about us

Hi, guys!

I am Pushpender, I from Agra, just started a blog to help you out for your schooling and with your career, currently, I am a PG student doing (MA economics by distance learning), and A blogger.

I have decided to provide info about, how you need to take your decisions during your school days, what some of us so wrong sometimes and ends with a mess.

hopes are all set to. let's do it together.

Your decisions will shape your future and 

Schoolokay is a small initiative and I am working on it regularly. 

So that you can shape your future correctly without taking any wrong decision because I have taken tonnes of wrong decisions.

Some of them are painful too, many students ruin their entire life because of wrong guidance, my only motive is to save a student only, not more than that.  

Guys, never take any wrong step because of education, your life worth more.


I hope that this will be helpful for the students, they will support me in that. if you are reading this just like us on the facebook page, 

and suggest to your friends about this initiative we are going to lead them towards a better future and help them in their chosen subjects. is about school guidance and career guidance and how you can choose correct subjects in your studies,

how to score better in your exams? and other school-related things .these all things are provided free of cost and articles you can read here as well.

Q1.why I started

I just started to share my school experience and what's necessary at that time. 

Most of the students just wastes, their entire time in preparing for something doing stupid things.

some times these stupid things don't work and they end up very bad, for helping you to choose correct subjects and stream in your school. 

I have started this blog hope you all like it if you are reading this, please forgive me for my poor English, I am still working on it.

suggest us your tips and share your problems with us hope we together will bring some solution.

Hope you like schoolokay( a guide for you).