List of MBA Entrance Exams You can give after Graduation

Here we have prepared a list of top MBA entrance exams you can give after graduation just go through the list and you find a lot of things

List of  MBA Entrance Exams You can give  after Graduation

Moving forward in the MBA series, we will talk about the List of MBA Exams You can give after Graduation to get admission to some of the most elite colleges of India or the average ones.

Every year close to 3-4 lakh aspirants take these exams to get into the best colleges in the country and change their careers.

We have divided the list into two parts. Starting with the most popular ones, we will be covering nearly every exam that is there to take. The exams will get you into Grade A or above average colleges, and the other list is of the more simple and easy exams that will get you admission into the intermediate colleges.

List of Tough MBA exams

CAT  (Common Admission Test )

This is the most popular one out of the lot. This is the exam given by nearly half a million students every year to secure 95+ percentile to get into the IIM's, FMS, ISB and other top-ranked colleges.

  • The scores of this exam are accepted by almost every college in India, except for a few elite ones who conduct their exam.

This is no doubt the toughest one on the list as it involves three different sections, mainly English, LR-DI and Quants(Maths), with a level of difficult questions that are not easily doable, and that's why you don't need to attempt all questions to score perfect percentile.

XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test)

This exam allows you to get admission into the prestigious Xavier Group of Institutes. This exam is just as challenging as CAT. But what separates it from CAT is its section related to scenarios.

In this section, you get questions related to different situations. You don't need to prepare separately for it as it is mainly to test your decision-making and a way to understand your psyche.

Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)

Symbiosis Group of Institutes conducts this exam, and it is a gateway to different colleges under the Symbiosis umbrella-like SIBM, etc. The colleges are good, but the most important one is the older colleges. So try to get admission into those colleges rather than going for the newer of the lot, as the pedagogy and ROI aren't as good.

Also, one thing to note is that after you have filled out the exam form, in the last stage of the application form, right before payment, you will be required to pay separately for every Symbiosis college to which you want to apply. So choose wisely and don't select all colleges as there is an individual fee for individual colleges.

IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign TradeLanguage)

This is another IIFT(Indian Institute of Foreign Trade) exam. It is also a tough one to crack. But the benefit of this exam is that you only need to break the exam and then the GD process and interviews as this college don't look at your previous academics, unlike other institutes where your entire academics, as well as other achievements, are given weightage.

It has two campuses, the main one is in Delhi, and the other is in Kolkata. They provide an MBA degree in International business. The ROI is also good, though most of the placements are done just like in other MBA institutes. There are opportunities in the international profiles, but few companies come for orders.

TISSNET (TISS National Entrance Test)

The most famous specialisation is MBA in HR. This is the exam conducted by the TATA Institute of Social Sciences. It is one of the most premium institutes that offer an MBA degree.

It is a level above average, and a lot of students apply to get into this college. They have a strong alum base just like the other elite colleges.

MAT (Management Aptitude Test)

This is one of the simpler ones in the lot. It is easier to score in this exam as the level of questions is not too difficult. But the colleges that accept the MAT score are average, not the ones I would recommend to our readers.

This exam happens every four months, so you can make many attempts before the start of an academic year at college to see how well you are doing. But as I said before, try to pass the exams in the above list.

CMAT(Common Management Admission Test)

This is one of the newer ones. I took this exam, which is a straightforward one, just like MAT. The questions are easy to solve, and if you are a decent student, you can complete the entire exam well before time. I scored 90+ percentile.

This is a newer exam that NTA has started in recent years, and maybe in the future, they may increase the difficulty level of the exam. IBSEN

IFCAI Business School conducts this exam. The most famous campus is the one in Hyderabad. They also have other campuses, but Hyderabad is one of the best regarding placements and ROI. But the fees are high, and it is well beyond the affordability of many applicants.

The test is not too difficult and if you are aiming for this, try to score good enough marks to qualify for the main Hyderabad campus.


This is another good exam for a good college. It is an average-level exam that is easy to crack with decent preparation. The Narsee Monjee Institute of Management conducts this exam.

Though the entire course fees are high and placement-wise, it is a decent college. But if you do well, you can get a placement at par with the level of IIM and other elite colleges.


This is a national-level paper specifically for MBA colleges in Maharastra or for colleges located in Mumbai and Pune. The fees of most of these colleges are very low, and ROI is very high, which is its main attraction. Some very famous colleges that accept the scores of this exam are JBIMS, Sydenham Institute, PUMBA and others.

One thing to note is that there is a reservation system for students with a domicile of Maharastra, so to get into the best colleges, you need to make it in the 98-99+ percentile zone. This is achievable with a deep level of preparation, as the exam level is above average.

ATMA (AIMS Test for Management Admissions)

This is just like the other more straightforward exams like MAT and CMAT. The exam happens about 4-5 times a year. So you have many chances to take this test in a year. But it is not very important as the scores of this exam don't give you an opportunity to get into the prominent colleges as they accept scores of CAT and other exams. I would only suggest you take this if you don't have many expectations regarding the MBA college.

Since you have been stuck till the end of the article, I will also share about another exam that is a gateway to foreign colleges and the likes of IIM's, SP Jain, and others. This exam is undoubtedly the toughest one in the world when it comes to getting admission into the best colleges in the world.

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

GMAT stands for General Management Aptitude Test. It is an exam that tests your intelligence to a level that no other management exam can do. The success ratio is less as it is an adaptive exam which continuously alters the difficulty level as per your responses. The scores of this test are accepted by some of the world's most prestigious universities and colleges like Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan and others.

So let's say you couldn't answer the first few questions correctly. So, the following questions will be toned down a bit. But that doesn't mean that you will be able to get higher scores and get into an Ivy League college, as your marks will be based on easy questions, not tough ones. Only 0.05% of the total applicants can get past 720 marks. This is the score that you will need to get a good shot at these colleges.


Overall the various exams have their level of toughness that is used to separate the average students from many smart students with excellent analytical and linguistic abilities.

So you need to work accordingly and work hard to crack the tough ones as they are the ones with the colleges that will be able to turn your life around and put you in a better place as the tough ones will groom you in a way that no other college will be able to do. Also, a plus point is that you will be able to have career options in the best colleges as compared to average colleges, as those colleges can offer you limited profiles.

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