Why MBA ( Master of Business Administration )

MBA (Masters in Business Administration). MBA course teaches you the business and the management skills of different aspects of the company.

Why MBA ( Master of Business Administration )

MBA (Masters in Business Administration). This course teaches you the basics of the business and the management skills of different aspects of the company.

After completing the course, you can get placed in the workforce as Management trainees, entry-level executives, and consultants. Also, later on, one can also do Executive MBAs to enhance their CVs and future career growth prospects.

Note: One doesn't need to do an MBA to do an executive MBA. 

The course was first started by Harvard University in 1908, and from there on, the course witnessed a lot of changes and turned into the current version.

MBA has gone way ahead in terms of specialisations. Like,

  • MBA in Data Analytics
  • Agriculture Business Management apart from the traditional ones.
  • MBA in Marketing.
  • MBA in Finance.
  • And MBA in Operations.

You have a wide variety of MBA (Masters in Business Administration) courses to choose from, so opt for a better one according to your interest and career choice.

Thousands of young and seasoned professional students do these courses either from top-notch colleges like IIM's (Indian Institue of Management), ISB (Indian School of Management), and S P Jain etc. or from average or below-average colleges.

This sought-after degree that many people from different backgrounds come and do allows them either a career change or to jump up the corporate ladder.

Shelling out lakhs for a course that might give them the start or the hike they have been dreaming of. This three-word acronym is right now the talk of the town and possibly will remain for a while.

But what does the MBA (Master of Business Administration) course offers to the ones who enrol for it?

I understand students' different expectations and anticipation when they start their MBA journey. And that's why I am sharing my two cents on what I have learnt from my 2 years of experience with this course, and I hope this will help you prepare mentally for your upcoming MBA journey. Β 

Pros of doing an MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Career boost From MBA

Many people do an MBA to enhance their CVs and get a salary hike. It allows them to jump up the positions they might have to go through if they didn't do a Post Graduation degree like an MBA.

MBA is more about connections than studies

The links you make during your two years at the college are far more critical than the marks you score in your Post graduation exams. Ultimately these people will be joining various companies, and it is all about business plus business is all about doing your work through your connections. The more people you know, the better and easier it is to approach and create more business opportunities.

MBA allows you a Career Change/ Pivot

This is another big reason why students or professionals in different fields do an MBA (Master of Business Administration) to enter the management side or widen their scope and become employable not just in one area or job type but also in others as well. Β 

MBA helps in Personality Development

Throughout the course, you have to do a lot of presentations and communication assignments, which ultimately forces you to go beyond your limits and insecurities and go ahead and give a cracking display.

MBA improves your Team Management Skills

Every semester, you will be in teams that may or may not include your favourites. But this will help you understand the importance of working together in groups to attain a common goal.

MBA Β Prepares you for Market Competition

There will be a lot of inter-college and intra-college competitions, whether it be about making business plans, research reports, sports events etc.

These are all great places to meet up with new people, not just from your own college but also from other colleges as well. It helps you in expanding your social circle or, as they say, in corporate jargon, making better connections. These competitions also help you in overcoming your hesitations, and it allows you to increase your confidence and go out there and perform.

MBA helps with Living life and celebrating

You will start to cherish and enjoy every time you get some free time; for most of the remaining time, you will be engaged in different assignments, projects and PPTs. Even for a shy person, someone who didn't really like partying or celebrating in general. But now I have realised that it is an equally important part of life that is required to balance out things.

MBA allows you to do multi-tasking Β 

These 2 years will surely help you become a multi-tasker who can handle different things simultaneously. Between studies, extracurricular activities and other stuff, you will learn another important life skill, i.e. multi-tasking, because MBA is all about multi-tasking and managing large companies.

MBA teaches you to handle pressure and extreme workload

The pressure of deadlines is part and parcel of corporate life, and there is no place better than an MBA college to teach you that. I remember the various deadlines and tons of assignments that we had to face and work on. Sometimes our assignments led us to wake up till 4 am in the mornings of the next day, and we would get 3-4 irregular hours to rest before we started with the next day of classes and tests.

Post Graduation Marks matter but not too much

Yes, the marks or CGPA you get are important as it is required to get you short-listed by many companies that might come to your college for placement purposes. So you do need to make sure you maintain a good CGPA/GPA. But then again, great marks don't ensure great jobs.

Your ability to speak and impress the person or panel makes all the difference. So you too can pass the best scorer of your class or college to get the dream job.

Remember, organisations need people who can express themselves, not robots with monotonous voices. In the end, you must perform that dreaded interview and get the job. Also, you can check for career counselling for better results.

Your Education Background Important for MBA

One word of caution: many people in my circle or know people have suffered due to their background especially. Whether it be handling the issues related to accounting or finance subjects, especially if they are from a science background. But the biggest issue was related to placements.

Some had bad grades on their high school mark sheets; some were from a BSc background. The people with bad grades were dropped from many short lists even when they were very much qualified for the job. For the students with science backgrounds except engineering, the question- "Why MBA after BSc?" was proving to be a big hurdle for them as their answers weren't enough for the interviewers. Β 

These are some of the benefits that I have got from my two years of MBA, and I hope that your experience will be very similar to mine. I hope that this may have cleared some of your doubts, and my article will help you prepare for what you will experience on this journey.

Cons of pursuing an MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Like every coin has two sides, MBA, too, has its shortcomings.

Seeking MBA is a Kind of Hectic

The course is loaded with a ton of PPTs, assignments and whatnot. For 2 years of your life, you will be engaged in stuff like these, and this might take a toll on your body as it did in my case. For a week straight, I was sleeping at 3-4 am and waking up at 8:45 to attend classes starting from 9:30 am. The lack of sleep due to the extra pressure of assignments eventually led me to catch fever and vomiting.

MBA Fee Structure is over the top

Another big issue is the money that you are spending on getting this degree. And in many cases, the ROI isn't as good as the college claims. So, be wise in your decision to enter this course as the majority of colleges charge in double digits.                  


Though we were the Covid batch (Masters in Business Administration) the students who were studying in the year 2020-2021), we did learn a lot, just like the regular students who came before us or might join after us. MBA indeed a rollercoaster ride in which we managed to study not only online but also in offline mode. So stay focus on your studies and get what you want.

In fact, this sudden disruption led us to the early adaptation of the Hybrid mode of learning or working that was being envisioned in the last few years. So we are better prepared, unlike our seniors who had a little tough time at this thing.

Ultimately, I would like to say that I make mistakes and learn from them. Enjoy your two years in the MBA course, as for the majority of you, this is going to be your last degree/ formal education, and then you all will be heading to join the workforce and start a new chapter of your life, so make the most of it and don't slack.

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