Time Table That You Should Follow For Your Board Exams 2022

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As board exams are on. The pressure is also on because of the boards for 2020-21. Many of you may be thinking of scoring 90+ in class 10th and class 12th board exams.

I want you to note this: scoring well in board exams is not much of a deal: the only thing you need to take care of is your timetable or schedule for your board exams.

According to the latest updates, boards have now shifted from March to May. This year, boards are going to be conducted in May, with a lot of holidays in between. You have a lot of time on your hands.

So, what's your plan for your board exams? Let me know in the comments.

In this post, I am going to share a few things which can help you with your board exams, and make things easier for you.

Mistakes most students make before board exams?

Almost all students make common mistakes. And one of them is not having a proper schedule for their board exam preparation. A proper time table for scheduling board exams can change the entire game for you.


Simply because your proper schedule allows you to lend more time to your subjects, it also helps you easily grasp things.

Students who follow a proper time table in class 10th and class 12th, while preparing for boards, end up scoring more than those who ignore the schedule.

I am not planting this, but it's my personal experience as a teacher as well as a former student of Masters.

I have noticed a huge difference in grades as well as in knowledge between students who follow a proper timetable and those who don't.

Some of the major differences are;

students who follow a proper time table for board exams;

  1. They finish their time table on time.
  2. They are confident in their preparation.
  3. They can solve more questions.
  4. They are more focused.
  5. They are well aware of the exams and how they are going to handle them.
  6. They have plans for almost everything.

Students who don't follow a proper time table

  1. remain confused till exams.
  2. They have no plans for their exams.
  3. The confidence level is quite low due to a lack of preparation.

All the above things clearly explain the difference. That's why it is vital to have a proper schedule for your board exams in 2021.

Not only this, a proper schedule helps you develop a proper strategy for your exams and allows you to prepare accordingly.

Scoring good marks in board exams is not hard. The only thing students lack is discipline. They don't take exams seriously and most of them wait for the last moment to prepare, plus they want to score overnight.

I need you to know this: Scoring overnight is not possible because your mind has certain limits. When you try to cross those limits, do you end up scoring less? Because sometimes things get reversed in terms of memory. You try to cover more topics and end up covering less.

So, be careful while gambling at the last moment.

What do you need to do to score on boards this year?

First, sit at your table, take out your pen and paper, and start preparing a time table according to your board exam date-sheet.

Once you're done with the timetable, just follow it till the end.

Your timetable should include question-solving time, reading, playing, and some parts for entertainment.


Simply because we are already under a Covid crisis and it's hard to decide what is going to happen next.

Already, Covid has mutated, scientists are saying. The current vaccine is useless against this mutated version.

So, it's very difficult to decide whether to continue studies or just enjoy the remaining time, lol.

In my opinion, you should look at things carefully and do both things. Plus, try to connect with your family and friends as much as you can and be motivated.

Currently, the most important thing is to stay safe and stay happy. The other things are just less important. Even your studies. Because we are standing on the boundary of change. I hope you get my point.

How you need to prepare the timetable for class 10th and class 12th boards.

Start with the subjects which you feel are difficult for you, and try to cover them as soon as possible.

Once you're done with the hard ones, then move to the easy ones because they'll take less time, plus it's very easy to cover them.

Also, you need to make sure you're studying daily for 2-4 hours because that will enhance your concentration level.

Which is going to play a major role in your board exams.

As you must be well aware, you need good concentration powers to study constantly for hours. And good concentration power can only be developed by a good interest in your studies.

So all the best with your preparation, and thanks for reading.


There are no shortcuts to scoring well in board exams.

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