Tips To Score 90+ In Cbse Class 12 Board Exams 2021-2022

scoring 90+ in class 12th is the dream of every single student around, so we have shared some genuine tips to score good in class 12th board exams in 2021-22

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Tips To Score 90+ In Cbse Class 12 Board Exams 2021-2022

Let me take you on the journey of scoring good marks in class 12th, a tour where everyone wants to finish smooth.

You all have the same dream of scoring good in class 12 boards 2020-21, you may have gone through a lot of posts explaining ways to score well in class 12 board exams.

There are no such tips, which will improve your scores, except for you.

You need to work on yourself, instead of wasting your time on other things, schoolokay is sharing some tips from personal experience, and they work really well.

Remember one thing scoring good marks is the same for all boards, you need to get through the books and use your reference books in the right way.

Some students fail to score well only because they don't use their class 12 reference books correctly.

And if you are looking for tricks to score more, then I think you are a mere fool because there are no such tricks.
Your scoring in class 12 entirely depends on your hard work and efforts.

I know you may have posts mentioning these things!

Ways to score 99% in class 12 board exams, best tips to score well in class 12 board exams?
All these posts are misguiding students, and some students believe these lies.
According to schoolokay, you must not fall for these cheap tricks.


In my view, it's better to work on your books instead of reading these stupid posts, only your class 12th books can lead you towards better scores.

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Let's take serious steps towards class 12th board exams, there are few things you need to change for scoring well.

It's vital to have a good plan before moving towards your board exams.
Do CBSE boards exams really play an essential role in your life and career?

This question hits almost every student's mind, it's a two-way road, those who think boards are essential, they end up scoring well in class 12.

Those who think boards are not necessary, and 3 hours of paper will not decide their future, end up scoring less in class 12th.

According to schoolokay if you are in class 12th, the most important thing for you is, class 12 board exams, why?

It's obvious, you don't have anything other things to do.

Let's talk about, class 12 board exams score plays a role in a career?

The answer is no! in most of the time board exams, do not play any role, because now all colleges and government jobs, have their own exams, you need to crack them first then you can get the job or college.

Even for IAS, you need passing marks in class 12, they don't say that only a topper can give this exam.

In some sections, boards exams are important, if you are preparing for IIT JEE and other competitive exams, like CAT. MAT, ZAT, AIIMS, BITS PILANI e.t.c.

They will only check your class 12 scores, so scoring becomes very important for those kids who want to get admission to these colleges.

Other things in which board exams are helpful.

  1. Getting a good college.
  2. For scholarships.
  3. For some competitive exams.
  4. For getting respect in your colony.
  5. And proving your intelligence level to your neighbors.
how to score in board exams 2021

Should I focus more on school, or should I focus on what I like?

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You need to focus on both things equally if you are not good at studies then you can focus more on what you want to do.

It can be becoming a singer, a footballer, and any other things just focus on that.

If you don't have other goals? Just focus on your class 12 board exams because they are more important right now.


You must know, whatever you will do in the future, you need primary education for achieving that goal, this means your class 12 is essential.

So, change your mind, and start focusing on your studies, board exams matters a lot for your colleges. Do whatever you like in college.


tips to score well in board exams 2020-21

All of you want to score in board exams, and some of you will break records this year. But before heading for board exams 2021, you need to prepare yourself for your class 12 board exams.

Your scores simply depend upon your preparation, if you are aware enough, then you must have seen three types of students in your school.

  1. Always playing and scoring students.
  2. Students who study all the time.
  3. Some who never studies. Basically, these kinds of students are out there.

According to schoolokay, just ignore these things.

Why he can do all the things so easily even he wastes a lot of time playing outside and in other things?

Do not overthink because all students have a different mind and they work according to that.

Some can manage things really well, and some just struggle. So it's a matter of choice how you control your mind nothing more.

Students ask me? Sir, I want to study, but I feel very drowsy and dull while doing that, what should I do?

I was like you don't feel studies are essential because if you think they are important then you will surely pay attention to them.

what I meant to say is, if you waste all your time watching videos from YouTube or any other platform you will never learn a thing in your life,

just take out your pen and notebook, and start preparing for your board exams 2021 now for those who are coming to class 12 this year.

Until you are not using your mind, you will not score well.


  1. Solve your reference books of class 12.
  2. Solve the mocks of every week for your class 12 board exams.
  3. Previous year questions play a vital role.
  4. Solve at least five years of question papers for your class 12 board exams.
  5. Save your time from the wrong people.
  6. Avoid wrong guidance.
  7. Ignore toxic people.

In my view, you just give 100% to your books, they will provide you with 100% results.

There are no short tricks for scoring!

Books will take you wherever you want, after all, you all know that our whole culture is based on the books, and we are still learning from them.

Some random questions?

Sir, I am good at playing soccer, but my parents don't support me what I should do?

ways to score in board exams class 12th

I was like, can you guarantee your 100% success in soccer or other game you play?

He was like, I don't know?

That's the reason your parents always pinch you for studying, because, if you left your studies for soccer, what if you are not able to make it?

You will have a totally shattered future, your parents don't want that for you. Your future is more important to them.

If you think you can do it, just go and convince them and focus on what you really want to do.

It's a long term investment? Just think deeply before you act.

from the schoolokay side,

At least, you must have a degree or graduate-level education, so that you can do other things as well, your parents only want to secure your future nothing more than that.
So, put your other thoughts aside while studying for board exams.

I hope you are getting me.



As I mentioned above, your scoring simply depends, on your preparation, some of you like?

How should I prepare for boards 2020-2021?

It's a secondary question. First, you need to have a decent plan for your class 12 board exams.

  1. Make sure you are buying the right books.
  2. Start your preparation at the right time.
  3. Your speed matters a lot more than anything.
  4. Increase your question-solving speed. For books just check out the post, best reference books for class 12. after buying books just go through them.

Keep these tips in mind for board exams 2020-2021.

  1. You need to work regularly for your board exams.
  2. Just go through every single page of your reference book.
  3. Do not try to skip hard topics.
  4. Do not think that boards are difficult.
  5. Do regular mocks don't wait till boards.
  6. Work on topics that you don't understand.
  7. Don't bunk too much, just maintain a balance between two or just take regular classes.

Listen, guys, I don't have any magic trick to share in this post, if you follow these essential tips, magic will automatically happen.

Suppose you are in class 10 or in grade 12 now, you are like,

What is the right time to start preparing for boards 2020?

It is the month of April, it's the best time to start, don't think the syllabus in not started, just start your preparation for now.

Try to finish your books as many times as possible.

You may be, aiming for competitive exams after your 12, so you need to prepare for them also, for all the reviews, class 11 and class 12, are the starting points, so start working as soon as possible.

Take help from the internet, your tutor and other sources as well, gather the right information and start preparing.

  1. Look at the previous year exams question papers.
  2. How many students failed last year? Check out all these things.
  3. Make sure you have the right stats.

What's decides your board exams score?

  1. How aware you are about boards exams.
  2. Way of writing answers in the board exams 2021.
  3. Most of the students are not aware, your way of writing matters a lot on your boards.
  4. You do not get extra marks for overwriting.
  5. Just answers what is asked in the question, not more than that.

Check out How to write class 12 board exams.

HOW TO SCORE 90+ IN PCM IN 2020-21


What kind of time table I need to follow for class 12 board exams?

Till your CBSE 12th class board exam, you must expel all time-wasting from your 12 class board time table.

Just focus on what you want to achieve. Schoolokay is not giving any specific time table because we all have a different life, and we must prepare a time table according to that.

For basics check this, just you need to do a study and a little bit of meditation daily till 12 class board exam.

  1. Meditate daily till CBSE class 12 board exam 2020-21.
  2. Solve the mock test daily.
  3. Play a light game CBSE class 12 board exam 2020-21.
  4. Avoid your mobile phone till CBSE class 12 board exam 2020-21.
  5. Listen to the music that nourishes your mind. Just use these tips and prepare a time table for yourself.

Doing meditation will keep your mind focused and relaxed, do not forget to meditate until the moment.

In the next post, I will talk about the time table and things that make your mind more stable.

How to prepare for board exams 2021.

Below are the last moment tips, if you have wasted the entire year, then follow these.

Just go and buy all the sample papers for  CBSE class 12 board exams because that's only going to work at the moment.

Start solving these CBSE sample papers until you have only 10 days left for your CBSE class 12 board exams 2020.

Do not waste time now because now you don't have enough time left.

  1. First, go buy CBSE sample papers.
  2. Solve a CBSE sample paper daily till your class 12 board exams 2020.
  3. Listen to motivational music once a day till class 12 board exams 2020.
  4. Do not let your confidence get low.
  5. Make your self speed up till your class 12 board exams 2020.
  6. Maintaining speed matters a lot for the CBSE board exams.

In the free time just take the time to look at the points on tips in you to reference books of class 12.

Because you need to have all the formulas on your tips, you are aware that your mind remembers things in images so use that concept for 12 class board exams.

I have seen the students scoring 80+ in class 12 board exams 2018 in just one month or very few days.

But don't wait for the last moments because a lot of student's get failed also.
It totally depends on your concentration power and mind power, it's not difficult to score at the last moment, but it is highly risky.
How can I prepare for CBSE class 12 board exams 2020 from mid-January?

  1. The answers are quite simple just utilize a bit seconds, till your CBSE class 12 board exams 2020 do not waste a single minute.
  2. If you are wasting time on the planet can help you for scoring in the 2020 board exams.

What are last moment tips for CBSE class 12 board exam question papers?

  1. Do not panic by just looking at the CBSE class 12 board exam question papers.
  2. Read the complete question papers of the class 12 board exam carefully.
  3. Make a good plan for attending the question paper.
  4. And stick to that plan.
  5. Take it easy.

Best books for class 12 board exams?

  1. Use chapter-wise solutions.
  2. Xam idea at the last moment.

For your board exams 2020-21, all books that available in the market are best,

  1. Just focus on the single book for a single subject.
  2. Do not change books in the exam time, it's not good for your mind.

Before going to the exam, do not forget to go through the CBSE class 12 board exam question papers of previous board exams.
Share the post if you find it helpful, it's free.

It always happens some questions repeats in the exams every year, so going through last year question papers of the CBSE board exam 2018, will be very helpful for you.

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Tips for class class 12 board exams 2020-21

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