Careers in Biotechnology after class 12th

In this article, we will discuss Careers in Biotechnology after class 12th.

Careers in Biotechnology after class 12th
Careers in Biotechnology after class 12th

Once at a point in time, we all are confused about what to do after the 12th class. For many, it's being a doctor or an engineer. Science is a vast field where we have gotten a lot of opportunities to explore and more career options. In this article, we will discuss Careers in Biotechnology after class 12th.

People interested in researching, discovering new things, doing new work daily, experimenting, and analysing can choose Biotechnology after 12th science class as it is one of the best future careers.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the study of living organisms with the help of technology. It combines knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and genetics, which is used to solve problems in the field of health care, agriculture, and environmental conservation.

It has transformed the world we live in with its advancement, finding solutions to some of the problems faced by society. However, like any field, Biotechnology has its own advantages and disadvantages; let's see a few of them get a better understanding.

Advantages of Biotechnology

  • Increased food production: It can improve crop yield and quality, which can help feed a growing population.
  • Improved healthcare: It has led to the development of new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic tools that can prevent and treat diseases.
  • Sustainable energy: It can be used to develop biofuels and other sustainable energy sources, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Environmental benefits: It can help reduce waste, clean up pollution, and conserve natural resources.

Disadvantages of Biotechnology

Ethical concerns: Some people have ethical concerns about genetic engineering and other biotechnological practices like :

  1. Potential health risks: There may be potential health risks associated with some biotechnological practices, such as gene therapy.
  2. Environmental risks: Biotechnology may have unintended environmental consequences, such as the introduction of genetically modified organisms into the ecosystem

Before students choose biotechnology as their career option, they should think about the subjects they study are going to be studying such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Instrumentation and Biochemical Analysis.

Why Biotechnology?

There are several reasons why students should choose biotechnology as their career option:

Education and Career Success

Students will be allowed to learn about cutting-edge technologies that are currently being developed in the field of biotechnology. Throughout their labour, they will have the opportunity to delight in many novel discoveries.

There are innumerable paths that you might take to develop a successful career in the expansive subject of science. If a student chooses to major in biotechnology, it is expected of them to have solid skills along with promising career prospects and possibilities for professional development and advancement.

In addition, students who have a solid foundation of knowledge and a passion for delivering revolutionary technology for the development of society have fulfilling work prospects available to them.

Contribution to Industry Growth and Professional Networking:

While pursuing the course, students get exposed to different networks to get jobs and internships. Students will get a chance to collaborate with professionals and build their careers in that field. Working with professionals will help students to gain more knowledge and be innovative.

A skilled professional can contribute a lot to the sectors like pharmaceuticals, gene therapy, environmental application, farming and more. Focusing on any core subject will lead to the discovery of solutions to the problems faced by humankind.

Job Opportunities in Biotechnology

Biotechnology has numerous job opportunities across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food processing, and environmental conservation. Here are some potential job opportunities for students pursuing biotechnology:

A.    Research Scientist:

Biotechnology graduates can work as research scientists in various fields, including drug discovery, genetic engineering, and agricultural biotechnology. They are responsible for conducting experiments, analysing data, and publishing research findings.

B. Quality Control Analyst and Biotech Sales:

Biotech companies require sales and marketing professionals to promote their products and services to potential clients. Biotech sales representatives must have a strong understanding of biotechnology products and the ability to communicate their benefits to customers.

Quality control analysts (QCA) ensure that biotech products meet regulatory requirements and quality standards. They are responsible for testing products, analysing data, and ensuring that manufacturing processes comply with industry regulations.

C. Bioinformatics Analyst and Technician:

Bioinformatics is a field that combines biology, computer science, and information technology to analyse and interpret biological data. Biotechnology graduates can work as bioinformatics analysts, developing software and tools to analyse and visualize complex biological data.

Biomanufacturing technicians produce and manufacture biotech products, such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and industrial enzymes. They work in biotech production facilities, overseeing the production process and ensuring quality control.

D.  Medical Scientist and Entrepreneurial Opportunities:

Biotechnology graduates can also work as medical scientists, researching diseases and developing new treatments and therapies. Medical scientists work in universities, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.

Biotechnology graduates can also start their own biotech companies, developing innovative products and technologies. Biotech entrepreneurship requires a strong understanding of biotechnology and business skills such as marketing, finance, and management.

Future Scope Of Biotechnology

The future scope of biotechnology is vast, and it is expected to have a significant impact on various sectors. Some of the areas that are expected to benefit from biotechnology in the future include:

Personalized Medicine

Advances in biotechnology are expected to lead to the development of personalized medicine, which will be tailored to an individual's genetic makeup. This will lead to more effective treatments with fewer side effects.

Biotechnology will also improve the accuracy of diagnosing diseases and predicting the likelihood of diseases.

Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology involves the design and construction of new biological systems. This has the potential to lead to the development of new materials, fuels, and chemicals.

Biotechnology will also enable the development of new technologies, such as Nanotechnology and Biocomputing.

Environmental Conservation

Biotechnology is expected to play a significant role in environmental conservation in the future. For example, Biotechnology can be used to develop new methods of carbon capture and storage, which can help to mitigate climate change.

Biotechnology will also enable the development of sustainable agriculture practices and the conservation of endangered species.


Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field with immense potential for innovation, progress, and making a positive impact on society. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research and development projects, develop novel products and technologies, and contribute to the advancement of a variety of sectors if you earn a degree in biotechnology.

This unique field also offers various job opportunities in different sectors, providing a diverse and rewarding career path. It is important to note that pursuing biotechnology requires hard work, dedication, and a passion for science and innovation.

However, if you have a strong interest in biology, chemistry, and technology and are willing to put in the effort, a career in biotechnology can be highly rewarding and fulfilling. Ultimately, by pursuing biotechnology, you will be part of an exciting and dynamic field that has the potential to shape the future of our world.

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