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I am Pushpender Yadav, the founder of the SchoolOkay blog. I am from Agra. I have just started this blog to help students with their school and college education and career-related problems. Currently, I am a PG student doing an MA in economics by distance learning. We all struggle with multiple things during school and college. We fail to decide what is suitable for us and what we need to choose to lead us on the right track.

Considering all those things, I have started this blog to present my views and facts in front of students worldwide.

All of the information on this blog is 100% genuine and legitimate because we check everything multiple times before publishing it. 

Students make many mistakes while selecting courses, and as with other things, these mistakes become a pain in the neck if we fail to understand them on time.

After reading blog posts on SchoolOkay, I am not saying that you will not make mistakes. It's impossible to remove errors from life because we all make mistakes; it doesn't matter who guides you.

After reading blogs on SchoolOkay, the only thing that will change is that you'll have a decent plan to solve the mistakes you've made so far and probably you'll be able to avoid mistakes in the future.

Currently, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and because of that, our education is all messed up. It's hard to decide. What to do? Or what not to do?

So, SchoolOkay is going to share all those things. If you want regular updates, subscribe to the blog by email.

Why is education getting so expensive for all students?

This happens only because students don't have the correct information and how to get free education, so they fall into the traps of institutes. These so-called coaching institutes charge them very high fees.

So to avoid all that, you need to have proper knowledge of things, and here on SchoolOkay, we are bound to provide you with the correct information at the right time.

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What we offer at SchoolOkay

At SchoolOkay we offer different sessions of guidance in that you can directly discuss all the problems that you're facing with your career right now.

The procedure for getting our advice is to mail us on our active portals and someone will soon get in touch with you.

Here is our contact page.  

I hope you like the work of SchoolOkay (Thoughts, stories and ideas to help ace academics and school life).

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