Best Sample Papers for Class 12th Arts board exams

The best strategy to prepare for the class 12th board exams lies in solving sample question papers before the exams.

Best Sample Papers for Class 12th Arts board exams

The best strategy to prepare for the class 12th board exams lies in solving sample question papers before the exams. This not only helps in understanding time but also helps one prepare for answer writing in the CBSE board exams.

Sample papers can be solved in different ways;

  • One way could be to judge yourself on your answer writing aspects, your writing speed, or even the time requirements.
  • It is essential first to familiarize yourself with the question paper pattern and then begin solving the paper.
  • The paper pattern sees changes frequently, and even though it may feel like a problem, it gives a variety of questions to prepare from, especially for the Arts subjects.

Solving different question papers also has another advantage. As a Political Science or Psychology student, you are often asked to think of scenarios from a different perspective.

So, if such a student comes across a variety of questions, then it is much easier to think of the bigger picture and understand the concepts more clearly.

Solving sample papers also ensures you know your concepts through and through. The questions may be the same in two papers, but the marks allotted to each question might differ.

This means that, if you understand a concept correctly, you will know a concept in terms of all the keywords and phrases. This will save your time in the final board examination, as you will learn how much is required for an answer and how much time you should spend on it.  

The best sample papers for class 12 board exams arts.

Here we are sharing all the sources that can help get the best sample papers for the CBSE board exam arts.

CBSE website sample papers

The official academic website of CBSE is perhaps the best authentic source for getting sample papers.

Every year before the class 12th Board Exam, CBSE releases sample question papers to give students an idea about the question and paper pattern that will be asked in the final exam.

Such sample papers are readily available on the CBSE website. Apart from this, the website also contains all the previous year's question papers. These last year's sample question papers also serve as sample or mock documents for a student.

So along with the previous year's board exam question papers, sample papers can also be added for practice.

Question banks for some specific arts subjects are also available on the website.

Reference Books from various publications

Many books with numerous sample papers are readily available in the market. There are hundreds of books where you will find series for sample question papers to solve.

  • Question paper booklets are also available to solve and consider yourself.

Some of the best sample paper books for class 12th board exams for the Arts stream are from;

XamIdea Publication sample papers for CBSE board exam arts.

Arihant publications sample papers for class 12 exams.

There are varieties of books available from these publications on different subjects. Some are only question papers; some are sample papers with answers and explanations, and some with sample answer sheets.

These books are a great source of questions to solve and assess yourself. Since these books are published according to academic years, the focus of every new edition is different according to the expected paper pattern for that particular year.

Your School exams are the best sample papers/ Pre-boards.

Yes! Schools also conduct mock tests and Pre-Board exams for the students to practice. These papers can also be used as sample papers for routine.

Since schools sometimes also conduct monthly tests and class tests, in year one might easily find ten to fifteen papers. Such papers from previous years can be asked the school to practice them.

Apps that provide you with sample papers.

Many apps and websites nowadays also have the option of writing mock tests and giving a complete analysis of your strengths and scope for development.

Such apps also often allow you to compete with your friends and check your scores. The book publications also sometimes have apps to supplement the book.

Question banks are available in applications like EduRev that would help you score by solving sample papers for your 12th board exam for Arts.

Sample papers are a great way of assessment of oneself. You must analyse and work on your weaknesses once you start with them.

  • Solving sample papers would give you confidence that you can ace the final board exams this year.
  • It gives you more motivation and encouragement. At the same time, it is essential to know that, many a time, you might not be learning all the answers, so don’t get dejected.
  • Work on the areas that you missed and try again. Remember, it's all about practice.

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