Why Is It Important To Read Books For Indian Students

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I don't know how to start this post because a lot of things are happening currently. People are getting unemployed, and we are trying to survive a pandemic.

So, the point here is not to mention this pandemic and the problems caused by this pandemic. Then what is this post about?

This post is about providing information that can help you with planning matters for your future as a student. If you are intending to secure a job in the future, then what do you need to change now?

I know in student life, students are not aware of several points which are important for students, whether they are in school or in college.

There are certain important things that they don't give a sh*t about. Later, these things don't give a sh*t about them.

What are these things?

  1. Books
  2. Knowledge of jobs and careers.
  3. The present situation in the world and our country.
  4. The future of students in our country and what you need to do to have exact details.
  5. What is the current situation for Indian students?

So, let's discuss.

I think before moving on, I just want to share some problems that students currently facing.

What is the ground situation for jobs for students who are graduates and PhD holders and belong to the Indian student category?

I was surfing youtube and came across a video stating some details about the bad conditions for PhD holders and graduates.

What are these problems actually?

  1. IITians filling forms of small jobs, you can say forth grad jobs.
  2. PhD holders are filling forms of peons jobs.

I think you can grasp the situation, which is not so pleasing. The only thing that you need to understand from this is that the situations of Indian students are getting worse day by day, and it doesn't matter where they have done their graduation.

You know that in total, there are 23 IITs in India that offer 11290 seats, which is not even enough for toppers students in India. If you are aware of data, students who get above 90+ is way more than these seats.

So, what's the point of preparing for these fancy IITs? If you know that you are just diving into a pool of foolishness, why do it?

The trend of IITs, NITs, AIIMs, NDA and other popular exams is because of the marketing that is done by the coaching institutions.

I am not saying preparing for these institutions is wrong. The wrong thing is that students don't get the chance to think about whether they really want to do it or not.

There are 1000+ institutions that offer preparation courses for IIT JEE and the same goes for other exams. These institutions just misguide students by putting together large hoards of students who have cleared these exams.

Because of one student, the lives of 100+ Indian students were destroyed by one hoarding. The reason is that students never give a thought to what they want to do and why? and no one in their family and friends tries to guide them towards that.

Most students just follow in the footsteps of their parents or someone they know who has succeeded by taking coaching in premium institutions.

Today, India has 760 universities and 38,498 colleges. These are only small numbers that do not include private coaching institutes.

If we have that number of colleges and institutions, then why? We have so much unemployment in our country, except that we also have the highest number of uneducated children.

Do I think something wrong is going on in our country?

These problems can be solved, but only when we become aware that we can't think about other well-being than we are just scum.

As you know, conditions were never good for Indian students. They are just getting worse every year, and a degree is not important anymore.

And Indian students are not getting jobs because of those provision certificates they hold. They need some professional experience in good companies to get a good job. For that, a lot of startups are going on.

A list of startups that are going on in India by Indian students. 1. 2020 best 50 startups in India.

The fact is that to get experience you need a job and to get a job you need experience, lol.

So, what do you need to do to be an Indian student?

Let's start with the first one.

1. Books.

Why books are important for Indian students?

Books are necessary for all students, whether they are Indian or from somewhere else. The point is that most students have left reading because of the availability of visual content.

And they are consuming too much visual content and getting misguided by it. You know this if you are consuming any content, just use it as a source of information, not as the source of your decisions.

You may read a lot of books of different genres depending on your interests. Like, books for the Indian constitution, books for Indian history, books for the Indian stock market, Indian geography books, books for Indian polity, books for the Indian economy, books for the Indian navy, books for Indian culture, Indian gk books, books for Indian economic services, etc.

There are way more types of books than you can imagine, and you can not read all the books because you don't have enough time to do that.

So, what sort of books do students need to read?

A student must start reading books in class 10th or class 9th, because only then will he be able to develop an understanding of books. Reading is not essential. How you decode a book matters. After that, the utilisation of the information that you have decoded from the books carries full value.

One must-read books of his interest without taking any suggestions from anyone, because these books will later guide you to the right path.

I am saying this from my experience. Books always allow a student to develop a vivid perspective in terms of life.

If you are reading books other than your interest, this simply means you are wasting your time, and not gaining anything from these books. So, you must choose your books wisely being an Indian student.

Reading recommendations from schoolokay for Indian students.

  1. Must read magazines that provide monthly data.
  2. Books that have facts and figures about the Indian economy and education system.
  3. Books that provide business ideas and perspectives for the future.

2. Knowledge of jobs and careers options.

Students must be aware of all sorts of jobs and career options that they possibly can pursue, as a profession, only then they can make a stable decision.

Only because of insufficient information and lack of awareness do students fall into traps laid by coaching institutes and private colleges. If you are well aware then you can save your money and time, otherwise, you'll going to waste both for nothing.

You must know this a coaching institute only cares for the topper students because they'll provide the rank and rest of other students are used as a financial source. I hope you got it.

Schoolokay is trying to spread awareness. Because I have visited a lot of top institutes for preparing IIT JEE during my school time, but never got a perfect one.

The reason for this is simple: they just don't care about students who score fewer marks.

This fact proves that you are only valued by others when you value yourself. You

Must think 2-3 times before taking any step. If you are obsessed with certificates and fancy colleges, nothing can be done.

You must underline this. A student must always look for products and services that are cheaply available because expensive products can be fancy, but cheap products are reliable.

And true students and businessmen always understand how to get something for free and use it.

3. The present situation of the world and our country in terms of education and jobs.

This is the most important because if you are planning to achieve something in your life, and don't know about the situations that you're going to face when you enter the field, it proves you're a fool.

As I have mentioned above, you must have complete knowledge of the availability of options and must make choices precisely.

Because unemployment is not only our problem, but developing countries, like the USA, UK and France, have these issues too. Even when they have skilled people.

So, if you are worried about unemployment, then you are stupid. Instead of that, you must find a way to employ yourself.

You can read about the unemployment rate in the world. Because of the coronavirus, things have gotten much worse for all students and professionals. An Indian student must have an awareness of all these matters. This also includes the future of Indian students, how things are going to be for students in upcoming times.

By looking at the facts, it can be said that not so good days are coming because we have a lot more graduates than we need. even though they are not eligible for anything.All thanks to our education system and the peeping services we provide in our schools and colleges.

Students who are not eligible for basic jobs try to claim big ones because they are graduated from some college you don't know about that. And you must have heard about the girl who was the topper of Bihar board but doesn't know her all subjects.

So, you can conclude this.

Last but not least.

4. The correct situation of Indian students?

As you are well aware, things are not very pleasant for Indian students. It's not the fault of the government, it's the fault of students who try to get degrees and certificates by a false process.

And nothing can be said about the false certificates. Even people who have grabbed big positions have grabbed those positions by a wrong process.

My suggestion to all students is that you must not get misguided by the people and the visual content you watch. Because if you are getting misguided and creating opinions based on them, it simply shows you are not interested in putting affords into anything.

Student life means putting affords into things and producing results out of them.

So you must put some money into what you want to do. Don't allow others to tell you what you need to do. I am doing the same, but I am only trying to open your eyes.

Because if you are taking others' advice for everything, later you'll just blame others and never realize that it was all your fault.

I hope now you understand why reading books is important for students because they provide you with real data.

If you are in class 10th or in class 9th, you can start by reading these school books.

If you are reading this, you must comment below with yes and no. And the next post will be about how to improve our study skills. Join me on social platforms. All links are on the about page.


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