Best-selling books in 2022

By looking at the craze of reading and how important reading books is these days so here is the list of best selling books in 2022

Best-selling books in 2022
Best-selling books in 2022

Every day in autumn, whether it's a cool morning or a warm afternoon, we want to try something new, and what better way to do so than by reading a new book? You can start your search with the year's best sellers. Here are best selling books in 2022.

The best-selling books are usually those from well-known authors or sequels to books readers have been anticipating for a long time. But because of the rise of social media and influencers on sites like Instagram, books that came out years ago are still showing up and will likely become best sellers.

We've come to assist you with a list of some of the year's best-selling books that will keep you engaged and entertained while reading; take a look at this.

Here you go with the list of best-sellings of 2022

Jean Chen Ho's Fiona and Jane

Fiona Lin and Jane Sen had been best friends since second grade. They spent their adolescent years exploring the lonely freeways and seedy bars of Los Angeles, surviving those unfulfilling romantic encounters and carrying the scars of their family's turbulent past.

Fiona was always destined to leave; she had an effortless beauty and was fiercely ambitious, which Jane admired but also feared. When Fiona relocates to New York to care for a sick friend, Jane remains in California to mourn her father's untimely death. All of this brings the friends into and out of each other's lives.

This author's debut collection, told in alternating voices, peels back the layers of female friendship. It looks at the passion, love, and anger in the hearts of young women who are getting to know themselves and each other.

Jessamin Chan's The School for Good Mothers

In this book, Frida has a daughter who means everything to her. However, when Frida makes a terrible mistake one day, the state decides that she must demonstrate her ability to be an excellent mother to keep her child. The state is watching mothers like Frida who check their phones while their children are injured. Because of one blunder, the government will now determine whether Farida is a good mother and assess her devotion.

If Frida does not want to lose her daughter, she must demonstrate that bad mothers can be redeemed to be good.

Anyone interested in such a subject can read this book, but it is especially recommended and a must-read for mothers. Frida's character is meant to honour all multitasking mothers. We, as a society, frequently fail to understand mothers and commit major crimes by labelling a mother as a lousy mother without fully understanding her.

Working moms have a hard time caring for their kids because they are expected to be great at being moms and doing their job at the office.

Radhika Sanghani's 30 Things I Love About Myself

Nina had no intention of spending her 30th birthday in jail, but here she was, locked up on her 30th birthday. There is no Wi-Fi, carbs, wine, or one with whom she can celebrate her birthday.

This gives Niana plenty of time to think about how messed up her life has become. She broke up with her fiance and is now forced to live in her childhood home with her depressed older brother and her traditional Indian mother. Her freelance journalist career is not progressing as she would like, and all of her friends are too busy and successful to spend the day with her.

A book arrives in Nina's cell, calling it destiny that when she has nothing to lose, Nina pledges that she will find thirty things she loves about herself by her next birthday.

Gwen E. Kirby's stories, "Shit Cassandra Saw,"

This book tells the stories of mythic women from the past and conflicted but brave women from the present. Women were treated poorly throughout history, as they were forced to crossdress to travel freely. Women have been chastised for working as prostitutes to make ends meet when few other economic options were available.

Not only that but for natural gifts such as the ability to heal, they were told to practice witchcraft and were thus punished and hanged. Cassandra's ability to see the future does not imply that she will reveal everything she sees in the future.

Kirby looks at women's power in many ways, such as through bold witches, virgins who can't be sacrificed, and cockroaches who make people afraid to call them names.

This book is an excellent choice for this year because it is hilarious, at times painful, too thought-provoking, and original work that everyone will enjoy.

Sequoia Nagamatsu's How High We Go in the Dark

This book is a collection of short stories, each of which is connected to the next. Each book chapter can be read independently, but it is also part of a larger story arc.

Excavating in Siberia, scientists discover the body of a girl who appears to be a hybrid of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals, with genetic traits that make her resemble a starfish or an octopus.

The girl is dressed in clothes that are notable not only for their fine needlework but also for their use of shells from the Mediterranean. Unlearning this girl results in releasing a virus that destroys human organs. From there, the author travels to the city of laughter, where the virus-infected children can spend one last day.

Many of the stories in this novel are previously published short stories, but when combined, they form a novel-length book that is not satisfying. This book is unquestionably a good read that you should try, especially if you enjoy reading short stories.

Danya Kukafka's Execution Notes

This novel by Franz Kafka is a masterful thriller that begins on the death row of a Texas prison, where serial killer Ansel Packer is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection in 12 hours. Surprisingly, Ansel Packer, a serial killer who murdered numerous women in Texas and New York, is unconcerned. This strange behaviour is because the prisoner told the guard early on that he had become friends with him and was planning a last-minute escape.

This is a surprising and touching story about how a tragedy affects many people's lives. This book is a profound and mind-boggling experience of empathy that challenges us to be human even in our darkest moments—a breathtaking story of suspense and incredible empathy all at once. You will undoubtedly enjoy every page of this brilliant masterpiece.

Eliza Jane Brazier's Good Rich People

This is a psychological suspense novel. Lyla believes that life is a game and that she will win it. Her husband, Graham, is ready to take the game to the next level. The wealthy couple invites the successful self-made person to live with them as tenants and plots to ruin their life.

Demi has always felt that her life has been challenging and that the odds are stacked against her. She takes a risk by taking over another person's life and becoming the victim of the wickedness of the upstairs couple. Demi has struggled and refuses to give up until she fights. A twist in this novel that neither woman sees leads to an explosive conclusion after all of the chaos.

This book looks at the negative aspects of extreme poverty and wealth; you'll see both sides and decide whether money can buy happiness!

If you enjoy thrillers, this is the book for you. It is a novel that will keep you hooked until the very end.

Ariel Delgado Dixon's Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Delgado Dixon's book is about two sisters navigating childhood trauma. In the 2000s, the unnamed narrator fights with her younger sister Fawn, who is obsessed with finding a severed human foot in the woods after being on camera once and finding a severed human foot.

A young woman, or narrator, believes she has escaped her past, only to discover that she has always been on the verge of it. The woman and her younger sister spend their time in a run-down warehouse in New York City; their parents plan to settle there and start an art commune, but when the girls vanish, the family's only source of stability vanishes. This inspired the girls to cherish their lives of isolation and mythmaking.

As the girls struggle through their adolescent years, they fall apart and reunite several times. Both have traumatic experiences at the Veld Centre for troubled adolescent girls. The girls seemed to have been hurt more deeply by living in such a harsh outdoor setting and by the staff's constant attempts to make them more depressed mentally.

Ayanna Lloyd Banwo's When We Were Birds

This book is a work of lush imagination and engaging lyricism. This novel is about ancestry, loss, and the seismic healing power of love. This is a mythical love story set in Trinidad and Tobago. The story of two unforgettable outsiders brought together because of their connection with the dead.

Yejide lives in an old house in the hills with his dying mother. However, after years of suffering her mother's neglect and bitterness, Yejide is looking for a way out. She leaves a legacy for Yejide as she dies: Sr.A Bernard woman in every generation has the power to guide the city's soul into the afterlife.

On the other hand, Darwin, who a Rastafarian mother raised, was always warned not to interact with death by the religious commandment. He chose that when he was forced to choose between feeding himself and his mother and working as a gravedigger. Darwin finds himself in the city with electricity and danger to prove himself.

Darwin and Yejide will meet in an ancient cemetery where the dead lie uneasy in their graves, and fate will beckon them both.

Soon Wiley's When We Fell Apart

This drama untangles the complicated ties that bind or tear families apart. This book tells the story of a young Korean American man's quest for answers regarding his girlfriend's mysterious death, which turns out to be a soul-searching journey into his own bi-cultural identity.

When the police informed him that his girlfriend had committed suicide, he was not ready to believe it because she was a happy and ambitious girl on the verge of achieving all her goals and graduating from university soon.

Min was devastated by Yu Jin's death and was curious why. Min came from a bicultural family, and his search for the cause of his girlfriend's death taught him much about himself. Her father is a controlling and influential government official, and she has a tense friendship with her destructive roommate, So ra.

Yu Jin's life was more complicated than what she told Min, making him wonder if he knew his girlfriend.

Read the book to discover the truth about Min's girlfriend's death and what he discovers on his journey.

Last words

These are the best-selling books of 2022, according to Amazon. If you want to spend some time discovering good books, you should start with one of the books listed above.

Books will always help your child learn more; these books will help you learn something new and keep you engaged until the last page. Choose one at a time and read the book while sipping a perfect cup of coffee.

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