5 Best Books Recommended by Ratan Tata

Here, we have shared the 5 best book recommendations from Ratan Tata. You should have a look into these books if you're thinking to be part of

5 Best Books Recommended by Ratan Tata
Best book recommended by Ratan Tata

If you are from India or know a bit about our beautiful country, you will surely hear the name  "Ratan Tata." A business tycoon, philanthropist, and an iconic personality whose charm and legacy are respected worldwide. He is widely regarded for enduring ethical business practices in today’s world. Ratan Tata is the successor of his father, Naval Tata, who served as the chairman of one of the leading businesses, Tata Group.

He expresses his love of thought-provoking books that engage curiosity and motivate action outside of the boardroom. Ten remarkable books that cover a wide range of topics and genres while providing a wealth of understanding are included in his list of recommendations.

These books are not merely suggestions but provide glimpses into Sir Tata's unique intellectual journey and his trust in the power of ideas and storytelling. He urges us to investigate the subjects of philosophy, society, leadership, and entrepreneurship through these works, as each offers unique and interesting views.

Tata has a wide reading library which displays his intense curiosity and wide range of interests from classics to treasures from the modern era. With the help of one of the most significant brains of our time, we set out on a joint journey of discovery as we delve into these pages. Together, we'll explore fresh viewpoints, confront stereotypes, and come away from these literary gems wiser.

Many books have been written, particularly on Rata Tata, his achievements, his way of helping others, and his way of living a normal life. We have filtered out the best books recommended by Rata Tata himself that take you through a journey from successful business innovation to leading a simple and philanthropic life.

The Tatas: How a Family built a business and a Nation

The Tatas
The Tatas

If you want to become a successful startup owner or aspire to build an industry in the future, this book should be on your priority list. It takes you to the 19th-century world where the Insturies were booming in the Eupore and Indians were struggling to gain profit within their land because of slavery and exploitation by the East India Company.

This journey explains a young Parsi boy, Nusserwanji, who moved from the tiny village of Gujarat’s Navsari to Bombay to get some work and eventually start to build an industry in the contrasting time.

It also explains how his successor has efficiently managed to grow the business as well as help in the development of India. This book will surely illuminate the path that will help you build a successful and stable business.

Getting India Back on Track

This book is highly helpful for business-minded people or people who want a deep understanding of the economic complexity and policies of the state. It is compiled jointly as a collection of short essays composed by India’s highly intellectual policymakers and analysts, providing a grassroots understanding and critical analysis of the challenges and opportunities the State is currently facing.

You can tell the level by simply knowing the fact that Ratan Tata has only written its foreword while all 17 chapters are written by prominent policymakers and analysts like:

  • Omkar Goswami.
  • Surjit Bhalla.
  • Ashok Gulati
  • C Raja Mohan and much more.

Each chapter discusses policies that try to solve various problems associated with the Indian market.

Some of the prominent problems implanted in the book are broad education and skills, how to strengthen the rule of law, how to generate employment in urban areas, rejuvenate foreign policy,  modify agricultural policy, and much more. This book will help you solve numerous real problems associated with your businesses.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The art of racing in the rain
The art of racing in the rain

Almost everyone who knows something about Ratan Tata has a conscience that he is very fond of animals, especially Dogs. This book is not only an ordinary book but a New York Times Bestseller that shows a heartful, joyous, and uplifting story of hope, loyalty, love, and family.

Its context states that the dog shows humans how to become human.

This context would be a bit funnier at first glance, but when you read the book, you will know the depth it solidifies. It changes your mental stigma that two entirely different of different species are deeply connected just by their souls even though they can’t even understand one another language.

The Wit and Wisdom of Ratan Tata

The wit and Wisdom of Ratan Tata
The wit and Wisdom of Ratan Tata 

A lot of you have seen or heard about numerous individuals that destroy their ancestor's companies when they get the throne. But fortunately, this has never been the case with Tatas till now.

Ratan Tata, born and brought up in one of the richest families in the country, was always going to become the head of the Tata group. Everybody knew that maintaining such a big empire after the life of a charismatic leader like Sir Jamsedhji Tata was not going to be the bed of roses. But the credit goes to Ratan Tata for his down-to-earth personality and great vision of the future.

This book describes how Ratan Tata implemented numerous decisions within the organization that helped to efficiently grow the Tata Group.

It contains his simplicity, problems that he dealt with with great wisdom and wit, his intellectual curiosity in trying to implement new technologies, and his unmatched personality.

I came upon a Lighthouse

I came upon a Lighthouse
I came upon a Lighthouse.

If you are eager to know in-depth about Ratan Tata’s life, then this book is perfect for you. It has a beautifully written context of how a Millennial with no lavish background is accepted by one of India’s biggest business tycoons, Ratan Tata.

It sheds light on the uncommon bond, nature, and both love for Stray dogs. The author of this light-warming book, Shantanu Naidu, is himself the secretary of Ratan Tata, who gives you a chance to know the in-depth personality of the living legend.

These are the best books recommended by Ratan Tata himself that shed light on various subjects. From his great business willpower that made Tata from a big to even bigger company dealing in trillions of dollars to even caring about the stray dogs, he truly summarises that even a business tycoon who deals in trillion dollars can be such a down-to-earth human creature also.

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