Ways To Improve Habits And How To Develop New Habits

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You may have come across some posts telling you about ways to improve your study habits and habits that help you to score well in school and college.

The only thing you need to know is, habits matter a lot because your habits lead to your actions and your actions lead to results. So Better habits lead to better results and bad habits lead to bad results.

Moving further, you must have known that repetition of any kind of work on your own will leads to building a habit.

You know that no one is born with habits, we just develop them with time. If you look at this carefully, you will find that kids have crying habits over small things.

Habits or hobbies are something that can lead to a bright future or can ruin your future. If someone has a habit of falsehood, he will lose the trust of everyone only because of that one habit.

The same goes for someone who has the habit of speaking the truth, he gains the trust of all, but nowadays things are different, you get hatred when you try to speak the truth (that's a different matter). But keeping all things in mind, you must know that your habits totally decide your fate.

Most people are not aware of that and they are creating their destiny unconsciously, so if you want to do something really good then you need to work on your habits.

Or should I say, you only need to work on your habits?

In this post, I will try to explain all about developing new habits.

best habits for students


Once, my granny told me, if you can do something for six months in a row, then you will end up doing it for your entire life. At that time, I was unable to understand her, but now I get the point.

If you want to acquire a new habit, just make sure you are doing it regularly. Don't do the wrong things regularly because you are going to regret them later.

How does this really happen?

You may have seen this every morning when you wake up. You just do the same things, men scratch their balls and women rub their eyes, why?  

This is because we are doing it unconsciously. Once you figure it out, you can replace this habit with another habit that you want to manifest for yourself.

For example, if you are a soccer player, you will practise daily to improve your muscle memory, that's why you practise daily so that your muscles can grasp new actions that you want to use on the ground.

The same goes for habits. Your muscle memory plays a vital role in developing new habits. The only way to develop a new habit is consistency. There is no other way because things you do regularly become a part of your life. So you should think and then act because unconsciously you are adding new habits to your life.  

Students should have these habits.

  1. Reading habits.
  2. Studying habits.
  3. Playing habits.
  4. Habit to remember things.
  5. The habit of keeping a journal?

There are way more things that you want to add to your life, you can make a list of those things then you can add them to your daily routine to make them your permanent habits.


ways to improve your habits

This one is quite popular and a lot of people are making a business out of it. Some people are leading you to read more books even though they never read a book in their lives.

Why are they doing so?

Because they are making a profit out of it. Schoolokay is only telling you this, so that, you can save yourself from reading a lot of books that you don't want to read.

According to my personal ex, you must read content that helps you with your career and exams.

Reading unnecessary books just for developing habits is not a good idea. So be choosy while opting for any book.

How to develop the habit of reading after all?

Now You know, what is the habit?

So, if you are planning to develop any kind of habit, just do things that resonate with your interests and you will naturally develop a habit of that.

It is easy to do things if you have an interest or desire in them like you have the desire to read books, then it will be easy for you to develop good reading habits by reading books of genre you like.

But if you don't like reading?

If you have an interest in something, it is easier to push yourself. If you don't, then you have to start giving yourself a little time daily.

First, start by reading for half an hour daily with full concentration, later you can increase the duration.

Don't push yourself, because that will only tire you. Just increase time gently. You will develop perfect habits for yourself.

Points to keep in mind.

  1. Start with books that have fewer pages like Who Moved My Cheese and Desire.
  2. Only read genres that have your deepest attentions.


1. Always distracted by unimportant things?

Most students are distracted for no reason, simply by things that are not even important for them.

They waste their time doing unuseful things and regret them later. Don't be one of them. You must have effective decision making and use your time wisely. You must know where you want to invest your time and how much!

All things are important, but all things must be done individually, not all at once.

2. Spending time with the wrong people.

As I have mentioned above, do not spend your time recklessly, try to utilize it, only hang with people who motivate you and push you forward towards your goal.

Most of our time gets wasted when we hang with the wrong people, or should I say, toxic people.

They just consume your time and always try to push you back, which is not good for you and for your future.

If you hang too much with these people, you will only end up a failure. Because you gain habits from your companions and you'll imitate them as well.

3. Always focus on the positive side.

You know that there are only two possibilities: whether it's day or night. You must choose which you want to choose.

Most students try to see the negative in everything, and they just develop the habit of focusing on the negative. They carry negative vibes with them, which can harm you in many ways.

You must be familiar with the concept of gaining habits from your friends. What they have in large amounts they transfer to you. They can be good things or bad things.

So you must save yourself from these habits.

4. Procrastinating.

This is the favourite habit of all students who postpone things, and most students do it very often.

We always try to delay things and it becomes a common habit. I will do it later, and this later never comes. Try not to postpone things, because once you develop that habit, it's only going to harm you and you will not get any result at all.

You must try to postpone the bad things that you have been doing.

5. Giving into laziness.

You know, most students feel like everything is a drag and they do not work on good things. Instead, they just sleep all the time. One must not be too lazy about doing his work. I used to be like that and later things only got worse.

More laziness is a kind of disease and it grows with time. Try to avoid it fully so that you can get more time for yourself. As you know, if you are sleeping too much, then you are wasting your life sleeping, then enjoying it.

6. Not listening to others.

Sometimes we listen to others so much that our own voice fades in the voice of others, you must try to listen less to others, instead, you should have your own rules and regulations. Focus on Inheriting only those things from others that can raise your level, not all the things, because all things don't take you above after all.

My mom used to say to me, listen to everything and do as your heart says.


Habits play a deep role in our lives. If you do not have good habits, you are not going to make it all the way.

Because life is a long journey, but you live only one day.

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