Preparation Tips For CBSE Class 10 BOARD EXAM 2020-21

Class 10th Jul 26, 2021 5 mins read

According to schoolokay, all students need preparation tips for cbse board exams, the behind this is only because for cbse conduct board exams first time in class 10th.

I know a lot of people have already provided you with tips, what different I am going to do?

I am only going to share those tips which I have used during my exams and able to score 80+ in my class 10th cbse.

Back then, things were different; there was not so much information provided by people on different platforms. But now things have changed you have every possible help available on the internet.

Some you-tube channels and other online coaching providers are now providing classes for students online.

As you know that now offline coaching is not quite possible due to current situations because of COVID-19, it's only possible to go for online coaching.

List of online coaching list for class 10th cbse students.

  1. Vedantu.
  2. Byjus.
  3. Toppr.
  4. You-tube.
  5. Unacademy.
  6. Vagupu.
  7. Top-notch tutorials.
  8. Online padho.
  9. Cuemath.
  10. Meritnation.
  11. Goprep.
  12. Vidyakul.
  13. Livecbse.
  14. Examfear.
  15. Aakash institute.

I have covered almost all the coaching online coaching classes for students, and I am not recommending any, it's up to you which one you want to choose.

How to choose online coaching for class 10th CBSE?

The important thing is to choose what is best for you, not what people say is best. Because best coaching for class 10th cbse may not be best for you.
You need to first take the demo classes of these online coachings if you are getting the concepts from any and feel that they have ways that are making things easier for you than just go with that online coaching of cbse class 10th.

Try to notice these things in your online coaching.

  1. Way of teaching.
  2. Class interactions of online coaching for class 10th.
  3. Teachers method of teaching.
  4. Test series offered by the online coaching for class 10.
  5. Fees obviously,

You must compare the charges of all online coachings. After looking at all these facts in a class 10th online coachings, just join anyone which you feel is excellent and affordable for you in terms of money.

I think selecting the best one amongst all is quite tricky just go with the one which you feel is best for you.

Some things that you must take care of while preparing for cbse board exams of class 10th.

  1. Reference books for cbse class 10th board exams.
  2. Time table for cbse class 10 cbse board exams.
  3. How to write cbse class 10 board exams.

Currently, class 10th board exams are over, and some are postponed or may not be conducted, nothing can be said about this year because things are getting from bad to worse.

We can only hope for the best for next year.

So, if we fail to find the vaccine for this pandemic then we also have to take care of things next year, as you know that till now vaccine is on the way, which way, no one knows?

You must take care of the above things that I have mentioned while preparing for your class 10th boards.
Let's discuss further.

This is the month of July, and new classes for class 10th students have started because this year all class 9th students are passed and promoted to class 10th cbse.
Some of you may be taking offline coaching, and some are preparing from you-tube plus online coaching classes.

So, just continue whichever way you are preparing for your class 10th board exams 2021. You don't have to stop your preparation because the world is not ending.

Tips to prepare for cbse class 10th exams.

I know that class 10th cbse is quite different from the class 9th in all terms. According to schoolokay, class 10th is more straightforward than class 9th in all contexts.

  1. Syllabus.
  2. Topics.
  3. Books.

So, you don't have to worry too much, just give your 100% and I am sure you'll score good marks in class 10th for sure in 2021.

15 Final preparation tips for class cbse class 10th board exams 2020-21.

  1. Don't waste too much time in deciding your coaching and preparation tricks.
  2. There are no shortcuts for class 10th board exams.
  3. Solve mocks for cbse class 10th board exams.
  4. Finish your NCERT books then move to other publications.
  5. Make notes while preparing for cbse class 10 board exams.
  6. Solve mocks daily and previous 3-year question papers,
  7. Sitting hours should be maintained.
  8. Keep going forward.
  9. Do not get demotivated by tough chapters of class 10th math.
  10. Lend equal time to all subjects.
  11. Avoid toxic people.
  12. Develop good study habits because your habits help in scoring.
  13. Choose the right books for yourself.
  14. Do not compare your preparation with others.
  15. Avoid all kinds of exam fears.

You must consider all the above because all are equally important.

Most students make mistakes while preparing for cbse class 10th board exams. They just wait for the last moment and believes that they can score well.
I think you must ignore this mistake because due to this a lot of students fails the cbse class 10th board exams.

You must not fear your board exams because that will also reduce your performance and demotivate you while preparing for boards.

Some also make a mistake they compare their preparation with others, I think which is also not suitable for the student because all students have different abilities and missed.

So, just develop your own strategy for preparing for cbse class 10th board exams-2021.

While preparing for cbse keep in mind that you're solving your NCERT books first and then moving to other reference books because NCERT books are very vital for cbse class 10th board exam preparation.

Subject-wise preparation tips for cbse class 10th board exams.

You must know this, all subjects are not similar in terms of preparation, I've seen students trying to learn maths of class 10th.

This is the very wrong approach because math can't be learned, it's a practise based subject. That's the reason you need a different plan for all subjects.

1. Preparation tips for class 10th science board exam.

  1. Solve all the intent questions and numericals.
  2. Practise derivations of class physics.
  3. For chemistry, only NCERT is essential.

2.Preparation tips for maths class 10th board exam.

  1. Solve daily mocks.
  2. Learn formulas of cbse class 10th maths.
  3. Practice is the only way to score in class 10th math.
  4. Do not try to learn solutions.
  5. Keep regular updates on everything.

3. Preparation tips for class 10th Hindi board exam.

  1. Read chapters.
  2. Practice writing articles to avoid spelling mistakes.
  3. Don't think Hindi not scoring.
  4. Hindi is very much scoring.

4. Preparation tips for social science class 10th board exam.

  1. Only use rote memorization for social science class 10th.
  2. Do not try to apply mind because it's not required in SST.
  3. Try to write a summary of what you reading during your preparation.

5.Preparation tips for English for class 10 boards.

  1. English is scoring for those who have a good grip over English of class 10th.
  2. Write daily articles and read newspapers.
  3. Read stories from the book of class 10th cbse English for board exams.

These all tips are beneficial for class 10th cbse board exam preparation if you apply these tips for your boards this year and next year-2021.

Mistakes that students must avoid while preparing for cbse class 10th boards 2021.

  1. Do not waste too much time on the internet looking for solutions just prepare from your books.
  2. Develop an approach that is easy for you.
  3. Do not copy others.
  4. Don't waste for last moment preparing for cbse class 10th boards exams.
  5. Use pen and paper more instead of trying to learn everything.
  6. Listen to your teachers.

Must underline this, practice is the only key to score well in any key. there are no shortcuts.

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