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I am Pushpender, I am from Agra, I have just started this blog to help you out with your school and college education plus with career-related information. Currently, I am a PG student doing (MA economics by distance learning).

I know that we all struggle with a lot of things during our school and college journeys. We fail to decide what is right for us, plus what we actually need to choose to lead us on the right track.

Taking all those things into consideration, I have started this blog to present my views and facts in front of you.

All the information that I am going to share on this blog is 100% genuine and legit because I am sharing my personal experiences in this, not any rote information.
There are a lot of mistakes that we make while selecting courses and in other things these all mistakes become a pain in the neck if we fail to comprehend them on time.

I am not saying after reading my blog post; you are not going to make mistakes. It's not possible to remove errors altogether from life because we all make mistakes; it doesn't matter who is guiding you.

The only thing that will change after reading my blogs, you'll have a decent plan to solve the errors that you've created for yourself.

Currently, we are in the middle of a Pandemic, and because of that our education is all messed up it's hard to decide. what to do? Or what not to?

So, I am going to share all those things if you want regular updates just subscribe to the blog by email.

As you know that Indian government has proposed a new education policy this year, which is a kind of a big step taken by the government because we have lost so many students because of the current education system.

Why education is getting so expensive for all students?

This only because students don't have the proper information and for getting these skills institutes to charge them very high fees, due to lack of knowledge they have to pay the fees.

I will share all my experience and make videos as well, I have taken coaching for famous institutes, resonance for IIT, but not cracked IIT because I don't want to that. But I have learned during all this process.

I hope my schoolokay blog will able to help you out with all your problems. I also make personal life vlogs.


Twitter: @schoolokay

Facebook: @schoolokay

Instagram: @Schoolokay

Quora: @schoolokay


So that you can shape your future correctly without taking any wrong decisions because I have made tonnes of wrong choices.

Some of them are painful too, many students ruin their entire life because of wrong guidance, my only motive is to save a student only, not more than that.

Guys, never take any wrong step because of education, your life worth more.

Me, Recording a video.

I hope that this will be helpful for the students if you are reading this just like us on the Facebook page, and suggest to your friends about this initiative.

How to score better in your exams? And other school-related things .these all things are provided free of cost and articles you can read here as well.

Why I started schoolokay?

I just started to share my school experience and what's necessary at that time.

Most of the students just waste, their entire time preparing for something doing stupid things.

Sometimes these stupid things don't work, and they end up very bad, for helping you to choose correct subjects and stream in your school.

I have started this blog hope you all like it if you are reading this, please forgive me for my poor English, I am still working on it.

Suggest to us your tips and share your problems with us hope we together will bring some solution.

I hope you like schoolokay( a guide for you).

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