5 Best Books Recommended by Vikas Divyakirti

Here we have shared 5 best books recommended by Vikas DivyaKirti sir must-reads for everyone once in a lifetime you should give it a glance

5 Best Books Recommended by Vikas Divyakirti
Best Books Recommended by Vikas Divyakirti

Dr. Vikas Divyakirti is the founder and managing director of Drishti IAS, an institution for preparing civil services examinations. Under his guidance and support, many aspirants have been able to achieve their goals. His passion in the field of education can be seen by his knowledge, skills, and qualifications which he has gained during his course of time.

With a profound command of the Hindi language,  he cleared the Net JRF and became a teacher at the University of Delhi. On his first attempt, he cleared the UPSC examinations but was somewhat unhappy with it because he didn't get the post of IAS and was placed at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. He resigned from his post and continued to follow his passion for teaching. It was then that he established Drishti IAS in 1999.

He has played a key role in developing the future of many students who aspire to clear their civil services examinations and reach out to their dreams. He plays a very important role in the personality development of a student by building confidence and trust in them and being an excellent orator by motivating them. He is an idol for many students.

He is an inspiration for not only students but also instructors in this field. His methods of teaching are most effective as, according to him, teaching and making students understand should be done in a very attractive way that develops an atmosphere in which students are driven to study. He deals with difficult concepts straightforwardly.

The best book referred by Dr. Divyakirti

Dr. Divyakriti is one of the most profound readers who has shaped the careers of many individuals. That's why many people follow him to place their career on the right path. His most preferred books, which he recommends to his followers to read, are:

Sophie's world by Jostein Gaarder

Sophie's world
Sophie's world 

This book by Jostein Gaarder can be called History of Philosophy or Summary of Philosophy, as this book is all about the philosophers. The protagonist, Sophie Amundsen, the world begins with Sophie receiving a letter in her mailbox that says Who are you? This question set her on a journey of self-discovery and exploration of philosophy. Alberto Knox, a philosopher, guided Sophie through the history of philosophy.

Sophie's journey is a reflection of our own. It makes us think about our whole existence in life. This book teaches one about the meaning of life and finding yourself. It conveys the message that the journey of seeking knowledge and understanding truly matters.

Godaan Novel by Premchand

This book is by Munshi Premchand Book recommendation by Vikas Divyakirti
This book is by Munshi Premchand Book recommendation by Vikas Divyakirti

This book by Munshi Premchand is one of the greatest Hindi novels which mainly focuses on the lifestyle of rural areas. It was originated in Urdu first and later published in English.

It is a criticism of Indian society that tells us about the problems faced by the peasants of our society and how they are treated by the higher class people. The novel revolves around the central character Hori, who is a farmer by profession. It is a tragic novel that talks about the various hierarchies of lower caste that existed in India and the problems caused by industrialization.

A few insights about the book are:

  • It tells about how poor peasants like Hori are exploited by the village zamindars and money lenders. The problems caused by the segregation of caste and occupation have been discussed. This novel also shows the difference between the higher and lower castes in society and how the higher caste dominates the lower caste. Premchand talks about inter-caste marriage, as he is a progressive writer and represents modern India. A glimpse of the country's political scenario is also shown in this novel.
  • Indian social life is realistically shown in this novel. It deals with the lives of poor people, how they used to be treated by the rich and higher class, and how they lived in poverty.

Mahatma Gandhi Atmakatha: The story of my experiments with truth

Mahatma Gandhi Atmakatha Book recommended by mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi Atmakatha Book recommended by Mahatma Gandhi 

This book, written by Gandhiji, was first published in Gujarati and was later published in English. It is an autobiography of Gandhiji.

  • This book talks about the life of Gandhi from his early childhood and the various movements that he started to fight for independence during British rule. It is a book that guides one as to what is right and wrong. This book was designated one of the 100 best books of the 20th century by a committee of Global spiritual and religious authorities.
  • This book is the life story of Mahatma Gandhi, about his faiths and beliefs. It is a detailed explanation of his struggle for independence. It teaches about the importance of education, discipline, truth, and non-violence.
  • Gandhiji, in this book, gave utmost importance to values, principles, and humanity rather than his life itself and made a clear distinction between relative truth and absolute truth. Gandhiji was a profound supporter of Ahinsa and has always promoted non-violence over violence.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Sapiens book recommended Vikas Divyakirti
Sapiens book recommended Vikas Divyakirti

This book is an introduction to the history of evolution as humans, written by Yuval Noah Harari. A quick insight about this book is:

  • This book gives us knowledge of our roots, ancestors, and different things that happened worldwide. The kind of evolutions that took place during those times have been very briefly discussed in The Sapiens.
  • The elements in our history, from language and money to science with the changing revolution, have been discussed. It gives the context of how we have grown exponentially as humans over the past hundred years and the challenges faced during this evolution.
  • There are many other aspects of life that are discussed in sapiens.
  • Sapiens provide very good insight into human evolution and life cycle.

One must read The Sapiens as it is a best seller as well as recommended by the most prominent people such as Vikas Divyakirti sir himself.

The History of Mankind

The History of mankind book recommended Vikas Divyakirti
The History of Mankind book recommended by Vikas Divyakirti

This book by Friedrich Ratzel can be considered a guidebook to the study of man and civilization. The origin of sapiens in Africa and their evolution into human beings have been discussed in detail. It outlines sketches of races of mankind, which displays culture in its earlier stages.

These are the best books recommended by Dr. Vikas Divyakirti, which every person should read once in their lifetime as they give us a lot of knowledge about ourselves and the society that surrounds us.

These books embark on a journey that incorporates from where we originate to the current society in which we are living.

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