Best psychology books you can read in 2023

Basically you might think why you need to dive into your psychology so here we have shared Best psychology books you can read in 2023

Best psychology books you can read in 2023
Best psychology books you can read in 2023

Psychology is concerned with how people like you and me behave and think. It covers more than just personality and emotions; there is a lot more to it that you have yet to discover.

When you learn about psychology, you will better understand yourself, the people around you, their emotions, and much more.

Learning psychology will enable you to deal with difficult situations more efficiently, make better decisions, and achieve your full potential faster than you imagined.

Psychology will help you understand why you and the people around you behave the way they do. This will assist you in becoming a better version of yourself and making positive changes.

Here is a list of books to help you discover new productivity levels, happiness, mental toughness, and much more.

Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow

thinking fast and slow
Thinking fast and slow 

‌‌‌‌Thinking quickly and slowly depicts how two systems in your brain constantly compete for control of your brain and actions. The book also explains how this constant battle causes errors in your memories and influences your decisions. It also describes how you can improve this situation.

According to the book, our minds are driven by two systems influencing our thinking and behaviour. The first system is fast and makes decisions quickly because it works on the emotional side, whereas the second system is much slower and relies more on logic. Because these two systems are in charge of every decision, the author wishes to reveal how to deal with the brain in the book.

The book's main takeaway

  • Your brain has two systems that determine your behaviour: conscious and automatic.
  • The brain is lazy because it prevents you from fully utilizing your intelligence when making decisions.
  • When making financial decisions, you should put your emotions aside.

‌‌Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational

predictably irrational
predictably irrational 

‌‌Dan Ariel's book explains the hidden forces that drive our decision-making abilities. These invisible forces are far more rational than we believe, but they can also help us stay on top of our finances, interact with others more effectively, and live a better and happier life.

According to Ariely, humans are rational beings, but we tend to behave irrationally in certain situations, which is also somewhat predictable. We make decisions daily, whether small or large, but we frequently encounter problems in which we must make decisions and are unaware of the mechanism involved. This book will assist you in understanding your thoughts and thinking patterns and possibly breaking them.

The book's main takeaway‌‌

  • Humans tend to compare everything, so allow others to choose you from all the options.
  • Another price, but a powerful one, is free.
  • You tend to overestimate your possessions.

‌Alan Watts' The Wisdom of Insecurity

The wisdom of insecurity
The wisdom of insecurity 

‌‌This self-help classic by Alan Watts deconstructs the psychological need for stability and explains how it leads us into consumerism, why this cannot solve our problems, and how we can overcome anxiety and be calm.

‌‌We, humans, believe that this age is one of stability and offers the same to humans, but this is not the case, as this age appears to be more unstable and vulnerable.

Alan Watts has very well put together this book where we learn that as much as we want to achieve a perfect level of psychological security, many things happen in our daily lives that lead us to be psychologically insecure.

The book's main takeaway

Without religion to guide us, our lives will be very uncertain, which can be stressful.

Happiness is nothing more than a beautiful lie that consumerism promises us.

Accepting pleasure and pain as part of the package will make you less anxious.‌‌

Mark Manson's "Everything is F*cked."

everything is fucked
Everything is fucked

‌‌‌‌Mark Manson explains what is wrong with our approach to happiness in this book. It also provides psychological suggestions to help us live a life worth living.

‌‌‌‌Even though we now have everything: better facilities, technologies, and so on, people are becoming increasingly hopeless as the world advances. This book is excellent for focusing on everything around us and putting things into perspective humorously and sharply. The information in this book will assist you in carefully considering the things you may have never felt before.

‌‌The book's main takeaway

  • Acceptance and principle will be required to solve your problems; hope will not suffice.
  • You will not make good decisions based solely on logic but on a well-balanced mind.
  • The solution to mental illness is not to seek happiness but to achieve freedom from the things to which we are addicted and dependent.

‌‌Paul Tieger, Barbara Barron, and Kelly Tieger's Do What You Are

Do what you are
Do what you are 

Do What You Are is a must-read book for everyone today because it will help you discover your personality type and guide you to a more fulfilling career choice that corresponds to your talent and interests.

‌‌Your ideal career is just a personality type away, and this book will help you figure out what that is. Based on your results, this book will tell you your personality type and which profession is best for you. This book uses various examples and exercises to teach you the path to career satisfaction.

The book's main takeaway

‌‌Consider how you interact with the world to determine your personality type.

You can always change your profession to something more appealing and satisfying, no matter how old.

Consider your identity and something that interests you when deciding on a career path.

‌‌Robert Cialdini's Influence


‌‌This book was published in 1984 and has been the go-to book for marketers ever since. The book presents and explains six fundamental principles underlying human influence using numerous practical examples.

‌‌Why do we, as humans, say yes to things? Is there anyone persuading, or is there another reason? The author explains six principles in this book that will help readers become better persuaders and understand the psychology behind their actions. The principles will also help you know what you need to be a better person and grow.

‌‌The book's main takeaway.‌‌

  • You can use the reciprocity bias to build a massive positive karma account.
  • You must make small commitments to achieve your goal and activate your consistency bias.
  • We dislike missing out on opportunities, so the scarcity bias is practical.

‌‌Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence

emotional intelligence
emotional intelligence

This explains the significance of emotions in your life and how emotions both help and hinder your ability to navigate the workplace. Aside from that, the book provides advice on improving your emotional intelligence and explains why it is necessary to live a successful and happy life.

It's natural to wonder whether having a high IQ guarantees success. According to the author, it takes a bit more to be highly successful by considering both the rational and emotional sides of our brain's functioning. The Thai book describes how emotional intelligence influences various aspects of our lives and how this is an intelligent way to live.

‌‌Book's Key Takeaway

  • A high EQ can help you be healthier and more successful.
  • Self-awareness and self-regulation are essential for emotional intelligence.
  • Mirroring other people's body language and thinking positively can help you improve your EQ.

‌‌John Gray's Men Are From Mars; Women Are From Venus

men are from mars women are from venus
men are from mars women are from venus

‌‌John Gray's book helps people improve their relationships by identifying the differences between men and women. Even though both men and women are human, they communicate differently.

‌‌This book, Men Are from Mars; Women Are from Venus, is based on several years of successful counselling experience. It can help you understand how to communicate with a man or woman sitting next to you without ruining everything and making it a mess.

‌‌The book's main takeaway

  • Men are motivated when they feel useful, whereas women are motivated when they receive love and feel loved.
  • Men and women communicate differently and use different words to convey different meanings.
  • Women always want men to listen to their words, whereas men always try to solve problems.

‌‌If you want to learn more about such facts, read the book.

Dr. Amir Levine's Attached


‌‌DR. Amir has attached a book that explains why some relationships thrive and last a lifetime while others crumble and crash. This is based on human attachment needs and three different attachment styles.

You can tell about your attachment style with your partner based on your relationship. This book teaches the science of love and helps us understand our attachment style. Understanding your behaviour towards others will help you learn more about your relationship and how to strengthen it.

‌‌The book's main takeaway

  • Everyone desires a healthy and happy life, and attachment is required.
  • There are three attachment types, and you must determine which one you have.
  • The best way to ensure happiness in your life and relationship is to ensure effective communication.
  • If you want more professional advice, you can read the book.

‌‌‌‌Benjamin Hardy asserts that personality is not permanent.

personality isn't permanent
Personality isn't permanent

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌According to this book, the only thing distinguishing those who transform themselves and their lives is their outlook on their future.

This book will assist you in shedding your long-held beliefs that you are stuck in yourself, your flaws, and so on. The book will accomplish this by identifying why the person you are can be changed and will provide you with specific steps and advice to implement to change yourself.

There has always been the question of whether people change their attitudes or remain the same throughout their lives. According to the book's author, a psychologist, the notion that people never change is false and prevents us from becoming the people we want to be. This book will pique your interest because it takes a practical approach to things and offers advice based on science.

The book's main takeaway

  • Five different personality myths lead to mediocrity and also support a fixed mindset that prevents people from changing.
  • Your goals shape your personality and are the tools you need to change your identity.
  • You can improve yourself and change your future no matter where you have been or what you have done.


‌‌Knowing psychology will help you succeed because it will teach you about human behaviour and other things.

This article has successfully explained a variety of books that will not only help you to be a better person but also to be successful.

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