're going to end finally. Because no one has an accurate map of success. Also, no one can guarantee your success.

That's why you need to decode this hard work thing!

How to decode hard work?

Now you know that hard work doesn't mean to follow things blindly because if you're doing so then it means you're a mere fool and nothing else.

According to my, hard work means to know things properly and work for them, and if you're not getting results from them, then, you must change your way of approaching those things.

I have seen a lot of people continuously repeat the same mistakes and blame other people and resources for their failures.

This happens because they never think about what they're doing and how they're doing? They just follow things blindly or try to copy other people's methods.

Underline this, A jack can never is a horse, it doesn't matter how hard he tries, but he can be as fast as a horse to some extent, if he tries his best.

The same goes for you. If you copy other people's methods plus goals and wish to become successful like them without thinking properly or without analyzing your life situations. It means you're are just desperate for achieving more.

It's because all people have a different life, and they use their time differently, So it is hard to copy someone else life completely or his way of doing things because you'll never know what's going inside his head.

I hope you're getting my point. So it doesn't matter, what you want to achieve.

The only thing that matters is, you've to come up with your own ways of dealing with things, and that's the only way to decode hard work.

Furthermore, if you're not doing things according to your life situation then hard work is not going to work for you.

It doesn't matter how hard you work or how much time you're investing in achieving a goal and dream.

That's why I always suggest people not to consume too much motivation because motivation blocks your head and you get addicted to it. Because of that, your urge for motivation increases, plus your mind demands motivation whenever you get stuck in any situation in your life.

So be careful before consuming too much advice and motivation.

How to skip hard work and deal with things naturally.

First of all, you must understand this, working day and night for something which you want in your life is not hard work at all. It's called affords not hard work, which you make for achieving your desired goals.

I know, a lot of people have filled your mind with Sh*t, that, hard work is a must for achieving anything, which is awful because you're not looking for things properly.

It's like, you go to school by cycle and your friends come by buses, and you assume that because others are coming from buses so for them it's easy and for you it's hard. And now you're working hard for your studies, lol.

If you think in this way? it means you're only comparing two different things. And calling your efforts hard because it pleasures your mind.
I think you can relate to what I am trying to say here!

The only thing I want to say is, you've to see things the way they're. Which will only be possible when you stop comparing your life with others.

Similarly, when you see things the way they are, you'll notice that you're living your life and making affords to make it better; therefore, there is nothing easy or hard in your life. Only because you're comparing yourself with others, you assume your life, as hard, and other people's lives as easy.

So if you want to skip the hard work? Then you must stop comparing your life with other's plus you should see things the way they're and act according to that.


All the things which I have mentioned in this post are real because I have learned these by my life experience, and I also learned with time, that, when you see things by others eyes, you never see the truth because you're only watching what others want you to see, nothing more than that.

So use your mind and try to decode your problems by yourself, don't wait for other's advice to fix your life's problems.

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Stay safe and stay blessed.


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